Coveting Anotherís Home or Martial Partner

The Book of Truth



Written Sept 6


   On the grand scale coveting a manís home has been used as an excuse to kill millions. Where the phrase ďsavagesĒ was chosen to justify actions taken against that what was seen as less than human knowing that greed was the drive. Many on earth legitimize the raping of resources of underdeveloped countries under the guise of civilizing. They have stolen gold and diamonds to start, slaughtered millions of the men and the elderly, enslaved the children, and raped anything that resembled a woman. This was civilizing the world and those that were raped came down with sexual diseases acquired by the vile acts of men with animals in Europe eliminated civilizations as they died out. Proof, ask the Hawaiians from the forbidden island.

    Coveting lands that did not belong to a country were named colonies as all resources were stolen in the name of the king. This is still going on in South Africa where behind closed doors political freedom was given, but the resources through secret agreements were kept by the empire. When the natives do not comply with corporate and manís rules some are killed as an example for greed as just happen in that country when executives from headquarters made a choice. These are Godís children not your financial slaves to exploit the wealth of a land that is not yours, but the empire does not see it this way.

    When America was being invaded, not discovered as people already lived there, the gift of blankets for warmth were given out as a gesture of peace and assistance as boat loads of Europeans arrived. The native Indians trusted this as true help in a time of need, but these were same blankets keep warm those that died of diseases in Europe in turn tribes disappeared in what seem over night as they died from infections. The acts of charity on the surface backed by a smiling face, leading the act of murder as events play out behind the veil of deceit.

   Wars erupted as kings wanted anotherís land or resources. Men were sent to their death in the name of country, but it was greed as another coveted what was not theirs. This continues to go on today in the Middle East and many other places on earth. Coveting another home has lead to many sins and whole civilizations have disappeared in the name of the empire. This is what need to change, the view of how and why wars are started, then after you arrive at the truth never allow a government or cause to blind you to an injustice disguised as freedom.


Coveting Another


   It is this sin that applies to the common man and woman as you may covet that which belongs to your neighbor. In turn, leading to seduction, all to gain another that is not yours. But you will make that choice as many of you believe; all is fair in love and war. It is not. As someone in most cases has a great advantage and war is declared in many cases for greed or power. Is destroying a marriage in the name of a forbidden love right? In a war, is the slaughter of civilians justified in battle as the intent of the leaders who caused this is hidden?

    Theses are the sins of coveting anotherís home and they cascade to others, most important are just wrong and against the will of the Creator, Father.

   Letís look closer at coveting anotherís martial partner. This is where a man or woman thinks that all that goes wrong in their life would be corrected by the right love.  She or he understands my needs. Searching, you find it, but they are married and you wish you can have her or him.

   This initiates emotions of love for the person, hate builds for the spouse that has you as the forbidden couple harboring anger that your life has not changed. This is the danger with coveting another as the partner is seen as a block to your happiness. You see the glamour, the glitz, and when you achieve your goal, there is a devastated wife or husband, children that are now a broken family, despair, anger and hate builds were there was none with the children. In some cases this ends in violence or death all as a result of coveting another that is not yours as you had the choice to seek others who are free if had looked, but you choose the easy path. The temptation was presented to you by the dark one in all of its forbidden glory.

   All need to look beyond that which has been validated in your eyes as now being accepted by man, but it is the laws of God, the Almighty that has not changed since they were presented to you during the time Moses. He needs you to return to His Holy Word, where you need to respect why Jesus died for your sins for there are almost infinite. You need to change as He still suffers to the day. This is the word of God.


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I want to thank the voice of the Holy Spirit without it; this paper would have not been written.