Current Events in Libya 2011


Updated Aug. 22 2011

   A Senator has proposed, that in order to save lives in Libya,  he stated, "the US Army is capable of giving the opposition the capacity to use anti-aircraft defenses themselves". Now this senator is and has been fully briefed on the state of Middle East affairs by the US Government and MOSSAD. On the basis, this easier than putting together a no fly zone backed by an international coalition as some Republicans asked for, above Libyan air space. But this party forgets who is going to pay for this. In smoke filled rooms all major Republicans have discussed the issue. Oh, lets consider, for the price of freedom, the middle class will gladly pay, if we spin it right. Although it will be a great windfall profit for the military complex and security consultant firms like Halliburton. We win with our lobbyists and ensure further funding as the decision was the public's. Nervous, they considered an alternative. What is behind the senator's statement and what insight can the average person gain by examining these words?

   This is a step forward for this senator, as he considered the lives of people in Libya seeking freedom in need of help instead of writing them off as potential terrorists. He is well aware that these same people could turn like the once US backed Taliban, but sources in Israeli intelligence assess no significant threat. They see as this is about the people joining the free world and contributing their flavor to the world. Counter to promoting turmoil to grab land, they realize they may lose all land in the near future due to Earth changes. Remember it is a change in the soul that counts, not actions as a facade. There is time.

   What America has seen is that oil companies and corporations have agreements with these same regimes, which allow little funds to trickle to the population. The elite would rather kill their citizens than give up the corporate flow of money. This is the practice that forces those that have nothing to go to the extreme. Desperation does not make it right. As you don't harm the innocent lives of the countries to affect those who inflict the injustices to your people. You are wasting your time, as they who are in control, do not care how many die even if its their own country man or woman as long as it is someone else. It is about the acquisition of money or gold. It is only now, that the population of these oppressed countries see their elite as the arms of corporations taking resources at low price due to bribes given the their country's elite. This is change.

   Now the problem, right winged media may paint a different picture of fear in America. For the senator, you were carefully chosen for this, as you are expendable, since you chose to retire. Aligned with the Republicans behind closed doors, judge those you have trusted by their words and what they allow to be spoken in the media. The spokesmen & women are well paid, and specifically given direction. You will soon know if what you thought was solid ground, crumbles. This is your choice. This is your decision. Make it.

   Consider: Not one of the elected officials has dared shut down or curve speculation in oil market futures and spot prices. Where is it that when freedom rings the public pays at the gas pump when the overall supply is not at risk? Although it allows traders for the oil companies to pad their profits under uncertainty. This is no shortage of supply when others can make up the temporary loss. But no Republican or Democrat dares to stop this. Again where are the true leaders?

Updated Mar. 19 2011

    Now that international pressure finally was brought against Gadhafi, did the Obama Administration act with indecision? It was his advisors that delayed a response to help the civilians in order to get international approval that France and others wanted from the beginning. Should we have acted alone? The quick decision for political points, which creates underlying currents of hate that seed future acts of terrorism is the sign of the immature leader in some cases. This is one, as other factors were intertwined in this decision. The elites based in a particular country slowed the process with pressure and the Republicans and certain Democrats were briefed on the strategy. Allow the rebellion to be contained, then help and old oil alliances can be maintained. The delay will be seen as indecision among the various world leaders as they finally comes to together as one. This was the agenda. When the rebels were contained to their stronghold, the vote came to help in the UN. In the eyes of the world, a much needed help was given to the rebels and then applauded, behind the scenes, control of revolts sweeping Africa and the Middle East lose momentum. The overall set of events was allowed to transpire, thus exposing the true agenda of the elite and certain governments to key politicians, all is not what it seems.

   The elite wanted only a no fly zone, knowing the ground assaults would decimate the will of the people. Obama saw this as an opportunity to assault the ground forces without committing America to another war. He won this round.

Updated Mar. 21 2011

   With the UN intervention of Libyan affairs confusion abounds with US foreign policy and the Obama Administration. For the record, if the Republican Party had won, both McCain and Palin have gone on record and stated we should acted alone weeks ago, slamming Obama. Yet key members of the Republican leadership Boehner and a key US Senator state they have not been informed on the mission. Go ask McCain, he seems to know enough to make a decision. This difference in Libya is oil money. Egypt is was about freedom, but these civilians are not crucial. Black ops land at night, rebel leader sniper hits, delays in international help, politicians state impeachment for declaring war without congressional approval, which has been done over 125 times in the past, but now it is different. The international community is protecting freedom, but the problem, this may jeopardize oil contracts and wealth. This is what is going on in Libya and for some of those waffling, we should not be in there, they are bought and paid for. Information is being held tight, as there will be no leak warning Gadhafi as happened in the past of what is coming.

