Call on the Father

The Book of Truth



Written Jan 31

Updated Feb 20


   As the Chastisements ramp up this year, some of you will fear for your lives as mankind will have let you down with their excuses and what you see as a lack of preparation. Know that your precious politicians and media personalities have been prepared for a decade. You will ask am I the fool? Where are the rescuers to save us from the flames or floods? Who will find me as I lay trapped under rubble for days on end? Why wasn’t there a better warning and prediction system? But worse why did God allow this to happen to me and many don’t even believe? You say He must not exist. Mankind allowed this to happen, those you voted in with your free will and backing. The bankers you trusted betrayed this world, because you believed the paid media. Most of you are self absorbed by your wealth. Power and manipulation of mankind is the goal. You laugh in dark corner as if you are above the laws of this world. Hold on to your dream or you can switch sides while you have time. The Lord will welcome you, no matter what you have done. If not you answer to another voice. The Almighty does interfere with the free will of mankind for better or worse. Never fear the Father for He has compassion, love, mercy, forgiveness before excising justice beyond your human comprehension, all which is wanted, is to be as one again. His love should never be taken for granted. His mercy is unfathomable as no matter what you did on earth ask and you will be forgiven with true remorse. Ask foe a sign and I will respond. But make no mistake reject My hand of mercy and hurt my children, you will feel the wrath of God Almighty and your perception power will be seen as weak even back by satan himself. We all have choices.

   Those aligned with the NWO have now infiltrated every major western and many eastern nations. Their power cuts across Christian, Moslem, Jewish and atheists’ faiths and followings. Their control involves your governments, corporations, banking, food and energy systems on a global scale. This is the source of sin on this world and this is why it must be cleansed. If not, the few that would be left after the global wars already in the advanced stages of planning (turmoil in the Middle East and now Kiev) would leave just slaves on this world and most would have lost their souls in abandonment of the Laws of God in death of your bodies.

   The Almighty speaks, “My little children what is being sent to your earth is your only salvation. For almost all of you adore and love the one who is trying to kill you and snatch your soul. You do not see this as you worship wealth, power and turn a blind eye to the world’s injustices even here in America. You call your nation the land of the free, but almost all of you are financial slaves and live your lives according to the whims and fads of mankind. How so easily you are fooled. Not one would seek Me out unless your lives are threatened. So it shall be. In order to save your lives you may have to lose your earthly lives. This must happen or I will lose almost all of you and that must not happen. I am your Father and you have been in exile. I want to bring you home with all of its glory and love, all you need to do is call on Me. I don’t care if you have never believed in Me, what is important is now you do. Let fear go and call on Me and say: “Dearest Father, reach out and touch my body and soul with Your Hand of Mercy. Amen”.

   This will save your soul, but for some if your physical life shall be instrumental in saving another soul, you shall live to spread the Word. Heed this and keep those words in your heart for man on the most part is a coward. Your Father will do what ever takes to save you, if you accept His hand of Mercy, which will lead to His Son’s hand your Judge and Savior. Our time, the End Times is the final test for mankind. It is either God or the NWO, the front for the antichrist. It is either good or evil. It is the separation or polarization of every man, woman and child above the age of 7, the wheat or chaff as the apostasy within the Church slowly becomes noticed by the faithful, but for many it will be too late. Your free will has a choice and you will choose what is right in your heart or the opinions of others?


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