Conspiracy in The Catholic Church

The Book of Truth




Written Apr 14

Updated Apr 16


   As fear grips you sacred servants now in the know of what is coming. There will be some among you that are silenced. Those in leadership roles will speak out against the coming changes in the liturgy of the Mass, but again these voices from powerful perches will be crushed and the Bishops or Cardinals involved removed or reassigned. This is the plan.

   Sacred servants much has been held from you in order for the Church you serve now to be deceived. You are reminded that Mary, now Mother of Salvation warned the Catholic Church of the infiltration of the dark one in many of Her Apparitions and the 3rd letter of Fatima to the innocent. The Church buried it, but also used the information to expel the traitor and then offer no explanation. All the popes since John XXIII who was manipulated by powerful cardinals like others was warned some believing in the warning and taking action and then suddenly dying, others seeing the fate of their brethren chose to dismiss it in public, in the Curia to what was written.

   Now as hard as this must seem, it is the Truth. Those that were mentioned in the 3rd letter had time to prepare as John XXIII refused to believe the words written on the paper. It detailed how the Liturgy of the Church would be changed by removing certain prayers to except the Protestants, then others. The goal was to reduce prayer under the guise of accepting the rights of the non believers. They said this is what Jesus would want. There is only one entity that wants prayer removed as this causes him the greatest pain and weakens his powers.

   So an agent of the masons was move into a place early to change the Mass, phase 1, sanctioned by the dark one himself. Archbishop Annibale Bugnini was put in charge as secretary to the Preparatory Commission for Liturgy at Vatican II. Being established early as to raise no concerns, standard CIA or KGB tactics. He learned from the best. It is here your Mass was influenced first by the dark one, but you sensed this. Only the faith of the brave confronted John XXIII to remove him (Annibale) under threats. The inner Faithful Cardinals took a stand as yet the Vatican had not fallen into total deceit.  Either Annibale goes or you do with revelations to the press is what was said as they knew XXIII had been compromised, history is in place. Research it sacred servants.

   What is so interesting is that Papacy took you for fools and under Paul VI. He allowed the changes to go through and then he was reinstated and given the same powers only again threaten Annibale was removed and exiled. Those on the dark side would not be set back again. Only a pope can remove a person within the inner circle, but this will not happen as a black pope, a mason now sits on the seat of Peter (research it) and an Annibale assistant, Piero Marini has risen from the ranks and his darks days seem to be forgotten or suppressed now sits in power over the ecumenical council by design, check it. Change in the Catholic Church starts here if you choose to investigate. Sadly I will tell you unless you are a true servant of God any serious attempt will lead to death. This is for the brave. This is for those who would never waver, turn your back on God and you will be protected. If not, you will be fed to the lions.

   You have been told the Truth and now it is reality. Sacred servants do you have plans? Do you have a place to rest your head when apostasy reigns in your Church? Have you hid the sacraments, especially the Eucharist in order to lead your flock when you are underground? If not, you have little time to prepare, and again trust no one. There are only warriors in God’s army and Jesus is the Commander. You are either with us or against us.

   Look back sacred servants as John Paul I was given the 3rd letter of Fatima and instead of returning it, as his two predecessors did (cowards), he decided that he as Pope would follow the request of Mary, such courage and reveal to the world what has happened within the Vatican already enacted changes during the second Vatican council. He was removed from earth in a matter of a month.

   Events after the Blood Moon, Passover 2014 will usher in change to where all will sense the chastisements have befallen the earth in your ecological, political and religious systems as all events merge to seem as one. There will be many false prophets (Learned men with credentials and what seems like as a group that agrees to all they say as spokesman is in place.) They will answer your questions and you are expected to accept all spoon fed to you in science, politics and religion, beware. They take orders from one.

   Know this; the Catholic Church as it stands presently is the body of Christ and will stay that way until changes are made removing Jesus Himself and that will rot to the core. Ask, are these changes adhering to the Laws of God or accepting changes for men? No man can place himself or wants before God. This is a Commandment. No man is above God’s Laws, not even the pope as the Church is not authorized to change what Jesus established and has stood for over 2 thousand years. You may say the Church cannot err, as it is a representation of God. This is true, but you were also warned the Church would be led by the antichrist. None of you believe this.

