The Cries of the People

The Book of Truth



Written March 27


   All of you who have fooled the world with your diplomacy talk of peace yet your war machine drains resources from your economy that supports your nation. Wars preplanned to enrich corporations related to the military, but more important industries designed to help the poor on the surface, extract government money providing only band aid solutions. What is designed you do not see. All know the military drains the life of this nation, but engineered wars maintain a need. Watch as hot spots explode in the pages of your news print and media. Confused on where to concentrate as peace talks and staged withdrawals point away from the targeted theater. A word of caution to this government on cocky talk related to Russia.

   You have been told they have unlimited money stolen by the Fed over almost a century and manufacturing capacity through the Chinese. You were told the SALT treaties, was a farce, as nuclear weapons suppose to be destroyed, were hidden in satellite countries. The world will be shocked as the foretold army of 200 million shall rise with all the high tech equipment our corporations provided to this nation. Do you not think the hidden proxy owner Rothschild of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, GE, Ford, AT&T, Boeing and others over the last 60 years did not take the best away? You assume the 100 year lead in technology the US Black Projects possess, will even the playing field of the masses you see today. What you see is an illusion. Do not make the same mistake you made with the Nazis as you hired and protected all of their scientists, no matter what their weapons destroyed in order to catch up and then advance in the space race.

   Yes, on paper that is true if you have the best technology, but you donít. Rothschild does, but he and his money has been compromised. This is why you where given tech insight to anti gravity to a point. You will not be allowed to move past our Moon with this technology even though you can go to Mars with your secret technology and will promote this shortly in the media. Test this, and your only result will be a set of astronaut corpses and human volunteers for every attempt for you will never explore the stars. Work fast and segregate the scientist from corporations and family to prevent leaks for you have less time than you had to develop the atomic bomb.

   By the way, they laughed in the Kremlin and Beijing at your statement for they have a plan, which you do not see yet, but suspect in the darkest recesses of your mind. Heed this warning.

   The government entitlement programs to lift the poor needed desperately are riddled with fraud. Little services provided although profit margins beyond the norm as sweetheart deals steer government contracts. If these firms are not part of the inner circle they are exposed as examples of waste as we have seen with Acorn. Now you say, they should not have been exposed? The answer is yes, they should just as the elite firms who did the same thing, but are well connected so they get a pass.

   The elite wins both ways as the media divides the people polarizing between the haves who want to see this nation move forward while exploiting the funds over seeing the poor. The poor are given what seems a lift, but is nothing more than a shallow source of funds to those given the task to educate. The true burden of lifting oneself out of poverty is not a free source of funds, but in some cases is needed, but its starts with a strong family backbone of support. This is what changes lives and add a good church, this only helps. This is why you work long hours to see your child achieve more than you. This why you help with their homework as you will learn also.

   Ask yourselves why has there been little movement in any oppressed group over the last 50 years?  Diets controlled by fast food restaurants, food stamps with little restriction on nutrition and more important fraud. Indulgences exploited to maximize profits with little oversight. Just how many times does a food stamp card go to buy soda, candy, or chips?  Guess what, you donít care!

   Diseases introduced like Aids to create a need. All of you have heard the rumors, which none you believe in a civilized world, but it is the Truth. How would the world react to know you the elite introduce it to the human population to cull first, and then primarily provide a source of profit through drugs that prolonged life if even by months instead of death? But you the elite have nothing to fear as you have killed all credible souls that would talk, fear the Almighty. It is His children that you kill in the name of the dark one.

   As you wage war due to arrogance and pride among the weak you will be allowed to succeed to initiate the Great War and slay millions of innocent souls as you cannot have them. It is the fear you hope others who live past this will succumb too the will of the New World Order. When many are face with a choice while in power know this will be your final choice as many will fall. By the power of the Almighty if we can turn one; this is one less soul the dark one will receive. This is the goal. This is how the elite will take advantage of the power. This is how the cries of the people will call out and billions will be saved. This is the covenant of God as He will save His children when all seems lost.

   The plan in place seems normal as life goes on. The chastisements are sent to awaken mankind. The problem is that none of you will make life changing plans no matter the earthquakes, unusual events if explained by the media. The media is in some aspects a drug to your mind. Storms rage affecting 100 million people, but you do not see. Wars rage in a surprising aspect and those who do not know the Truth comment affecting your opinion. Do not let men of science fool you as if they are now experts for what you see. Where were they years ago? Hiding and waiting for the earth changes to take form. Now they have the answers on how the universe works, yet all their theories up to today will have to rewritten. This is your downfall as the voices of the Truth are buried almost completely.

   There will be small steps to tighten the noose around civilization all because you refuse to believe the most sinister power on earth has been released from hell to recruit. Some of you laugh but you spend thousands to know your fortune or future. You heed the words of false mystics. You believe in ghosts and exactly where do you think some of them come from? People die and come back and tell they donít want to come back and you dismiss heaven. There is much beyond your senses mankind does not understand. Finally, you have been told when human rights are put in front of the Laws of God you know change is here.

   Look at the sacrament of Marriage now rewritten by man to include same sex. Manís law now super cedes Godís Law in the name of human rights. With free will you can live with or love anyone of age this is your choice, but you do spit in the face of God and ask Him to bless an unholy union on a Christian alter. Humans have no rights, they have the Laws of God and this never changes, like the Truth.

   It is your job to loyal to Jesus. Sacred servants if you do not believe in sin, heaven and hell then how do you think the flock will believe? It is your job to prepare for the persecution delivered by those you love. There are no cowards in the Remnant Army; none. Many will call out in fear as they have no leader. Become that beacon for Christ. Become His disciple for His love and mercy for you will be endless when almost all seem to lose hope. You need to talk to Him. You need to pray to Him. You need Him as a friend.


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