The Balance of the Spiritual War has Tipped

We need your Prayers

The Book of Truth



Written Feb 18


   All of you that has pledged your life to the Word of God foremost sacred servants and the faithful have been lax. Taken back, as you have not suffered persecution that is written in Revelations, yet almost 3 years have progressed in the final 7 years, but this will change very shortly. You are being guided and have been given a task which some of you do not fully understand. Prayer is a spiritual weapon that when said disrupts the thinking process or destroys that which is the power of evil in a plane outside of what you see on earth. For you life goes on and you do see not see what was prevented and the lives saved, because they are here. This is where your faith comes in for this insight is an elementary understanding.

   God when creating the universe allowed both good and evil to exist. This is the balance of life. It is you that has to choose as you can only be saved by making a spiritual decision, but your physical reality is the test with all of its faults and rewards. You keep asking for a revelation, but you refuse to take at heart the Bible, the ultimate guide if you adapt the Word given to you through the prophets that transcribed the Truth and apply it to your modern life. You will live. The Commandments are the Truth. There is nothing that needs to be added or taken away for they are perfect for all mankind.

   The universe has always been in balance, but the scales have tipped on earth as this was foretold as the Greatest Spiritual Battle of all times. Some of you have been shocked with the recent murders and events, not with the numbers but how they were executed on a whole new level. This is the key, to recognize true evil is at hand. This is what you must fear if unprotected. This is where your money and power will not protect you in the end.

   For those who think they are going to reap benefits by siding with what seems powerful shall be betrayed. Once you secure the souls of the dark through war and destruction, the dark one will destroy you as he hates the human race. The goal is unearthly all that is of God will be destroyed. There is no exception, it is only about when. He gives hope that your wealth separates you from the common man. But you hear rumors of vaccinations that do not work. Accidents occur that should not have happened. News is restricted even for you as millions will die around you. Bunkers that are set up on a protective network for safety go off line with no word and you believe the calming words of those who lie. This is what you face.

   It so important, that you listen to the request of our Mother, Mary, Mother of Salvation. She needs our prayers now in greater numbers. Without prayer the Church now infiltrated will fall deeper into darkness. You cannot see this as pride is hidden by humanism, but God does. Do not use your scientific intellect to try and understand. You are being asked to pray By Mary for Her Son Jesus to destroy evil. These are orders from Heaven and needs to be carried out. You are not to ponder with excuses thinking, but I do not see a result. Can you see the spiritual? No. We are soldiers of Christ and are asked to pray with an unconditional heart instead of the lukewarm repetitive actions which are nearing apathy. Can you do this? Can you do this for Mary? Can you do this for your Savior so His power can further negate the forces of evil?

   You ask, but He is God can He not caste the evil one away without suffering? God is pure and does not interfere with His creations whether good or evil. He could have destroyed the dark angels that tried to overthrow His Kingdom. With free will life is a balance of choices. This is your gift and for some their doom. Intervention now in place will very shortly destroy evil by prayer or the Chastisements with great loss of life. Again make that choice.


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