Australia and New Zealand it is Time to Rise




Written Feb. 19


    A few of you sense there is something greater than what you have been told as leaders in the governments of this world. You feel for your citizens and they are now looking to you for guidance in this time just before turmoil. But there is emptiness in your gut, a lack of conviction and you ponder why?

   Many down under and New Zealand are starting to feel the brunt of the changes through devastating floods, earthquakes, wildfires and just plain usual events much of the western world still considers a myth and your leaders short on explanations. Rumors have it that you must prepare as nation for change as the world will change. You see extreme turmoil, wars, financial upheaval and a total lack of care for each other, yet the whispers says we are to pull together quietly. Many of you have trusted men only to find that trust was broken to get an edge. What seems wise currently is looked upon as foolish by those in the future. A lesson repeated over and over again in time, but it seems no one learns.

   Scientists and those who have applied that which has been learned backed by manmade credentials and proven over time is accepted as fact by those who can little challenge. Now events will render most of what is firm in the culture of mankind as not true as a disbelieving world will see almost all theories in astronomy abandoned. What is so sad, those involved in the black projects have known this for decades, but let you continue to flounder along and you trust them.

   In the Universe there is something so great that mankind cannot comprehend the concept of its total depth and the relationship of creation of life. Invisible as it exists beyond the perception of your basic senses, but it is still there. Don’t even consider you as a race that has just discovered the universe, its wonders and vastness in the last century could comprehend the smallest mystery of that which has existed for all time. This would be arrogance as children pretending to be masters of their environment. Advice, keep an open mind and adapt to change it is here you will excel. A part of your legends, talked about in the greatest book of all time the Bible, that there is a Creator, but your civilization moves ahead aimlessly with day to day lives. You think of your next promotion, kids and college and this is good, but this life is a test.

   Most of mankind sees life as a random creation but discounts the unique systems in nature that must be in place before life begins. Evolution, but not direct link to prehistoric man, how so? Brain size, then what about whales and elephants, where do they fit? You say we are in a specific life zone, but life exists here in toxic, extreme heat, no light and pressure, why not elsewhere in the universe?

   To the Geeks you have always imagined that there is something greater in the universe and each and every one of you would give a limb to talk to an advanced life form, but here is an opportunity to grasp that which created and shaped the universe, but you discount it through imperial logic why? My knowledge came straight from God as did Newton, Michelangelo, and many unknowns. It is here the secrets of gravity are revealed and other wonders as a tease, but all could be answered if your governments allowed it to filter to the people with a fair profit. Geeks this universe has a supreme being and I need you to think, dig deeper and not accept my word, but prove me wrong. I have a question and be honest to yourself, not one of you could have invented calculus in a single lifetime even with your training today without help. I will be the first to admit this as I have always wondered.

   Now I am not hear to preach, but only to ask you to keep an open mind as you see the world around you change. On this earth great care was taken to keep you from the truth, but these are just empty words to you and have heard this before, this I accept. But we are to get through what is coming; we will need some of you to realize the truth on your own, by your free will. Only here will you as a potential leader rise out of the shackles that this life holds over you. As finances collapse, homes are washed away, food uncertain day to day, leaders that impotent to solve the many escalating crisis, think among your selves is there another way? Inside your mind ideas will pop, take advantage, steal, it is about self, but this is not you. You need to choose.

   On earth there is a battle over good and evil, but almost all, but a few know this is for real. Ghosts, dark spirits, witches, wizards all have a base of support and what is funny, if you an atheist where told a ghost lived in that building most would avoid living there, but the few curious would investigate. If you were told God lived there and it was a good price you would buy it. I don’t believe in a God, where is he in all this evil? Listen to your words, “in all of this evil” when one discounts the influence of one side, the other side flourishes as all are in denial. Now enough background as you need proof and this you will get, but there is a condition.

   The human race, are the inheritors of the greatest gift in the Universe. A new home that is beyond the combined beauty of the infinite worlds that could harbor life, this world has it all. You will want for nothing. There is only one test through your free will, you have to choose between good or evil on how you treat each other, a simple request of respect and the treatment of your brothers and sisters, mankind as yourself.

   In your countries, Australia and New Zealand has been chosen to be first, due to lack of that which is spiritual as most see only what the world has to offer. But this is a gift as you will rise first and your loved ones can be in a better position during the earth changes. Some of you need no convincing that the current theories in astronomy are false as you have followed the progress of this website for over this decade. You look with a discerning eye as politics in the United States which has been dissected here and joke that the Americans are utter fools in the pubs over many Fosters as you have read the truth here. Now ask yourselves with all of this truth why denial?

    For those you want to save country and Queen consider God. It was your motto at one time in reverse. There will be many events that will have you questioning all that you have learned and what is important in life as all assets will be stripped first in certain areas then in your whole country which remains above the oceans. Ask in quiet meditation for help, when you receive it, help others and teach them also to help until your nation rises from despair. This is your task. This is where you will receive signs you are on the right path. Once on it, do not waver.

    All will know of good and evil at the warning, but do you want to be unprepared? Open mind, read the signs as they will be presented to where free will chooses; this is your clue. Once you have come to a change, only reveal your choice over time and careful consideration to those leaning. Spring to fast and all that you have learned and would like to share with others will be rejected as crazy, game over or delayed for years. You do not have time to backtrack. It is about subtle suggestion and not outright conversion by pressure or threats. This is not the Crusades. This is your strength; numbers then with a solid base, expand to those who need the help the most. What a new convert needs is stability, not pressure. Actions with each other are the greatest influence, all on the same page with out regard to the beliefs of the new comer. Most will be hungry, sick, and seeking safety in time just like you, they will join willing. This is not about a cult, nor should any one individual use the Almighty’s name to seek favors from another or in this case you will be destroyed. No one or agenda shall impede the work of God through the inappropriate pleasures of the flesh. This is about saving the vulnerable of this world, those that have been lied to, raped, stolen from, almost murdered and just stepped on. I need leaders that inspire others to rise like you. If it is about being in control above all others then leave. All reach the same level, as this is the goal. There will be no exceptions.

   And now a word from Jesus, “You are the descendants from persecution, a land where those that had no rights were exiled as criminals in a world where those that judged you were driven by deceit. A country that has exiled you for not believing in the monarchy as that which represents god needs to change. In time all that was instilled in your ancestors those who died in My name has been lost. I Jesus have inspired all that is your nation. Those that died are here with Me. This is your legacy. Join Me and your ancestors as we together arm and arm with faith that does not waver, march to bring all that have lost faith, as I HAVE NOT LOST FAITH IN YOU. All resources will given for you to defeat evil, all resources will be given so not one Australian or New Zealander who considers Me as a Savior, shall not be left alone. I make this promise to each and every one of you, for I will not forsake you. As your continent sinks, I will be there. As floods ravage your landscape, I will be there. As you lose a relative I will take care of them. Until we are reunite in safety for all. This is My promise to you. And I will not rest until each and every one of you is safely at home with Me. I need leaders; I need the brave where you fear no evil. Deliver Australia and New Zealand and show the world through your efforts, there is hope. I Love all of you, your Jesus”


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