The Change


Written Feb. 12 2011

   The American people have been given enough insight to those that govern. You have witnessed the destruction of your economy through outsourcing and just plain greed in the derivatives markets. The deal with China was cemented years ago under Nixon. The agreement was to provide cheap labor for US corporations to remain competitive within the world. The plan worked, no environmental rules, labor laws, unions, medical benefits, taxes, and more important complaints from the workers eager to hold on to their jobs. One party promises you a dream as if you voter and your agenda counts. The rule, tell them (American Public) what they want to hear. Blame those who are different as the cause of their problems. Promote a set of ideas that support a direction, yet allow those listening to think it is their rage that spawned the idea. Promote wealth that cannot be attained accept through credit and investments in stock market, which can be taken away by constriction of the credit markets. Allow the laws of banking to charge interest rates similar to a loan shark on a one day late payment. While overall, the party promotes this agenda and then backs it as this is what America wants.

   America has slipped in average educational skills for all, but is the home of the best universities in the world. All nations send their young to be educated here. We have the best medical hospitals and research, yet the birthing process is that of a third world country due to the disparity between the rich and the poor in the United States. We have shifted the belief that the hard working American moves the economy to, that we should give the rich a free ride in taxes in order to create jobs. Yes some will be created  here to keep the agenda going, but it is the savvy business man that invests the saving overseas for this is where the profit is. So it is up to lobbyists to promote this agenda to Congress, then it is up to certain members of Congress to invent the smoke and mirrors in order to fool the public. When you accept the money, the corporations anticipate results. Votes are bought through the media. Those that receive this money are foremost, expected to deliver the message as this is best for America and allow little connection to the source. The Republicans have aligned themselves with the Koch brothers, as if their corporate energy agenda in the best interest of the American voter. Don't know about this relationship, then ask Cantor, he was there.

   Now that you the American voter and media has been played as pawns, how are you going to change? You are watching regime after regime fall over time, at the heart of it, greed and established policies to provide a cheap source of resources for the west. The difference that it is not a major issue here in the west, it is so subtle. Your hint, the debt of all major nations of the world. The bankers have created the problem, which all can observe on Earth presently and their hope, through despair, starvation, disaster that all will seek a new leader that builds hope in the world as "one" when most have none. This plan is by design and there are many names and rumors, but the new world order is not it. This plan is to lead all away from the source of conquest. It is up to you to see through this.

    So what was the plan? The world has been taught to focus on one who through the suffering of many was to bring together all on Earth under one control as salvation of their troubles. What you realize this has already been has sense of hopelessness has been  achieved through credit and the bankers. As they have created a problem that affects most of mankind, they will offer a solution. While most are focusing on one person as an effort to the "One".  Control is being excised on regional level where the tentacles of what would be the one, is controlled through finances. All the population is squeezed when pushed will except any change instead of a total loss. This is what they are counting on, this is what is occurring. America, many have loss their jobs, many have loss their homes through fraud, and all invested in the stock market have loss half of their wealth or retirement funds through illegal short sales. All established Congressmen and woman know this, so ask the question what have they done for you lately?  Let me answer for you, nothing!

   All in Congress are aware of the Pole Shift, the new comers (tea party) are the scapegoats. The Challenges of the future require our best, not a politician, negotiator, a smile with a hidden agenda. In a crisis, those that need advisors are useless, as seconds may save a million lives. It is not who back you during the election, but the welfare of those you serve. This is America, where the people who elected you, are those that you suppose to care about.

   America, choose a leader by how he would perform under life and death situations. Does he have a heart for all or does he run to the bunkers to save himself and the elite under the guise that these are the leaders who will pull us through. In order to pull a nation through a crisis, there needs to preparation to give the general population a chance. I have seen little. If they say we can't save all. I say, you could have started in the fifties when you were told. China has prepped in 10 years for 100 million and the US population is? Now, we know the all established Republicans and many of the established long term Democrats are aware of what is coming and many that would do good are muzzled. It is up to the voter to see past this in 2012 and vote for the person as if your life depends on it, because it does. It is not about the party affiliation, but what the elected official will do for you. 

