The Conscience

Basics of the Energy that Affects the Cellular Matter of the Human Brain


Written Feb. 8 2012

   Mankind has many questions about the Universe, but present theories are so far from the truth. But, all shall be revealed in these End Times, hidden by governments and the religious elites. Many have heard the rumors of the pole shift and the elite have prepared or so they think. The shift is only a means for the chastisement of mankind in order to lessen that, which is evil, although many respect and emulate those of false success. The Almighty speaks, "The Earth changes are necessary as mankind is blinded by power and wealth, as uncertainty undermines the control of the elite. If left unchecked, the current path of world leaders would lead to the death of most of mankind by wars and starvation, although your minds are so fogged to the truth. Some of you, see those that pillaged your national treasuries, past presidents by the trillions, started wars around a planned event to control energy resources and killed over a million people on both sides in a Middle Eastern war. Destroyed your finances and the value of your homes through the mortgage fraud with your losses as their gains. And you have made them heroes, because they state, they are men of faith, but they do not know Me. They are greed, pride, lies and adultery traits that still continue hidden behind a facade as someone, that I the Almighty would send to lead My children? And those sent by Me who have your best interests, are judged as inept. This is why, I have chosen this time to bring change to save all that I can through my prophets."

   Although all of you see the obstruction, but again many choose to look the other way, so easily fooled. You have allowed all to see life on Earth backwards through the media. We are all one. In your family your children do not have your resources. Do you tell them, I want to keep more of the family resources and you have to work harder? No, you educate and provide a foundation of your children to succeed as they are part of you. Your brothers and sisters you are bound by a common gene DNA and organic liquid blood. No matter your differences, it is this connection that brings all together in a time of crisis within a family. Although, when it comes to the general population of America, even though we share a higher connection, that of the spirit of God, you see a different path by promoting those that fail, to become and stay as the lower class.

    Education at universities is averaging near 40K in the U.S. and with out a credit reference all must be paid in the same year. So if the average income of a family is near 50k, how does the middle class move forward? The deck is stacked against those with the best intentions for their children, who are not looking for a handout. Where privilege, not talent gets the inside tract, in the end, another country that envisions the bigger picture will surpass you, and your civilization will decline, just like Egypt, Greece, Rome, Spain, France, and England. All with a common theme, they are past world powers. Do you not think these same decisions would affect America?

   The goal here, during transformation is to return to the One guided by the Holy Spirit, God the Father Almighty. Service to other is on a spiritual level, not one who hopes to achieve this status by sharing what they have hoarded at the expense of others. The physical is easy to share when there is a goal of survival. Where is the focus on God, who created all and this test? There is plenty on safe locations, but on the other hand no location is safe. You are told to store supplies, but the Bible states leave all, knowing the Sun will die. There is no future on this Earth and this you have been told. This is about graduating and not being left behind. It seems all underlying hints have been ignored. You were told years ago, the sky would roll up like a scroll and many would fear as this event as was foretold in the Bible. It is mainly the spiritually prepared and those who have true remorse, that will avoid the death of many as the history of their lives unfolds in their minds with all of its injustices to others, through the eyes of Jesus. Now you are saying that advanced physics was presented, the specific details of of the pole shift. Now all this is about God. So how did we get here?

   All of you would have not taken these words serious. Most still do not without a long term base across many areas of knowledge beyond the base of mankind. Although, all governments and the elite have no doubt in truth of these words, they see a different outcome. You, the general public and more so the sacred servants still have heavy doubts to dismissal. So lets shed insight in to the Holy Words inspired by the Holy spirit, we are all created in the same image and it is that image which is of god shall be explained.

   There are some mysteries science cannot comprehend or should. The human conscience is composed of that which comes from God. An essence of energy that once created cannot be destroyed. It grows from experiences, similar to how science envisions the universe that a mass can gather more due to gravity or remain stagnant due to repulsion and availability to drifting matter that transcends all levels of the universe that has existed for all time. Yes, it is the classic battle of good versus evil.

   Mankind has assumed the big bang created the universe, when it is responsible for recreating galaxies that have been absorbed by its central black hole. Big bangs are how sections of the universe after death due to galactic compression are reborn, the cycle of life. Innate matter did not create spontaneous life as there are too many interdependent systems with water, heat, light, atmosphere, gravity, evaporation, plant and animal life sub systems to balance. Organization of DNA chains, complex reproductive sequences with after life stories from independent sources all with a common theme. If conscience life is random on earth, then why not in other animals that have equal or greater brain mass? Why not plants? The spark of life can not be measured or seen, but it is there.

  The energy, which is referred to as the soul, is what controls the voluntary chemical processes affecting the neurons of the brain in a symbiotic relationship between energy and a physical body. Memories, are a sequence of energy pulses, sourced from the senses and then implanted on the neural network of brain matter as complex chemical arrangements. The results are solidified in three segments, long term, short term, and the disconnected sub conscience.

