A Christmas Reflection




Written Dec. 23 8:30pm EST


   As many Christians and others celebrate Christmas, letís reflect on it, as this is a Holy Day, which does represent the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Do not confuse the present day exploitation of gift giving, mimicking what the 3 wise kings did to praise our Savior who would eventually die for our sins to save the children of God. Yes the influence of satan distorted the giving of gifts with the use of Santa Claus to exploit profits from the masses due sales enriching his own and caused some faithful to fall away from praising the Saviorí birth as it has morph for some in the public eye as a pagan celebration.

   The faithful needs to look deeper as Jesusí birth is celebrated on Dec. 25. So this represents Christmas even though the date of birth is not exact and irrelevant, you should be in awe as God, Son of the Almighty incarnated His Spirit in the human body of a man, all of this to save your sorry ungrateful asses. The next year, 2018 and slightly beyond will bring out the best and worst of mankind (polarization) and your world will go through changes (purified) for the sins of mankind. Some of your children and the chosen shall be taken the few will simply disappear; most will cross the veil in death due to disasters. This is the Truth. I ask please reflect on your life and ask your selves if the end came suddenly would I be proud to stand in front of Jesus with all my actions towards others while on earth. If not, there is still time for change.

   Remember as this world polarized remember who gave His life for your eternal salvation. This is what is important. Those who die are just transformed beyond your human knowledge. Most important do not curse God for the disasters as you mankind has fallen under the spell of the dark one. Death to save you is better than the lost of your souls. Trust Jest and the Father as all will be alright.


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