   In the elections of 2012, don't run unless you protect those who elected you. If not, roll the dice, when caught and that is a guarantee, when crimes against America are committed, removal will be your best option. Consider this China has empty cities that will house close to a hundred million. You will be lucky to have an unheated tent. They will have a door protecting loved ones. You will in some cases shall be on your own.

   The turmoil in Egypt has shed some light on the dirty business of politics. Greed, Mubarak would not leave even with almost a hundred billion dollars of mostly American money in the bank. Provided during the Regan-Bush years, allowed to continue under Clinton. But the transfer of wealth accelerated out of control under Bush Jr. Why should he resign, when he and his cronies considered Egypt and its people just a cash cow? Because, you cannot spend if you are dead and without protection in the US bunkers as a head of state during the pole shift, now he has fend for himself on the surface of Earth with all others. This is not where a leader of the elite wants to be.  Do most heads of states steal from the people, yes, but in the Western countries few get caught.

   So how does the Republican party plan to spin it through their media puppets over at Fox and radio. Egypt in turmoil was better under a brutal dictatorship that suppressed its people and was allowed to steal in the name peace. Mubarak could not care less about Israel, it is all about the money. War means you as a leader in government would really have to spend money that would otherwise go into your pocket. He is no fool as seen by the defiant resignation and planned successor his son (retirement plan), although he has placed his moles key agencies and the military as a just in case. The people are not chanting death slogans to the West and their peace partner. They are interested in freeing wrongly imprisoned friends and relatives. They are interested in a job were high unemployment affects all. They are interested in putting food on the table to feed their families where inflation eats up what little spending power they have.

   The members of Republican party have stated that the Obama Administration is sending the wrong message to our friends and allies. They believe we should continue to back these leaders and not show the world, we will abandon them at the first sign of turmoil. America is this the political party you expect to lead our country, which is based on freedom and basic human rights. Is your party so blind as to not see that "you" are dealing with criminals and "you", the Republican party are calling them friends. They steal the wealth of their people, imprison all who opposed, excise brutal tactics to keep the population in line. Now, that these same people seek freedom as we once did as the will of the people, you want to back the criminal regime, oh sorry wrong label, "friend". This is what you call leadership, pathetic.

   Maybe if you extended a helpful hand to the people with real change may occur, like a job or food on the table and very few would follow the radicals. If things are good do you really think they are going to leave their families to live in a cave? There will always be some that just hate everything, like some groups here in this country. We can't please everybody. The problem is that the dictators are taught to steal and take bribes from the energy companies and this trickle down effect leaves little for the people as the middle man wants his share. This is what they have learned from you, are you proud?

   As this is the 1st step, how many of the conservatives in the US will continue to listen or see past the spin. To those several media puppets on Fox and other networks, the time has come for you to take responsibility for the spin and influence push by those who back you. The words has twisted innocent minds and of course those who are just looking for and excuse to hate are you truly happy with the results, look around. Years or months from now when the truth comes out do you want to be that scapegoat?  It is not about the choice to give an opposing opinion, for this is welcomed, this is fair and provides a balance. What I and many see as a problem is to present a view of an event to promote an agenda based on twisting the perception of how this event will affect the lives of Americans while inducing fear in order to get people to align to this line of thought.  You are being given a choice, to change and back your agenda with facts that builds America, or you need to retire. When the truth is released, those that backed you will have all fingers of blame point to you as the cause. Just another host who over stepped his boundaries in the name of ratings, although you know the source of the words promoted on your show. You should choose your path, before they do.

   All the blame does not belong to the Republicans, this economic down turn did not just appear. The war did not start with a clear cause, but most of you old timers in the Democratic Party stood by and watched in apathy. I need not say more. Rarely do focus on an individual for a statement, but now this is such an event. Remember when you said, not my President, when promised safety in the backrooms of your so called Republicans "friends". You have had a brilliant career and your constituent is extremely faithful. They have given you everything. Now give them something, retire Rangel and go out as a gentleman that made a change in their lives. Let this be how they remember you. Anyhow, an answer to your concern. You would not like in the bunkers, people change behind closed doors and even more when there is no option. There is always another way.