   Mankind with his primitive knowledge of the sciences and no insight into that which is of God, has based a theory of the universe on a flawed foundation. In the universe, intelligent life that sparks, is a result when a critical threshold of energy gathered is met. This energy of life, once separated from the whole, ( the source of One, that is God) allows a collection of experiences to gel and hold to together as an unique individual with a free will and choices. Once incarnated or the spiritual energy is infused into the brain of the human form on earth, it is a set of life choices that affects that energy and allows it to grow over a lifetime of experiences. The goal is a test of preplanned experiences before birth that allows the energy to gather more while simultaneously polarizing. This is where the entity over time chooses over repeated lessons that of God or the dark by free will.

     When the body dies, it is this energy, the conscience of each individual that continues after death and is held responsible for its actions in the physical form. Many are horrified, that they were so fooled especially those so conformable in Western Civilization when in the presence of God. All were given choices, blocked many times and shown other choices, but choose to bypass as it was justified as ambition and peer pressure.

   Mankind has the process backwards, the universe did not randomly create life. It was life, that is of God, which created the universe and then seeded it in a Divine Plan. It is only the arrogance of scientists, who think they have the answer, but don't have a clue on how the universe works. As signs in the sky become compelling, there will only be guesses as to the causes, riddled with contradictions.

   So what does life on earth have, that Jesus, a massive spiritual mass that separated from God the Father and was incarnated as a human baby, but still the Son of God, born of the virgin Mary, Queen of earth was sent to inspire mankind? What has been lost or hidden, is that all on earth are children of God. The energy that comprises the conscience of a living being in the universe is available for all, but all life that has incarnated on this earth, during this period of time, originated directly from the life energy mass of the Almighty. You on earth are truly the children of God, blessed. With this decision to have a family, that which is dark has access to corrupt all life as a balance as free will is a rule. The battle started with Adam and Eve, the Almighty lost. The prophet Noah was sent to save all, again the Almighty lost and so did  mankind, who was destroyed. Now the final battle, He sent is Son in a sacrifice to save, but again few are listening. This time there will be a change. The dark one hates humanity for you are the descendants of God the Almighty and all resources have been sent to corrupt earth. What is sad, all have forgotten their roots in a drunken stupor, now it is time to clear your minds before you are taken advantage of by those loyal to the dark.

   What mankind needs to take seriously, there is an afterlife and what you do here affects your spirit or soul. This is what you take, when your body succumbs to the earth. This is how you will be judged. How is it that, so many state you have faith, but most of you have doubts that there is something more after death. Most think when you die your dead. It is over, yet this is counter to the main theme in the Bible. Our life on earth is to prepare for after our death. So few are listening. The soul, when polarized to an extreme as what is now occurring on earth, you are either with God or the other, with its consequences.

   Many of the elite think, there is no higher power as they see themselves as rulers of earth due to the promises of the deceiver. This has been allowed to occur due free will. No belief will give you a firm answer, you must make that right choice. Can you? The super elite have unspeakable satanic ceremonies, that worship the dark one as all know he exists and will manifest himself as man walking upon earth as the antichrist in late December of this year. They believe and most on earth take the idea as a joke and this is their power. Do not let ignorance lead to your demise. You need to keep an open mind for the unexplained in the universe, because man in its present form knows less than .0000000000000001% of what he would know a 1,000 years from now. Your history tells the truth. There is a God, the Almighty. There is Jesus who died for you to give you a second chance. It is up to you to use this as a seed, for it shall grow especially for the chosen people. Do not compound a mistake with another. For the Jews it was Moses who set you free, against all odds and again it will be his spirit will give you insight on how to regain that bond that the father of your race Abraham past down. Where God the Father Almighty will open that dialogue that has missing for centuries. The Almighty speaks, "It is time to come home, for My Son forgives you for your ancestor's crucifixion as this had to pass, but you must accept His Mercy, can you?"

   So how the the conscience bring insight into the Holy Trinity, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? That which is God a spiritual essence of energy, is the source where the Son as a spirit developed as an independent part as did the Holy Spirit. But all connected through a shared conscience composed of that which is of spiritual energy that is of God the Father. This is the concept of three individual parts, but all are one of the same source. We as God's children, that have incarnated on earth have a small essence of that spirit. In the Father's eyes, all of His children are equal as would all children in a loving family would be. We are all connected.

   With Jesus, this goes a step further. He sacrificed Himself for mankind and takes responsibility for all sin when He died on the cross. What mankind does not know, is that the pain, fear, suffering of every sin carried out on earth by every soul against each other and the Almighty from the time of His death to the present, is shared by the spirit of that, which is Jesus. He is connected to every soul on earth good or bad. Presently during these end times, the suffering is so great the Father would have normally cleanse the earth, but it is only by the Mercy of His Son and the pleads of His Mother of Salvation, that the Almighty holds back His hand of justice upon earth. There is His Church, and the Almighty's chosen people, but all children earth, lost or righteous is His to gather. These are just a few of the Holy Words, that is of God, contained in the Holy Book of Truth. Welcome to the transformation!

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