The Bible

Words Written by Men?




Written Jan. 13 2021 11:59 pm EST


   As mankind faces increasing turmoil during the end times, many who do not believe and others challenge the faithful with questions. Why are there so many religions, all stating, they are the way or only way to salvation first? Second, why should we follow the Bible when it was written by a man?

   The Almighty has told you through many (Jesus, Mary, and the prophets) that represent His vision and salvation of their souls for His children, there are many paths to His Kingdom, but those paths are narrow. No religion can offer a guarantee, because you belong to that religion. It is based upon your actions to each other and the belief that Jesus is your Lord and Savior. Not how many converts you gather preying on their weaknesses. Jesus walked on this earth to save billions, and started the Roman Catholic Church and His popes and priests sent to deliver His flock home. But mankind continues to change His Word with other offshoots, as if they can improve on the Word of God. They can not, as they are influenced by another.

   The Jewís Torah is the base (Old Testament) for the Bible, as it is the Truth from God. Moses only transcribed the Words God spoke to him. You ask how could Moses hear the Word of God? It was not with his ears. Moses had the gift of telepathy, so the Mind of God and the mind of Moses when called upon, joined to transfer pure thoughts and words. This gift was and is present in all of Godís prophets, otherwise how would the Word of God be written.

   The Jews, as Godís chosen, the most direct blood line descendents of Abraham were given a choice, when the Messiah was incarnated on earth in the form of a human being. They refused that choice as Jesus, the Son of the Almighty was born in the form of a man of color from a peasant family. They looked at His outward appearance instead of His Soul. Godís glory is His forgiveness for the oppressed, and was not to present to the world, as a rich elite of the lighter skinned Rabbi class, but as a helpful servant to all of mankind. His arrival was foretold in the Torah and they still did not believe. To question, happened to Adam and Eve. To question, happened to the Jews. Do not let, to question happen to you in the End Times.

   The New Testament again was written by man as a vessel. Jesus when rejected by the Jews, it was offered to all of mankind. This was the purpose of the New Testament. Words formed in their mind from God and the Apostles wrote them without thought. So what is meant by that?

   In the use of telepathy, you have no control in the words that enter your mind from God or another, just as you have no control of the words spoken to you from another that you hear with your ears. You just listen and write and are not allowed to change the content, except to correct grammar and spelling of your native language. These same rules apply today and you have to give up free will to Jesus, just like the Apostles except Judas. You answer only to Him. This is the mission.

   So know that any change to the Bible after the early Christian days was not inspired by God, because His Word is perfect and no man has the right to change, as many have. Anyone stating this, is creating a false religion or cult for their own benefit not Godís. No one can offer a guarantee into Heaven, as you were told, many will say they preached in Jesus name, but when judged, He does not know you. No man can fully interpret the Word of God and understand its true meaning. No man needs another to dictate the Word of God, when you can read. You cannot be damned, because you do not belong to a certain faith, Jesus told you, He is coming for the sinners, but you seem to forget that, when you tighten your grip on the faithful. The Bible is for all who ask. He shall open your eyes. Heed the warning.


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