The Warning & Doubt: Day 6


Crusade of Prayer (47) Re-kindle your love for Jesus

 “O blessed Mother, Mother of Salvation for the whole world, pray that my love for Jesus can be re-kindled.

Help me to feel the Flame of His Love, so that it fills my soul.

Help me to love Jesus more. Pray that my faith, love and devotion, for Him, become stronger.

Allay any doubts, which torment me, and help me to see clearly the Divine Light of the Truth, which radiates from your beloved Son, the Savior of all humanity. Amen.”


Crusade of Prayer (1) “My Gift to Jesus to Save Souls”

“My dearest Jesus, You Who loves us so much, allow me, in my humble way to help save Your precious souls.

Have Mercy on all sinners, no matter how grievously they offend You.

Allow me, through prayer and suffering, to help those souls who may not survive The Warning to seek a place beside You in Your Kingdom. Hear my prayer, O sweet Jesus, to help You win over those souls You yearn for.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pledge my allegiance to Your Most Holy Will, at all times. Amen.”


Crusade of Prayer (3) Rid the world of fear

 “O my Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech You to rid the world of fear, which detaches souls from Your loving Heart.

I pray that souls who will experience real fear during The Warning will stop and allow Your Mercy to flood their souls, so that they will be free to love You in the way they should. Amen.”


Crusade of Prayer (4) Unite all Families

“Unite all families, Jesus, during The Warning, so that they may receive Eternal Salvation.

I pray that all families remain together, in union with You, Jesus, so that they may inherit Your New Paradise on Earth. Amen”


Crusade of Prayer (13) Prayer calling for immunity

My Son will envelope the whole of humanity now and when the Illumination of Conscience is past your prayers are truly needed at that stage. Your prayers children will help save those people who will defiantly continue to reject the mercy My son will show them.

My solemn promise children is that all those of you who call on Me on behalf of My beloved Son Jesus Christ to save your brothers and sisters that they will be granted immediate immunity. Special graces will be given to each of you who pledges a full month of prayer for their souls. Here is what I request you to say

“O Heavenly Father, through the Love of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Whose Passion on the Cross saved us from sin, please save all those who still reject His Hand of Mercy.

Flood their souls, dear Father, with Your token of Love. I plead with You, Heavenly Father, hear my prayer and save these souls from eternal damnation.

Through your Mercy allow them to be the first to enter the New Era of Peace on Earth. Amen.”


Crusade of Prayer (16) To accept Graces offered during The Warning

I will give you a special Crusade Prayer now for the world to help souls stay strong during the Great Act of Mercy I now present to the world.

“O my Jesus, keep me strong during this trial of Your Great Mercy. Give me the graces needed to become little in Your Eyes.

Open my eyes to the Truth of Your promise of Eternal Salvation.

Forgive me my sins and show me Your Love and Hand of Friendship.

Embrace me into the arms of the Holy Family, so that we can all become one again.

I love You Jesus and promise from this day forth that I will proclaim Your Holy Word without fear in my heart and with purity of soul forever and ever. Amen.”


Crusade of Prayer (43) “Save Souls during The Warning”

“O God the Almighty Father, on behalf of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and in commemoration of His death on the Cross to save us from our sins, I beg You to save souls who cannot save themselves and who may die in mortal sin during The Warning.

In atonement for the sufferings of Your beloved Son, I urge You to forgive those who are unable to seek Redemption because they will not live long enough to ask Jesus, Your Son, for Mercy to free them from sin. Amen.”


Crusade Prayer (55) Prepare for the Warning

“O my Dear Jesus, please open the hearts of all God’s children to the Gift of Your Great Mercy.

Help them to accept Your Divine Mercy with love and gratitude.

Enable them to become humble before You and beg for the forgiveness of their sins, so that they can become part of Your Glorious Kingdom. Amen.”


Crusade Prayer (60) Prayer for conversion of families during The Warning

 “O dear Sweet Jesus, I beg for Mercy for the souls of my family, (name them here). I offer You my sufferings, my trials and my prayers to save their souls from the spirit of darkness.

Let not one of these, Your children, denounce You, or reject Your Hand of Mercy. Open their hearts to entwine with Your Sacred Heart, so that they can seek the forgiveness necessary to save themselves from the fires of Hell.

Give them the chance to make amends, so that they can be converted with the Rays of Your Divine Mercy. Amen.”


Crusade Prayer (126) To withstand religious persecution

Dear Jesus, help me to withstand any kind of persecution in Your Holy Name.

Help those who fall into error, in the belief that they bear witness to Your Work.

Open the eyes of all those who may be tempted to destroy others, through wicked acts, deeds or gestures.

Protect me against the enemies of God, who will rise up to try and silence Your Word and who try to banish You.

Help me to forgive those who betray You and give me the Grace to remain firm in my love for You.

Help me to live the Truth, which You taught us and to remain under Your Protection, forever. Amen.


Crusade Prayer (150) To save the souls of non-believers:

Dear Jesus, I ask You to save all those who, through no fault of their own, refuse to acknowledge You. I offer to You my suffering to bring You the souls of those who reject You and for the Mercy You will

 pour out over the whole world. Have Mercy on their souls. Take them into Your Heavenly Refuge and forgive them their sins. Amen.


Crusade Prayer (151) To Defend the Faith:

O Mother of God, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Salvation, Pray that we remain loyal to the True Word of God at all times. Prepare us to defend the Faith, to uphold the Truth and to reject heresy.

Protect all your children in times of hardship and give each of us the Graces to be courageous when we are challenged to reject the Truth and renounce your Son.

Pray, Holy Mother of God, that we are given the Divine Intervention to remain Christians, in accordance with the Holy Word of God. Amen.