The Cult

The Book of Truth



Written April 30


   As many ignore the warning signs, they will fall into denial, worse yet; many in government and media shall see it as their duty to point towards mankind in the right direction with might be their flawed insight. You in the media have been honed in your skills, thoughts and beliefs by those who have been successful before and inspired you. These are your idols, but you see them as leaders as they reveal only a partial Truth. Yes you have added a new edge as this is one the many reasons you are successful. Injustices only get revealed in time as the level of deceit is lifted for the good of the world. Do you really feel you are lifting the veil of deceit from the world? How easily you are fooled?

   Many of you point to the cults predicting the End Times as an excuse not to look seriously into these changing times. As if the media and governments will tell the Truth and not protect the interests of the elite who want no disruption in the status quo, the End Times would bring. This influence upon those groups considered “cults” was not of our Lord, but of the dark one. How could you not see this? Many wives, as this is adultery. Claiming you are God’s chosen to deceive others, where is humility? The thought of murder under the guise of suicide or coming to the Lord is used to discredit the Truth. You act like that which is dark would not use that which is devious to be presented as an action as that of the Lord to separate you from the Truth. You quote that people are so crazy with a belief that they would die for it. These are the weak souls captured by dark one because of their love of the Lord, in many cases and others mostly leaders, just exploit pure lust, power and pride. This is the Truth.

   As the End Times move forward it will be your job to paint the Christians that do not conform to the new world religion as a cult. You are being told in advance as this is a ruse, as it was written. All of you who participate will face the wrath of God. When the earth changes sweeps your family away and you will witness in disbelief, you shall know your disgrace to the human race. At this point, I would seek forgiveness for your sins and if wise, confess for those lost due to your words.

   The plan of the End Times is to present that which has been written as false, but now be accepted in the name of upholding basic human rights. This is the goal. When you accept this by your free will, you shall be offered to accept, he is the one that walks the earth as Christ as his life tries to mimic the gospel of the New Testament. Upon this, you will know you have been marked with the sign of the beast when this man on earth is seen as the Messiah. This is one cult few of you will leave as Christ will not walk this earth again in the flesh before He comes from the clouds; the others are just diversions with deadly results.

   We all know there are cults with subversive agendas. Do not assume the effort to save the earth is the same. Where, you will be asked to offer your prayers instead of money. Where you are asked to respect others and their decisions, but not break the Laws of God. Where are being told man does not change that which is God for human rights as if you with your prejudices and self wants are doing these changes to bring you closer to God. There are cults and then there is, those whom respects the Laws of God, but more important love Jesus, learn the difference.


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