The Book of Truth



Written Jan. 29


   It is here that those involved with the spiritual concept of that established by a man referred to as Buddha over 25 centuries ago have moved forward to that which is closer to God to show a path to that which enlightens the spirit within. The establishment that we in order to become more spiritual, we must serve and respect others. This is a mandate.

   Buddha was raised among royalty of his land, due to boredom seeked for more that was to life, just like many of us today. Once outside of his protected life, he saw the true suffering of people after studying with various groups there were no true answers to end suffering that pained what is now known as his soul. Then he fasted in search of an answer and was given answers to which this knowledge was he only understood as he reflected under the Bodhi tree. What Buddha did not know is that he was enlighten by the Holy Spirit implanting a set of ideals that respects the rights of others as interpreted by his mind at the time. Only over time were ideas and concepts expanded on by others. It was through Buddha that this part of the world, which would not be exposed to the word of God yet to come, established a moral foundation through the Noble Eightfold Path.

   As the Truth descends upon the Eastern world you will realize that which enlightened Buddha will also be available to you as you are all children of God. What you will stop is elevating and worshiping Buddha as a deity who was created by God and enlighten by His Holy Spirit to the status of that which is above mankind. There is only one God that created you and this world, the Almighty. Now is it not about faulting you, but to educate you as there are forces that led you astray. But once you are enlightened to the presence of God, you must make a choice. You have free will so you can choose you own path, but do not try and influence others who may pick another path. For you are just men and cannot interpret that which is spiritual.

   You as Buddhist has always wondered is their more and how could you be like the enlightened one. When the Holy Spirit lifts the veil of deceit from your mind, embrace it for all it has to offer. Consider the path being offered and its rewards. Suffering in this world stems from the influence of the dark one upon mankind. It is men and their evil ways that enslaves and inflicts suffering on others. Studying and meditating will not change this. It is God with prayers who can, but you still do not recognize this. So your cause is stagnant. When you are given the answers, I expect you to act as if your life depends on it because, it does. Know this, you do have a soul that is eternal and this is what we are trying to save on earth.

   Buddha guided the eastern world with his wisdom and this was a great spiritual step for mankind, now it is time to build on your foundation and to be taught that which is God. Your first step read Father’s Word, “The Bible” the Old Testament first reflect on it with your ancient wisdom then read the words of Jesus in the New Testament. You will not have a problem adapting to prayer and sacrifice for others. Now, I need you to be on board ASAP (as soon as possible), so after reading these words and a feeling grips the pit of your stomach or soul, act on it. Time is short. Thank you for responding to the call of Jesus.


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