What is Behind the Pope’s Words

Curia Address Dec 22 Roma

The Book of Truth



Written Dec. 22


   As the world continues to fall into darkness as the astute know as the truth, be aware that the many changes to deny Jesus are now in place, but still cannot be seen by the outside world, but almost all sacred servants know. Careful are the forces of darkness to hide the Truth. You have been told the disasters will increase in direct proportion to the changes in Church established by Jesus now under control of another. No matter what sacrifices disguised as humanism you make for another if you deny Jesus and or the Word of God your actions on earth mean nothing in the eyes of the Lord. You have been warned.

   Much shall and is being made about the disease that infects the Church, but is not that which you are made to believe, although, the injustices done by men needs to be addressed, as they were sins. We hear that we as Christians need more compassion. There is a need to consider how our everyday actions impact the poor. There is a need to embrace same sex relationships and those who were divorced. When this was opposed the conservatives were removed. Did you not see this in Israel with Netanyahu as he dissolved Parliament and cabinet members against his cause? He has spoken about Jesus and the need to embrace his ways, but this will soon change.

   The plan as it stands today for they always change and adapt, is to have the world embrace Christianity spearheaded by the false prophet. Then as world comes aboard with great fervor and pomp the Word of God will be changed to suit the wants of men. First, with the removal of sin shall be preached in all corners of the world, which our Lord died for and second that Jesus is yet to come. This will pave the way for a new charismatic leader where what seems as all will beg him to move into the role of leader one world, the new world order. Now just what entity would want this? In the near future and when you hear these words of change accepted by all it know it is a lie. Choose, as there is only light and dark, no grey area as those caught in the middle will face destruction and their only hope will be the prayers the light.

   Know this; thus by consensus of the many faiths and backed by the false prophet, Jesus and Mary shall be removed from the new Catholic Church and the Remnant Church prophesied in Revelations shall rise up in the name of our true Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whose birth we remember on this Thursday in the year 2014.


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