   Mary and the saints will be dismissed as prayer and sin. You are asked again, who would want sin dismissed?  Who would want the human race to follow a path, where all that you were taught in the Holy Book is again dismissed as an “ecumenical council interprets a new doctrine to include all? Finally, the total insult will be to question the divinity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and will this will be realized as the prophecies unfold. No man, priest, bishop or pope has the right to change or amend the Word of God. No one who resides on earth or one or group has an answer unless sanctioned by God and you will know them by their fruits and suppression.  Know this; the establishment is lying to you and all are connected on both sides as their goal is secure your soul to the dark one.

   Look at world events, the common man loses while governments seem to stand by. They will tell you there is crazy talk out there on the internet, but judge by its fruits like their words. You suspect outsiders stir trouble with promises to provoke an attack away from where the news is concentrating. You were told do not believe your lying eyes again when war threatens your family, but freely give up your free rights in order to survive. Just how many sources do you have to hear it from before it is too late? These wars are all connected and will lead to the Great One. Millions will die and you will trade survival for a new order, control where fear is removed by opposing forces agreeing to work together (preplanned) where all are under the New World Order.

   This is your future, unless you choose another path. When you cross over and are told the Truth, you cannot be helped. It is your free will that will save your sorry asses while only on earth, if you excise some caution.  Ask questions, but do not raise concerns. When you know the Truth, run. God will guide you, as to who to help. Emotions will get you killed.


 PS: Control is power and rewarding those who fought or died in the cause. This is a perk as all in know are watching. It is no mistake that John XXIII is up with John Paul II yet does not have the full credits in the eyes of the Church. Why is this, Black Mason pope Francis? Explain the short fall instead of using the masses as a reason, but again no one will question you motives until now. You say you are not a front but certain people know you are protected from all by the dark one. A warning, politicians no matter how weak you seem to think the process is, do not be caught on your knees in fear. This army does not lose. This army takes no prisoners if you deny God. No matter how you were viewed in the past, your present actions count. You know who I am talking too. Please deny these words and show your weakness in front of who believe in God. You're weak, so continue to hide antichrist and false prophet. Show yourself with pride. I speak to all your followers if all powerful why does your master hide? Know this elite: I will be there when MARY steps on and crushes the head of your master. To the Faithful, pray for all that are deceived for they were fooled, but you do not waste your prayers on the false prophet and the antichrist. They cannot be saved.


Update Apr 16


   Sacred servants know your enemy for the façade is layered in soft words of love, help for the poor while soon dismantling the Word in the name of not offending others. Deception is to allow all that see your plans when enacted as their best hope. It is where you choose to accept a new doctrine that changes, but you see it as for the good of mankind. How many times is the human race going to fail the same test presented a new way?

   So now you offend God in order to protect the self made rights of humans? You are putting man before God and breaking a Commandment of the Almighty. Sacred servants your words of concern will fall upon deaf ears as the world media will promote the agenda of the Vatican presented in small steps to remain within tolerance of change, but will swiftly occur as time is short. Know this; the tentacles that connect to “the one”, reach deep, far and wide. When you evaluate the new changes, look to see, if there is fruit produced from the changes. This is your guide.

   The enemy needs no title, but all must know it is real. The enemy needs no force, for what the world sees is the coming together of those who don’t believe at the expense of the Laws of our faith. No matter how well you are briefed, this all must play out. Nothing will change, as it is written, but your prayers will save the many who will be fooled. It is where the few, now becomes the many in order to turn the tide after the Warning.

   It is you that needs to be there when all seems lost. It is you that will represent hope among a world filled with despair. It is you that will administer the Holy Eucharist when this sacrament is forced underground. You will be the light that Christ wants to shine in a world when darkness falls. Never fear speaking the Truth for it is the Word of God.

   It is He that gave you life. It is His Word you will protect. Without Him, you have no life. Never be ashamed to stand up in the name of your Savior Jesus who died for us on Good Friday. Let us bow our heads in respect and remember this great sacrifice, where God lowered Himself to become man and be crucified, which freed us from sin.


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