Do your Children go Astray?

The Book of Truth



Written May 23

Update May 27


   In your homes, you lay down rules to prepare your children for the real world as you have walked in their shoes in a different time, but the lessons are the same. You do not want them to make some of the same mistakes you did, now that you are the responsible parents. Sometimes pride and arrogance get the best of us as this is reflected in our words when we speak to our children with anger when concerned, when it should be, I care, I want to protect you, but am disappointed in your choices. I love you, but I also want you to discover your new world safely, but not stifle your excitement to do things your way and explore your horizons so that you grow old in a better life than I had. Some convey this to their children firmly with a soft demeanor and love in their eyes, but many alienate themselves over time with tunnel vision or just don’t care. Each generation moves on as if they have got it right, but the next generation replaces them with the same format as the parents they were escaping from, Karma.

   You are the children of God. He has given you His Commandments as a guide and Jesus has freed you from sin by dieing on the cross and absorbing the pain and hurt of humanity an enormous burden that Jesus takes on due to His love for you, but do you listen? In this world, you will soon find out that all of us, has one Father and as the veil of deceit is lifted your eyes will open to your brothers and sisters and you will love them. For some of you, this should start now with sharing for those who do not have and love for your fellow man with respect.

   Jesus speaks, “The laws of My Father are a guide so what you will face shortly will not destroy your lives and devastate your souls for eternity. This life of yours given to you by Father out of love is a test and I your Jesus will guide you through this thorny path with My love for you. When it is over and you see Me descending from the clouds under the brilliance yet unseen by human eyes that which only comes from God to give you your inheritance. You will fall to your knees as the angels sings with a melody so soothing to the ear and there will be tears of happiness for all that you could wish will be yours. All I ask is follow My Fathers Laws and when you fail call out My name to forgive you. This is your preparation. For the faithful who are prepared, I need you to pray for others with the Crusade Prayers for those that are not. Do this until I come again, the Second Coming, which is shortly before you.”


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