Bin Laden


Written May 2 2011

   First, I would like to give the President Obama a 4.0 for the shrewd mission he completed, where he and only his trusted inner circle was involved. Only he gave the go ahead and it was the Navy Seals that carried out his agenda. Both deserved our respect as a nation. One for their wisdom and the other as a group for the skilled execution, few others including the world's elite military best as a unit could have achieved. For Obama, this was the correct path and now as a fast learner, he will refined those skills as he now trusts no one outside of the inner circle. For those that played both sides as advisors, this is a taste of what is to come as the bar has been raised to show true intent.

   Some have said that Moslem leaders should have commended Obama on the success to taking out Bin Laden, but Republican leaders avoid this. Some internal advisors wanted the location to be bombed, no guaranteed verification of the kill if the body was switched by those on the ground. No intel as all computers would have been destroyed, and the Republicans would float Osama may not be dead as the planted rumors on the web confirm. Obama made the decision as a gut feeling from God and now you know the result. Bush sent the army and provided the war industry trillions. Obama sent the best at a fraction of the cost, at a risk that would hamper his reelection on any mistake or loss of life and won. Lets congratulate a President who sat through briefings, made a decision based on his knowledge and the CIA, pulled the trigger and was willing to accept defeat or be the victor. This was a decision, which makes a leader where the goal, not politics and influence dictated his actions.

   What about intelligence from Guantanamo water boarding abuses. Nothing was gained, as most detained were innocent and knew knowing. Bush would have exploited this knowing the death of Osama would have been a great political gain as now with Obama. Why would the leader give the common street person information on location, operations that would compromise a cause. The Republicans grasping for straws came up with this and released this to the media pushed by Fox News. Where reckless abuses against detainees and the Geneva Convention on torture is to be ignored and almost justified. If there was knowledge, would not the Republicans have used it to push McCain?  All leaders have couriers, did they identify them and if so why didn't Bush and his team follow them for 6 months to get a result? Bush went on tape, stating Bin Laden was not important any more as one person does not dictate a war. These are his words that he cannot take back. This was a sustained conflict for the corporate war machine revenue and confiscation of natural resources.

   The compound was built in 2005 in a undeveloped area. Satellite technology from the NSA controlled by the Bush Administration observed all, and insiders from the Pakistani government knew of the compound, but then some looked the other way or the those in charge of intelligence was inept. Either choice brands them a losers. And this is what a Boehner controlled Congress depended on.

   So what about Pakistan, all in the Bush Administration knew that they would protect Osama. Spin teams assembled allowed the knowledge that is was living in cave when as extremely wealthy, the opposite was true. Did Pakistan help the US in some facet, yes, but rogue factions shared the same knowledge in sympathy leaked timely information that allowed the escape of many. Did not the Bush Administration allow the Bin Laden Family to leave the US after 911 by air when all of the nation was not allowed to fly for any reason?

   Republicans have failed to grasp what is occurring within the US. Many know they have been lied to, but few react. The students on the other hand when given a cause rallied in the middle of the night and this will be the demise of the Republican party. So what are they thinking? Most see this as a major obstacle to beat Obama in 2012. As the scapegoats are seeing less reward for their actions, like Beckman, Paul, and Trump. What people will do to grasp power. All are seething as the ploy to extend the war and concentrate activities towards remote areas in Afghanistan when most operatives were caught in cities in Pakistan is now suspect. They will be forced to take sides and you the voter will see their true intent.

  Obama's leadership eliminated a terrorist involved in many unspeakable crimes, and like him, through other means, parties still not known to the public involved in the 2001 World Trade Center, will be brought to or given justice.

  Now looking to 2012, it is up to you, the students to make the difference. You can end the bias by your vote. Not the blatant spin in the media as if we need them to form our opinions on how to live life. Do you believe you should give your money to the rich and hope they give you a job. Is this what you spent 4 years and 120,000 on average to achieve? Do you think grandma or pa who needs a heart operation or dialysis will be able to pay hundreds of thousands in medical bills with a voucher? No you will pay as the only choice to save their life. You can bring change when those set in there ways no matter what is shown, refuse to change. The old and established in America fear change, you embrace it. All saw your support, now deliver, like your President who made sure your medical benefits in college was protected under your parents. Who is there to protect your college grants. Most important, the right to vote at your college. All of you can recognize deceit, now will you excise your vote to change? The choice is yours.

   For Corporate America, you are responsible for the recovery. Collusion occurs with the oil companies to extract wealth from the public through gouging and manipulating of the stock market. You can help yourself by taking your profits and investing in America. Where all contribute the same percentage. Short term sacrifice will be a long term gain. Collusion to help America is the right choice if all act in unison all the employed will by your products. Make that choice.

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