Confession Shall be Abolished

The Book of Truth


Written Sept 18


   As the Catholic Church modernizes shifting towards humanism where the rights of self masked as the rights of others, supercede the Laws of God, the Sacrament of Confession will be discarded as sin becomes trivial in the eyes of the church. So why confess to be forgiven if the act is no longer wrong in the eyes of those who lead in the Vatican. Old fashion, a sacrament that is no longer useful in “today’s society” will be use to capture the attention of the faithful.

   Do not be fooled with this upcoming change as this is not sanctioned by our Lord, Jesus. It is through the administration of this Sacrament, the related penance and true remorse, He allows those who have shunned Him, cursed Him, or just do not believe in Him to be forgiven so He can bring them home. This is a deliberate act pushed by the Masonic cardinals and authorized by the pope, the false prophet. Know this sacred servants, how can you save souls if the act of Confession is taken away to forgive? This will be one of many signs. This is when some of you shall go underground and to establish a refuge for others following and when the Eucharist is removed many will seek you out. This is when you only take orders from our Lord Jesus Christ. It is not you task to understand how you will receive your orders, but just know, it shall be done. This is the Word of God.


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