A Christmas Message

From the Almighty


Written Dec. 23 2 pm EST


   The Almighty speaks. “In this time of distress, I want to let you know, no matter what you see or hear, I love you as My only children in the universe. Yes I created life throughout the universe, but make no mistake there is no internal life for them in My Kingdom, but here on earth, My children. I created both good and allowed evil and for you My children, free will. I want you to love Me and My Son as He died for your terrible sins against each other. Free will gives you the choice to choose Me and eternal happiness or fight for spoils on this retched planet I banished your worldly parents Adam and Eve. The result is if you choose other your will join him, as hell is real just like Heaven.

   Your world is presently out of control, as you reap what you sow. You were told of these time in My Book of Life, the Bible to give you guidance. You rejected My Prophets. You rejected My Son and His Mother. And now you have rejected My Laws. I want to save all, but so many of you listen to another. I will cleanse your Earth, as that time has come. All will know the power of your God, the Father Almighty.

   You do not care about your brethren, but chose another to step on those, you were assigned to protect in this great nation. You seek to remove My name and close down My houses of Worship. I gave you life as I am your Father, but you turn your backs on Me to get ahead on this world, rather than respect your chance to share in the riches of Heaven. This is a choice you must make shortly. As I separate the wheat from the chaff.

   On Friday, I ask each and all to reflect on My Son birth, who was God and incarnated as one of you to save your sorry souls. When you face death, call Him. When your own turns on you, call Him. When all seems lost, call Him. 2021 will be an extreme challenge, heed the warning. For the faithful, celebrate My Son’s birth on Thursday and Friday and receive many Graces. Remember, as your Father I want all souls with Me, as your present bodies cannot cross the veil.”


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