    For America there needs to be a reality check, the gullible will follow the promise that the conservative wealth of this country includes you. Look around even those making 125-175k in middle America where a nice house is 200k is just middle class. In New York City it takes 200k to get by like as a middle class family in the sixties did. So America, just what percentage of this group contains the average American Family without credit?  Just 5 percent, not one of you wants to admit things are tough as you consider yourself as one of them.

   Most just hope to be part of the plan. Have any of you studied how a population is fed an agenda then stripped of wealth in your history books? All presently believe with the safe guards of freedom in place, times are different, only to find nothing is. This is how it works. Look around, if you making 50k and your wife 30K with 4 kids you are working class poor in the great USA, which is still the greatest country on Earth for opportunity. Lets present a few facts, $100 per week per vehicle as many have SUVs for gas. 500 to 700 dollars per month for heat and electricity for a home. One thousand dollars per month for food and that is conservative. So what does 80K bring home? This equals 4600 a month in disposable income after taxes and that leaves 2600 per month left with one car to pay rent or mortgage, insurance, taxes, clothing, bills and just plain living. The family once supported by the rise in equity in the home, is now devastated.

    During the transformation of Earth, change comes in many areas. Most have assumed the geological changes will affect all with the most change, but this is only a vessel. The disasters will polarize the population into 3 groups. Those will do what is humanly possible to save others on a various levels. From those that care for family, friends, neighbors, strangers, the world, all equally important, but it is about what the individual can handle. Where an action that affects any positive change on Earth, this is what really counts.

   There are many changes to so let me deliver the first that some are fearing, but has not been confirmed as concrete. To you the elite, this Earth as you know will not come out of the Pole Shift in a favorable way for you. All related to the harden self serving will  either be transferred due a request from fear or die. All of you should hope for the latter. Those undecided, but still arrogant will find little resources such as worker slaves as the Sun will fade. As all following your promise of hope will see none and leave as you have nothing to offer, but shallow words. During transformation, the Earth is being ascended to 4th density and with this, the present Earth will be allowed to cease or phased out. Yes, the last of the undecided will die out before the close of this century, but those left will wonder where has humanity gone. The new Earth will have no active affects from the pole shift as all will be surprised, as that was foretold in the scriptures truly has occurred, Heaven on Earth. You cannot buy, cheat or bribe your way in, but you can change in your soul and the willingness to help your fellow man, and then take your place here. It is your choice and this time it really counts.

   So why are we being told to prepare if our fate is sealed? This is about ascending to the next level, but preparation to survive is needed for the undecided survivors, which shall be many. During this turmoil some will step up to assist others and ascend, but most will die to try again. This can change, but it is up to you. Are you up to making this change?

Update to the Leaders:

    Since there has been a conservative consideration to the requests I have made, let me put on the line. So as there is no mistake as to the message to whom it is directed.

   President Hu Jintao, you were requested to tell your people of what awaits them so you nation can focus on preparations and some cases be a safe haven in Asia. When afraid, the elite will pay anything to survive and they are. You were told there would be signs, there has. How blatant do the signs have to become, before you take that step. You owe the world and most leaders who are cowering in fear of what is coming, nothing, in fact many countries owe you, but more important you owe people of China a chance. Make that choice, make it soon.

   Moving along to the next leader. Now you have made me single you out. The Earth changes have been slowed for you to help your country and at the same time, help lower oil prices by reducing gasoline and heating oil prices in northeast United States as a start for most companies will be force to follow in order to remain competitive. You have done this before to help those who could not afford heat before, and those affected were very grateful even though the Bush Administration had wished, you would just go away. Reserves mean nothing if you lose it and eventually you will. Use Citgo to reduce the price of energy in this specific region, so it is noted and you get the credit. The Earth changes can be delayed only so long and with good reason. President Hugo Chavez make that choice, before the Earth changes takes it away from you.


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