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The Book of Truth


Written Oct 26


   As confusion grips your world, many messages will come to you as a guide for the faithful that you now lead. One thing for some of you preachers that needs to change is the negative preaching of damnation. You know who you are. The Lord is pure love, not the scent of fear in the afterlife, for that comes from another. Jesus died for the sins of man during His crucifixion and He does forgive all for any sin with true remorse. Is this what you were taught by the Word? Sin is a fact of life and will not be removed from this earth until after the Second Coming. You may preach fear of God, but not fear of sin as prayer and atonement brings graces of forgiveness. This is the difference.

   Shortly, out of the Vatican will come, words of change. You are to help the poor and weak as these words are now infiltrating the Catholic Mass during the gospel a dictate of pope Francis. On the surface these words are true as the poor do need help. You are to present a humble presence to you congregation as to inspire the faithful and their allegiance. As this is what Jesus would want. You will embrace all of mankind by a compromise. This is where you will be deceived. The Word of God, the Truth never changes to gather mankind. Mankind changes as the Word of God remains firm.

   When change hits the world and the suggestion to focus away from the death of our Savior who died for us, you must stand firm. Your faith will be tested as all will dismiss Jesus in the name of progress. Christian preacher are you going to stand with God or run and hide as a cowards just as most of the disciples did the night Jesus was captured in the garden. You will have to make that choice and woe to those whom abandon the Lord, for you are with the antichrist. No excuse as you know the Truth and weakness of the flesh leads you to choose another path. This is real. And make no mistake, when your choice determines the fate of your soul and the responsibility of all you influence falls on you. Jesus speaks, I love all you who preach My Word. As you were given the task to look over My flock of faithful and bring them home to Me. Remember what you were taught in the Bible by My Father and the words inspired by Me in the New Testament. These Words never change for any man. Live by them and all the graces of Heaven will bless you or choose to ignore and die by them when you accept change from another.


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