Children of God: Listen

The Book of Truth




Written June 6


   As changes on the earth take place do not fear, for there is much you do not understand. Your science has reached a point to where you question that which is God. You have extended life with your medicine, you promote humanism to include all and you explore the universe and some of your race knows there is other life. It is here they subjugate billions through knowledge. So where does the human race find its roots?

   With the pole shift rapidly approaching, fear reverberates in the hearts of the elite. What is to come is unknown, but all know it will change this planet forever. Clues are given, but non interference does not allow the Truth to be told except through brave human souls. This is why there will be more white lies. It is up to you to discern the Truth, for you were told in so many words this spiritual event to force a decision, but few of you connect this to God. Many on this planet would rather worship that which is advanced than the Creator of all life in the universe.

   It has now come a point where human history shall change when or if announced you will realize there is life in the universe. Make no mistake, God created all of them. All advanced life knows there is God, but do not understand it. This is by design. Now all of you ask the Bible states that only we the human race was created in the image of God so how could there be almost limitless intelligent life forms in the universe? The key here is to open your eyes as the Bible reveals the Truth. We and only we, the human race was created in His image as we and only we as a race in this universe from the dawn of time are the true children of God now in exile on earth. This is why the attention.

   You have been told there will be no rapture, but it is stated, that which is good will seem to disappear. You have been told of plate movements, but this was delayed to allow spiritual development, the prime lesson and this will not occur until after the warning. The intensity of the Chastisement is dependant upon the conversion of the earth. Why was this said? Service to other is more than caring in the concept of the limited human mind. You think of assistance, but there is pride. You think of providing safety, but there is arrogance. It is humility that you must possess for you to ascend in the eyes of God as if we cannot read your minds. It is for you to recognize a greater power that died for you and you shall be given proof at the warning. Each of you has gone out on the line to tell of the future, what is your true motive? This is your flaw. This is the block and until you move past this, you will remain stagnant.

   The Almighty speaks, “My children, you have been in exile for thousands of years due to the Original Sin of your parents Adam and Eve. The Neanderthals and other primitive species of man were eliminated and you replaced them as exiled. This is why you will never find a genetic missing link. Those that enslaved this world known to you only through myths as the elites have hidden this knowledge. Since scrolls taken from the library at Alexandria which shared the information with the modern world was stolen and then burned to cover the crime. On this earth as you see their monuments, they were removed, but are still close by.

   You have face trials all place upon you by the free will of your parents. Satan has ruled this world and millions of souls have been lost over time. At the warning almost all will feel the fires of that which occurs in a place few of you believe in, hell, some, for seconds others for the entire period. This will be your cleansing, but some will revert. Imagine an eternity of this pain beyond your tolerance for mistakes created in your short lifetime.

   I have sent My Son and He died at your hands, the Son God. My love is infinite as not one of you would sacrifice your son to save another. Fear not at the destruction that shall shortly befall your earth. Life does not end with death. What is being planned by the opposition, is total destruction of this earth and the capture of all souls, but the key it must be enacted by humans. Wonders will be shown to you, tricks from “thee” dark soul. He is not of the earth. I ask My children to trust in My love and call on My Son when in despair. He will guide when all is lost. For those who are intertwined with the heart of My Son fear not. With confusion, there is a clouding of direction. Call on Me to guide you instead of the words of humans. You are My children unique in the universe. Come to Me for your new home is unequaled in the universe, which I created in love for each and every one of you. No billionaire now on earth has the riches you shall have in the home I have prepared for you. No advancement in technology will give you eternal life, but I shall. Your planet, which will die shortly, will never equal what I have created for you, for this planet, earth is the home of the dark one. Never doubt My resolve to save each and everyone of one. Never doubt there life after death of your body. Never doubt the words and passion of My Son to save each and everyone of you. You are My children and I Am your Father and I will move heaven and earth literally to bring My lost ones home. This is the Word of God.”


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