A Chance for the Bankers and Illuminati

For some this offer may be a last chance



Written Jan. 4 2012

    Many of of you who have ruled and shaped this Earth as Bankers or part of the Illuminati under the Puppet Master are being given a chance. As I do not question the Almighty and the Lord. I am human with faults, but that does not count here as the goal is to save all if possible. As Their mercy is limitless when asked for.

    We all know your policies have killed millions for profit and power. Destroyed lives as the financial systems of the world collapsed while you take a bigger slice of world wealth through financial markets. Caused misery, hate among families and friends. And now you are getting a second chance. God bless you, because your current master has a different fate for you.

   Your promise of safety is suspect as these events are going to be drawn out to expose all. How and where will you hide for years as food gets contaminated. Boils break out on the beautiful. Insects sting your every move. Incessant heat bakes you as water runs short. Howling winds, hunger predators, the Earth shaking that cracks the infrastructure. The ruthless turn on each other and your family hates you, stating why, as madness abounds the bunkers. When they cheat where do you go? Also, the best part, we know location of all bunkers as how can you hide your thoughts. The media will be very interested in locations when tensions get high if turmoil is being directed from these hidden bases. With no trouble leave well enough alone. Great life in the near future isn't it.

   Control have always been the one thing you could count to move options in your favor. But the time has come where that control is eroding. Your scientists are now detecting an instability within the core of the Sun. Could it be that the warning may be true is now ringing in your heads? But your master has promised continued wealth and power. Do your eyes see this? Do some of you have that empty feeling, like you are about to be taken for a ride? You have seen dictator after dictator drop like flies recently, but you say not in in the western world. Remember this bet is forever if you lose. In this game of life, all of you and your human souls are expendable as you have failed to deliver the world as promised. You may win a battle, may, but the war is lost. So lets pose this question to your master. What you have in store for your followers who did not carry out your orders with results expected? Many of you are ruthless beyond the comprehension of mankind and your master infinitely worse. What would you do to someone who failed you in gathering the most valuable commodity in the Universe? Now you know what to expect. You will know true fear beyond all of your tolerances, weak one. What a welcome party upon your death and for some taken alive in your present form.

   So you have a choice, no matter what you have done. If you are truly sorry, you are welcome as one of the just. For those who want to hedge their bets move when you see the Red Cross, but there is a price to pay. Review your life, stop what is hateful to others as a start. Your wealth, keep it, but gather no more on the backs others, but hard work that is fair is yours to earn. Live by the truth and avoid the ways and the people of your past, unless they have changed also. With us you have a future, where you will want for nothing. The warning if unprepared in reviewing your life, many be will eliminated due to fear that belongs to the Dark as dust flies off your flesh until there are bones, let you not be part of this. Many of you practice the dark supernatural hidden behind closed doors and believe by seeing. So believe this, there is something greater, the Almighty. For the arrogant and soulless, you can make that final pledge to your master or join us.

For the compassionate faithful on Earth who want to help by a prayer for the conversion of the loss

Dedicate it to the Mother of Salvation after the Rosary

Oh immaculate heart of Mary
Mother of Salvation and Mediatrix of all Graces
You who will participate in the salvation of humanity
From the wickedness of Satan
Pray for us

Mother of Salvation pray that all souls can be saved
and will accept the love and mercy shown by your Son
Our Lord Jesus Christ who comes once again to save Humanity
and to give us the chance of eternal salvation. Amen.


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