I Need all Christians to Stand up for the Jews

 New Warning for the State of Israel and the Jewish Race



Written Dec. 8  


    This message sanctioned by the Almighty is to give a warning Jewish people, as you are the Godís chosen of His children. Heed these words; Netanjahu and your Knesset have made so many mistakes. Your ancestors were slaves to the Egyptians and the Almighty sent Moses to save your asses. Explain to me why you are making the same mistakes as slaves to the bankers even though many of you are presently wealthy?

   You suffered genocide under Hitler and the world saved your race again. Under the UN you were given land from the British Empire where your population could not expand, this was by design. Placed in an area where conflicts would surely rise as your nation is surrounded by a Moslem faith. What is sad, it was prophesied. You have been told that all western nations would support you as it is your right to exist. You have been fooled for those in Europe are now planning your demise. It is time to listen as your intelligence agency can back that I tell the truth. What we do not need is an extra burden of saving the Jewish race again. You were told the Messiah was coming and your arrogance let Him slip through your fingers. Now the End Times are here and itís the Second Coming or judgment time is at hand.

   I cannot lead a horse to water, but I can give you some insight to where you can protect yourselves as a race even though some of your leaders still refuse to believe.

   The Almighty spoke to your race always and gave you a covenant and you slapped His face when you rejected it. He sent his Son to save you from sin and because He was not pompous, like your religious elite of the time, they rejected him. Now you know why millions of you died in WW2. Only in devastation and lost of all hope do you call Godís name, but His Son Jesus rules the earth. You need to make a choice and there is no way to put this gently.

   Those aligned with the dark one are now poised to make an example of your nation. Behind the scenes, many American and European politicians hate your country, its regional agenda and with good reason. Obama surprisingly is not one of them, although you have given him many reasons to take that stance with your covert operations and land grabbing.

   The current plan for the antichrist is to feed you what you want to hear backing from America so you seem to think, youíre invincible. The tide is turning as your country is the sacrificial lamb. The point is the Jewish race, Godís chosen when the antichrist rises will be crushed as one of the Two Witnesses and these words have been foretold in ancient scriptures. Disagreement, how? Are you trying to pick and choose the scriptures you as man deem true. Letís not go down that dark path.

   The Almighty sent His Son to save all and no matter how you spin it, you will have to answer to Him. He is offering amnesty for your ancestorís sins; all you need to do is grab His reaching hand of mercy. Can you of the Jewish race do this for the true Son of Abrahamís God? Do not let human opinion cloud that which is from the Heavens. You need to make a choice.

   Very shortly as the antichrist takes control of the world from behind the scenes, he will make an example of your nation. First through a sense of false peace in a war his influence created, leading to persecution so extreme, that it will make WW2 look like just a walk through a dangerous looking park.

   For those of you are who are of the Jewish race, listen to your hearts. God is sending you a message; to save you from genocide. He cannot save you, if your pride stops you from listening.

   Letís not repeat history again, as this is the time of the Second Coming. There are no 3 strikes here, just 2 and your out. The first strike was the Crucifixion; strike 2 is the Second Coming. It is time to listen to the first Rabbi, Jesus which you suspect was sent by the Almighty. Youíre ancestors made a mistake, no need to compound it. The Lord gave land and your leaders want more. This is not a problem as they could buy it, but through war and deception they take it. This is the influence of the dark one, and this needs to change now.

 The Almighty speaks: ďI sent My prophets to guide you as youíre my chosen people. I sent Moses free you not only from slavery, but to present you with My Commandments on how to lead your lives. I told you from the house of David, I would send forth a Savior of mankind. You crucified Him, My only Son and you wonder why My voice has fell silent. I have sent out My angels and there are in place at the four corners to chastise this world to show you that I am the Almighty. I create life and can destroy life as in the times of Noah. Heed My words embrace My Son for He shall save the world. Children, come home, I forgive you, my Son forgives you, but you must accept His hand of mercy. If not, you shall be destroyed and sent to live with the beast who will now be your god as you suffer for an eternity.Ē

   For the Jewish Race, even though many of you still donít believe Jesus is your Messiah, I say this. I am instructing all of the faithful to pray for your race as few of you know the punishment for pride? Not one of has had a clue to what the Almighty needs from your Jewish roots since the days of the Crucifixion. Let it go as the olive branch is passed to bring you home. It is about a personal decision to except your Savior as professing it breeds hate; this is what the dark one is counting on. Rise above this, as Jesus just wants you to know, He is the one true Son of God your leader as prophesied in the Bible, accept His hand of mercy.

   Now you, Netanjahu know we havenít seen eye to eye since Mossad delivered you your first background report. Letís put this aside as I know what you are going to face. If the antichrist is to be stopped and your country or whatís left of it is to suffer less, you need to moderate your stance. What good is land and housing if is it is destroyed in earthquakes, and this is a promise. You will not win against the antichrist, but backing from the faithful will give you a chance. Either way, prayers will be directed towards you or your nation until the veil of deceit is lifted. The point, when you realize the truth, I expect you to stand up for others just like I am now standing up for you and your nation. The world will abandon you, just like World War 2 as many looked away from the genocide.

   To the faithful as this request come from God Most High; I need you to say one decade of the Rosary for His chosen people every day. This is not a request, but your duty. Now Deliver for the Almighty, but more important please Jesus and start today, because I have. We have on one Motto, ďEveryone is saved and everyone comes homeĒ, failure is not an option as this is someoneís father, mother, brother, sister, child or friend. We lose not one.


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