With the Rise of the False Prophet in 2013 as the Newly Elected Pope the Catholic Church Shall Divide


Written Feb 26


   Within the Catholic Church there is distress as that which is man and that which is God are now in conflict. With the end times upon us and the last true Pope, Benedict forced out under a false scandal, on that day, the Almighty struck the Vatican twice in anger with lightning as a warning to the Church. Make no mistake; these lightning strikes were not an event due to its building's height to be interpreted as a random. The time predicted in revelations and the letter sent by our Lady to the children of Fatima to warn the world has come upon you, take heed. As the events unfold, due to prayer and mitigation shall be different to your expectations written by John, but the Truth will be revealed here and at this site.

   The new world order has dictated to those aligned to Masonic practices put in place over time, to elect a new fresh leader that will reign on the seat of Peter to lead the Church established by Jesus. Now to the College of Cardinals involved in the conclave I will say this only once. Make a choice, vote for the false prophet and you know who is being quietly promoted or pick another. If your faith is a charade, then you will back the antichrist as you are being told here. No excuses. No place to hide. A coward, as you are just like the Pharisees who rejected our Savior, when He walked the earth to spread the Word of God, the Truth.

  You have spent a lifetime in prayer and devotion, for what, to sell out now, which will bring destructive changes to our Church. You promised you would never by like Peter before he changed and deny Him, but with the vote you will. You have read the scriptures and know the dark one will and has infiltrated the College of Cardinals. Infiltration that has occurred over centuries and only now has the power to bring down a living Pope. This time when you weep like Peter who was forgiven, you will be facing the fires of hell as you let an abomination represent the Lord. Trust me, I have seen hell first hand, the fear, the pain, and most of all the pleas to be given another chance during rescue missions, which may not come your way. This is your chance before the vote. But let you not cast a vote for the false prophet; force the absolute majority as a secret compromise the half plus one provision to save most of you. The media will spin any way you present it.

   They plan is to include all as progressive, a new change include all religions, tolerance for gay marriage knowing the Almighty destroyed a city and all within for this sin. Acceptance of abortion, which is considered murder I the Almighty’s eyes. Removal some sacraments, prayer and of all that is Jesus Christ as the anti-christ will pretend he is Christ walking about earth. You were told of the Second Coming and He would return from the clouds. But yet the false prophet will proclaim he walks on earth, traitor. Leaders, celebrities will all chime in as all are lead by the dark one, for this is his time. This is what you have been told and many shall be fooled. If you see it developing, don’t drink the kool aid. Awake from under the veil of deceit. Jesus speaks, “You are my sacred servants and it is My spirit that guides you to elect the next, Pope. Do not forsake me, if so, I will not protect you from the wrath of My Father. He will strike you down over time so you never know when as it will happen in front of loved ones, for them to see your sins as you voted to destroy My Church.”


Faithful Servants


   Jesus speaks, “Much will be asked of you My faithful. All that you see around you will cause doubt, bring fear, but know as you pray I, your Jesus are by your side. Guiding you, loving you for without seeing, you believe. This is what I expect out of My Army. This is what you and all your sacrifices have given Me. The hard part will be, discerning that which, is still truly My Church. You will be guided and fret none as you will be shown the way. Stay loyal no matter what you see, as all of this must come to past. My father will destroy all that impedes you in His time. I just need you to focus on only My words, your Jesus to lead you down the straight and narrow path. Let no man sway that which is Me within your soul. As you feel a surge in your stomach, know that I am within you. With this there is no fear as I walk with you. Remember when you walk with God you never walk alone. I love you.”


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