Breaking Satan's Grip on Souls


Written April 23 2012

   As we move closer to the Great Tribulation the spiritual battle between good and evil intensifies. It is those that know, there is a God and sense His power is greater than the dark one. Many have pledged their souls to get ahead in earthly life to the one that lies and he that has no allegiance. Yes, he has provided for you on earth as this was foretold this is his kingdom for now, but at what cost to your neighbors. Upon death of the body, many of you are uneasy about what is to come. All of you in the dark societies have no doubts of an afterlife. You here the promises, but there is no true faith. Where there is little, it is shallow.  Although, many cases are documented of those who saw God and his kingdom and changed their ways, although no one has come back from what the dark one has promised. Why? How many of you would die for the dark one? I thought so.

   Where is the glory of the spirits that have slaughtered millions and delivered thousands souls for the dark one? Why only his darkest angels from the beginning of time are presented to you during rituals? All of you aligned with the dark side have keen senses, that you have used to rise above all others on earth, but the next step is unknown and could be a trap. As all of you were promised an afterlife in greatness. The universe is yours. This is a lie.

   Many shall be fooled when he incarnates into a final human form during the galactic alignment in the UK. All of his powers now restrained, will be unleashed as he will rise from death by the sword to lead the 10 countries of Europe. Charisma, an exterior of charm, intelligence and wisdom acquired from the dawn of creation, ability to manipulate the minds of the masses by giving away stolen wealth as if it was his own in acts of charity. With the true goal to enslave, then destroy mankind as each and every one of you are the true children of God. Imagine the hate, the revenge to fool God's own. This is what you face. As it is not about you, but the pain God will face as He witnesses His children claimed by the dark one. The pain, the agony no Father should face. In your family would you not try and save all, despite life's choices?

   Mankind has been easy to seduce, as almost all respect the power of wealth and the temptations of the flesh. Yes, we need money to provide for our families, but there is a threshold that goes from a comfortable need to greed. There is a difference between an entrepreneur and a robber baron. Almost all hear the reports of voices, but few realize the dark side is real and infests the souls of humans. This is the source of the voices and they can suggest all types of evil with its justifications, but human free will chooses whether to execute the idea. How often has a family member said that is not my son after a tragedy. We need to move from denial to accepting there is a problem. This is the first step, acknowledgement of a supernatural. This is your test.

   All of mankind has sinned except one, this is a fact of life for all humans presently on earth. We are so caught up in justifying our actions as when rich, the crime takes on a less heinous view. Theft from the public sector is seen as an opportunity by those that have pledged to serve the public. The few that are caught, allow the many to escape. Wars are started to covet resources of another country with insurrections started covertly and funded by those looking to gain. This has been done throughout history and few recognize it as being done today by global groups now solidifying power as one. It is this group we are now focusing on. Elimination of their souls as their bodies are turned to dust is the easy path, but bringing them back is the goal as we will not lose one soul.

   The global group has plans to enslave mankind, kill billions in a nuclear war started in the Middle East. Undermine the European Union and the Vatican control Israel  and restart a second Holocaust. All of you know the script and how this battle will be won. But it is the decision of mankind and the prayers of the faithful that has mitigated great destruction so far. The quake you knew were coming have been delayed. All for mankind to grow spiritually and come closer the Jesus who will rule this earth shortly. This is one time in history where you take a great chance by waiting to the end to base your decision. You have been told judgment will come as a thief in the night leaving all of you who have ruled this earth with the dark one with seconds to make a choice. Many of you will fall short as you are conservative needing time to arrive at a decision. This is a fact. All of you know God exists as you have knowledge of spiritual battles and heard of your losses suffered. You cannot ride this out to the end. You were taught the savvy exit first. You now have to make a decision. Yes your crimes against humanity are unspeakable as millions have dies in wars. Yes your group has slaughtered millions of children from the dawn of time as a sacrifice. Yes you have hoarded all the resources of the earth and destroyed the ecological systems. All of this you have done, but the Almighty wants you and you will be given that chance to change. Listen to your inner thoughts at the same time during the afternoon as this is the seed. If you convert with true remorse, because you can stand on two chairs, know that you will have the protection of God and you know He protects me as proof. The clock is ticking.

   Know this, Jesus knows all that you have done and suffers for it and now others on earth. Do not be ashamed as your back may be against the wall. All it takes is true remorse for all that you have done and a start to walk a different path. Ask for forgiveness, it is not as hard as you think. Keep what you have as a start, but take a fair approach to others from this point forward. Obey the commandments of the Almighty and the 2 golden rules of Jesus.  Is this too much to ask when the reward is everlasting life where you will want for nothing beyond this earthly plane?

   When rats are cornered they fight to the death, all is lost. You are being given a choice, change and walk away from deceit, theft, murder as a way of life. Let the slate be wiped clean as you start over with no burdens. This is what your Jesus offers. All you have to do is say yes to the idea and then recite the prayer below. Remember, it is a true remorse and a real effort not to repeat past mistakes. Can you do this? If yes, start the prayer and step across the line. You will never look back. Not one of us will look at your past, just the shine your future shall bring.

Free me from the chains of Satan


Oh Jesus I am lost

I am confused and feel like a prisoner

Caught in a web I cannot escape from

I trust You Jesus to come to my aid

And free me from the chains of Satan and his demons


Help me for I am lost

I need Your love to give me the strength

To believe in You and trust in You

So that I can be saved from this evil and be

Shown the light so I can find peace, love and happiness

At last.



All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2012