How was the Bible Written?

The Word of God scribed by the hand of Man



Written Feb 16


   So many of you, who profess to be scholars of the Word of God, needs to look deeper in certain aspects of scripture. All of you look at those who wrote the Bible as scribing what they heard or saw, but this is not the Truth.

   How would Moses be able to write the first 5 chapters with accuracy? Yet this is part of the Torah. He had no written records to guide him. Nor was he there when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, but he had the Word of God who remembers all. Moses was blessed with telepathy and many other gifts as all prophets of God are and certain chosen. He transcribed what was told to him by God. This is the Truth.

   It is not a passed down story, but is the Word of God. This is where mankind is confused. Divine inspired means those who are special only in that they a have mission and are no different in Godís eyes to all, delivers His Word to His children. These chosen souls are the prophets. The Almighty loves all of His children equally. But they, the prophets always face persecution and sometimes death when told to give to world without a human spin, the Word of God. No human remembers with accuracy Divine events. No human is allowed to tell his version on events that concern God. This is the Truth.

   You are His creation and your infant minds some hope to understand God? This is pride. This is arrogance. This is where you need to step back and be grateful that you have life, which you do not fully understand as His creation. Deception is your enemy along with its influence all is from a source that most on this earth refuses to believe exists. This is why the Bible was given to mankind. To provide a roadmap to lead you home.

   The Bible gives lessons of the pass mistakes of men and how God with His mercy saves His people from the brink of destruction. This will happen again as the final Covenant to mankind is fulfilled shortly.


You have some questions that need to be addressed?


It clearly states modern mankind has been around several thousand years in the Bible, but as science shows us life on this earth has existed 100s of millions of years and early man has been here over a million years. What gives?

   All of you were told in Genesis that God created the universe and the animals before man who was created in His image, know the difference. But you used your scientists to present flaws in the Bible. It is stated many life forms and worlds existed before man. This is true as all know dinosaurs existed. There was no need to give details in the Old Testament when those for who it was written for would not understand. Time does not exist for God, for He is time and determines it for all of His life forms according to His will. Oh you say a set of days is used to describe the creation of universe, animals and man. Can you define a day in one who is immortal? No, as if you understand His world, when you barely know yours. Is it based on the rotation of what planet, solar system, galaxy or the universe? You do not know. Your science though in inept, does grasp the varying levels in the universe in that the vibration of the physical atom results in differential a time compare to its passage on earth, which is slower. This is a concept of your Einstein, but does not fully give you the Truth.

   Godís children were created and existed in a physical world called Eden based on Heaven. None of you have a clue on the passage of time from creation to being expelled due to sin. Adam and Eve were given instructions, but also had free will. They succumbed to the will of satan. The Almighty banished them to this world controlled by satan. This happened several thousand years ago to a planet already with life. This is why modern mankind has no direct genetic link to the fossils found on this earth. This is why the Annunaki were removed, who enslaved primitive man as slaves to build the pyramids. This is the source of the rumors of the gods.

   They were not gods but a group of beings who had advanced technology and had great physical strength due to the low gravity on earth compared to Niribu, which is now in our inner solar system and your government knows this. They have lied to you. This is why so many of you are confused as life was here, but mankind was a transplant. This is why the genetic life span decreased as noted in the Bible as the descendants intermingled and mated with the native life. This is the Truth. With the intermingling the Jews, Godís chosen are all not what you assume. In war all of the men raped or scattered the chosen and most of those you see as Jews are the descendants of the Pharisees. Hitler eliminated the Jews by the millions; do you really think the Almighty would allow this? None were His chosen, know the difference.


Why would God allow himself to be killed by humans? This shows weakness.

   Again as if mankind understands the plan of God. You were told there is a balance in the universe and in order to save that which has been captured by evil, your souls through Original Sin there is a counter balance. The darkside never thought the Son of God would allow himself to spit upon, humiliated and put to death by His own as the dark side knows nothing, but pride and arrogance. The ultimate sacrifice, death of God was to balance all the sins of mankind, which continues today. Every pain inflicted against a child of God, all 7 billion is taken on by the Son of God. This is what is meant He died for your sins. Remember, before He died, He was given a vision of mankind in the Garden before being betrayed and how most would reject His mercy today. He still died on the cross and would do it again today if needed. But there was a catch; all souls, you must want Jesus before or when you take your last breath. All to save a world from those who do not have a clue as to what is coming. If He was not God, all you would die without salvation. Know what your God has done for you, as few of you would do the same for someone outside of your physical family.


There is scientific proof of evolution, why should I believe in an all powerful Creator?

   Evolution is a natural life process. Put in place on all worlds in the universe by design although some will see this as random set of events for species to adapt and change according to conditions, but was not the source of origination. How flawed are mankindís limited knowledge of the universe as if you have the knowledge of God. Think, change is sudden and you expect the genetic makeup to adapt in a few years? Really, the species would die off in extinctions as you see this through out your geological history.

   Organic molecules are symbiotic in nature and needs a balanced environment to survive. All must be in place for life to exist. Complex structures that support life do not materialize from innate compounds. Nor can a planetary balance for life be in place for condition of life to just emerge as a random event. Can one of scientists synthesize a complex organic molecule from a hydro-carbon base that reproduces? No. The reason is that creation of the structure is easy, but DNA coding symbiotic systems for growth, reproduction and waste are not random. This is why life was created by God. Now you can continue your flat earth beliefs or ascend to a new level of mankind. It is your choice.


Why should I believe when we know Godís priest were pedophiles? Where was the good in that the Vatican lied, as if those sins did not exist?

   The mental influence that caused the sacred servants to sin and abuse children that they were suppose to guide and protect was not from God. As you know both the forces of good and evil does exist, which affects the free will of man. That which is evil can easily over power the will of a man especially those are of God. There are the prime targets as when they fall many shall follow them due to their influence. This is the goal. To show that even those of God can do evil things so how can He exist. Sins are enacted due to the free will of man. God gave you a set of Commandments to follow to guide you, again all evil and its actions upon another is a choice of man.


The Bible states 144,000 will be saved, yet the world is approaching 7 billion. Why should I care if only the few are saved like some religious groups preach to gain or keep members as if they are the chosen?

   Billions will be saved, as if some religions preach that only they have the key. This is a lie. The Father wants to save every child of God, both good and bad, for it is written. It is not dependant upon a religion or a set of doctrines. It is about accepting our Lord Jesus as your Savior period before you leave this earth. The 144,000 thousand are the Remnant Army stamped with the seal of God. It is this group that will spearhead the will of God, His warriors. No cowards are in this army.


All I see is evil winning, there cannot be a God?

   You were told the earth is the domain of the dark side. As these are the end times evil has will continue to tip the scales to where all that is good will seem to be eliminated. This was written, but the 2 witnesses shall rise like Jesus.


We have been taught that Hades will not prevail against the Kingdom of God.

   This is true, but few truly under the Word and interpret what your version should happen. Were you not told Jesus would conquer death, but he died at the hands of men? He was praised a week before on Palm Sunday by all. Then all turned against Him when the Pharisees brought false charges against Him, the true Messiah. Persecuted by all and so shall you true believers both Jewish and Christian. Put to death on the cross and so shall you two witnesses, Christians and Jews. He rose from the dead in 3 days and so shall you two witnesses.

   The Catholic Church and the Jewish will look and essentially be dead, but shall rise just like Christ. This is what is meant by Hades shall not prevail.

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