The Coming Chastisements will Mankind Awaken

The Book of Truth



Written Jan. 23 

   The World has changed right under our noses as the New World Order has taken hold in this nation and around the world. What seems like just rule changes to favor republicans by changing the Electoral College, strip the civil rights of workers is being championed as a push for a conservative government, but that is not the plan? Many have suspected that Boehner and Mitch are not giving the orders as both repeat the same canned lines. This is true. They are told what to do. This is why there is a disconnect in what you the people want and what they deliver, but the republicans let hate cloud their vision and soon laws will be introduced that will take all civil rights away as you watch in disbelief. You thought you were so smart and it was the poor that created the problem and the need for these laws and the trap now sprung ensnares you. The President though he has pledged himself to this nation “so help me God”, but this will not be enough as he is just one man with his partner Biden.

   Some of your leaders who walk the halls power answer to a new leader. You here of globalization, but few of you contemplate the repercussions. The New World Order has a goal, remove the ideas of borders, and strip allegiance to a country. It will be the agenda of the New World Order that super cedes the needs of nations as all are now in unison. With this the Middle East will explode. Mali calls for help and the troops fully equipped are there in less than 24 hrs. Standby, no they were waiting ready to go for orders weeks ago as the agreement to enter the country was engineered.

   Your leaders were told if you take away the rights of God’s children with deceitful laws the hand of the Almighty shall fall on you and your countries. With your interference you have now tipped the balance in the scales of justice. You are now starting to crush the leadership of the Catholic Church from within and this will be no longer tolerated. Oh but, you know prayers are being said to protect this country and others. Yes that is true. So what should have hit the whole country shall be focused on you, your family that follows you and your friends. You can change and there are prayers that will help you if remorseful. Let’s hope our influence turns you, before the dark one does.

   The Chastisements will occur in select areas razing them to the ground as dust. You as leaders that have allowed an outside voice influence your mind shall be removed systematically according to the will of the Almighty to save humanity. All will know your deeds of betrayal to the country you were suppose to protect as your loved ones are shamed by your name and legacy. If you continue to follow the path you are on, you will be killed by your master as you are a coward who will not give the order of genocide on your own people. You have no clue of what you are dealing with. It is the goal of the New World Order to control all global nations under the guise of peace, and then allow war to break out. War will be validated to stop oppression and terrorism most of which under the surface in key calculated areas shall be infused with terrorist working for the same side, but seen in the eyes of the world as the opposition. Medicine needed in desperation in some areas will be tainted when introduced through the tentacles of the New World Order under the guise of world health organizations. As disease runs rampant and famine ravages the poor countries, this will set in motion the finishing touch death by what is seen as a life saving injection. All of this put in place to destroy God’s children, upon death, billions of souls stolen for a sinister purpose.

   I do no expect the common man to see past this veil of deceit, but you as leaders that still believe in our Constitution and the media who are savvy, some can see this coming. All of you are just standing by waiting for the, “I know now”, which will never come from the king of lies. There will always be that doubt so you won’t pull the trigger. When you do, you’re alone and immediately get picked off by your doubtful peers, so much for true courage. You need to stand up for this nation if not then who?

   The Almighty has warned you, as leaders see only power and wealth promised by your master at the expense of those you were elected to protect. You will now see your countries rumble under the groan of tectonic plate movement and the quakes that all will know is a response from the Almighty. Others will see floods wash away homes and businesses all to stop and remove evil, since few of you in government have the courage to halt what is in front of your eyes. His hand of justice will make that choice for you. With this, prayer will emerge and an army under God, Jesus Christ will rise from the ashes to challenge the dark one.

   You as leaders of the world have three choices stand by the Laws of God, or be removed by the Almighty or worse be removed by the one some of you have pledged allegiance. Know this, the dark one plans on incinerating the Jews, God’s chosen finishing off what his lackeys failed to do in the second world war, but this will not happen on my watch as planned, but lessen according to the help I and others get.

   To the Jewish Race, you have always been special to God the Father, He asks, “Why do you forsake Me? When are going to let go of your pride and run to my waiting arms. You are My children so lost as you have wandered for 2000 years since the crucifixion of My only Son. This was written, foretold by your prophets I sent to guide you and had to happen, so why are you, their ancestors still blaming yourselves. I know your thoughts each and every one of you, children. For some of you, the thought bothers you that your ancestors did kill the Messiah, but you are afraid of other men and your status among friends. You should be afraid of Me, but I can also be your friend. I gave you life. I blessed your nation. It is only I and My Son that you answer to, not a man, or a Rabbi. Call Me in your thoughts in prayer, I will forgive and let Me carry your burdens of life. Come my sons and daughters come home.”

   Mankind is at a crossroads where the mitigation of the Chastisement in response to your prayers have spared millions from death, and you use this as weakness as if events are normal and no need to pay attention to the prophecies and change that must transpire in order to have mankind be saved. It has come to a point where the hand of our Father must fall to bring the maximum amount of His children home. Destruction of the material and perceived wealth shall be complete, but lives will be given a second chance to change. Those who enact laws slowing the salvation of mankind will be made an example in front of their peers. Beware; no location close public or private is now off limits when you commit a crime against humanity.

   As the earth changes increase again in the form of floods that span areas spreading across states and earthquakes that will shake many areas of the earth in a short span, Jesus is giving you a prayer to hold back the hand of Father in exchange for your sacrifices. Jesus wants you to recite this daily regiment. I will also ask that all prayers start at the top of the hour and if possible start at 3pm Eastern Standard Time adjusted for your native time zone. Know this I have asked the Almighty to consider synchronizing all prayer to increase the power and amplitude which causes pain to the dark side. Gather your prayer groups, post subtly in churches where you meet and recite the Rosary, then let the Holy Spirit work and with your effort lift mankind out of the veil of deceit. I am counting on you to do your part as I shall do mine. It is time to step up the intensity in this spiritual war and deliver for the Almighty and his Son, Jesus.

   Remember your prayers and sacrifice are for those who refuse to believe, upon dying a shock will overcome them that is beyond your comprehension and it will be your efforts that will pardon many. You have just saved a life hero. This is your inspiration. This is your joy as you see their tears of thanks in that hug. You saved me! This is your salvation as the Almighty shows you favor and Jesus embraces you in His circle of love and you brought home another wandering, lost child.


Litany Prayer (4) to mitigate punishment by God the Father

O God the Most High.

We beg You for Mercy for the sins of Your children.

We thank You for the Gift of the earth.

We thank You for the Gift of human life.

We treasure the Gift of life.

We uphold the Gift of life.

We thank You for the Gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

We thank You for the Gift of Redemption.

We praise Your Divinity.

We surrender, completely, before You, so that Your Holy Will can be completed, on earth, as it is in Heaven.

We thank You for the Gift of the Illumination of Conscience.

We thank You for the promise of eternal life.

We welcome the New Paradise.

We beg You to save all souls, including those who torment You and those who are lost to You.

We thank You for the Love you show all Your children.

We thank You for the Gift of prophecy.

We thank You for the Gift of prayer.

We ask You to grant us peace and salvation. Amen.

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