Updated Mar. 26 2011

   Much has been made about US politics in the media about the current waffling of the Obama Administration, but few understand the underlying currents and agendas of all in the world of global politics. There was a firm stance that Gadhafi from Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, he had to go, but their stance soften. There was confusion on why a decision to act backed by maverick Republicans and the lack of action was delayed? So what was going on? A Western ally had specific corporate interests with Gadhafi and his oil and through the Republicans pressure was put on Obama to maintain status quo. At first this nation sent in their best to turn the situation in Gadhafi's favor through covert action as if it was the will of the people, but some were captured and expelled. Others that avoided detection were able to advise him on the best course of action, on how to keep a low profile in western media as to abuses, but then crush the rebellion as this was in everybody's best interest. Obama's advisors compromised, backed a delay against his wishes as the wise course of action to take. All in order to suppress the movement through inaction behind the scenes, the goal to be seen in the media as all parties coming together over time, the bait and switch. If one wants to control lives and a situation, does not a delay in action due to consultation jeopardize all at risk? Do you ponder when your child is at risk or act? No. The sniper hit on the rebel leader was carried out by foreign entities to preserve oil contracts, and Gadhafi was glad to assume responsibility. This is how it works.

   The Republicans are well are of who is pulling the strings in Libya for oil and Obama is pissed that his hands are tied by government protocol of his advisors. This exploitation of the media by Fox news playing both sides and presenting those with no control as the villain will end now. A change is coming.

 Updated Jun. 28 2011

   Libya has been a quagmire for the US Congress, not that this conflict is any different from the many in past, but its intent is. Gadhafi has always been associated with terrorists and their is now an insurgency trying to topple this oppressive regime. The rebels were being slaughtered and raped as cell phones from captured troops have revealed. This is just the tip of the abuses, so why has the House of Representatives voted to remove the US from this conflict under the war powers act?

   There are many complex issues here so lets focus on the most important. Libya leader is known to be an enemy of the West, case in point Lockerbie. He provides an excuse to increase military spending complex, but at the same time signed lucrative oil contracts with the UK. For the elite this is a win, win situation. As fear is provided to maintain military spending and a source of revenue is provided by exploiting the resources of the country by bribes.

   Under no condition can the rebels be allowed to win when an oil resource of billions is at stake. As they have learned their lesson in Egypt in which the rebels won, but did not accept the IMF monetary proposal, with good reason. The choice would financially enslaved another country in debt that could never be repaid.

   There is talk about who are the rebels? If you are so interested ask them on National TV. Do not be fooled by the vote in the US House as it sends a statement. There are billions of dollars in oil contracts signed for decades. A change in the Libyan government would mean a renegotiation of the terms for oil drilling that would favor the people. Bribes will not work so there is fear. The choice of those vote to shut down funds is by standing as one, with those on the inside knowing the real truth. In essence, the members of House are not being told the complete picture, that paints for profits in oil.

   If there is an injustice in the Arab world and this country manages to minimize abuses without troops and a massive commitment in the name of freedom, judge it on its merits. If your family and neighbors were under siege would you want a country like the United States that stands for freedom, justice and trust in God to look the other way? For those voted to look the other way send them a message, change, its not always about the oil, people count too or find another job.

Updated Aug. 22 2011

   As the Arab spring continues to the horror of the elite, what are the concerns of the rebels and Gadhafi. The assault caught Gadhafi and his family by surprise, especially the "European" specials forces advising him in secret. All of the family including Gadhafi were trapped in Tripoli as their arrogance thought they could never be over run without all being able to escape. As with all tyrants, leaving was only a last resort. Gadhafi when advised at the onset was hiding in one of his secure bunkers, could he still be there? I will not answer that, but if he was in another country, he would have broadcasted from there with identifying backgrounds showing with his usual rant stating, he was safe and there is hope for those still fighting for him. This has not occurred as he is presently cowering in fear of capture. So weak when there is little backing.

   For the rebels, they just want to join free society without the "labels" of the West elite. Behind the scenes, this will be aggressively blocked by those with oil interests and established contracts with the old regime. It is all about the money. They will try and paint those now in control as a risk to the world backed by some in the media, especially by Fox news.

   Should the old contracts be renegotiated, yes, as the greed and bribes provided only for the elite in Libya without consideration of the people. Although, some oil should be traded on spot futures markets for delivery creating the highest return for the people, all with a temporary short term outlook towards the resources are dependent upon the Earth changes. The focus in Libya is to be self reliant of food and water by expanding hydroponics and temporary shelters. Stay away from the international banks and foreign consultants, this is your future, for you to control for the good of humanity. You have little in the way of time.

   As for the region, Assad is watching in fear while projecting a facade, I run this country to the world as if we really believe your words, demanding no interference from the West and any challenge from the people will be crushed during the hollow promise of reform. None of his plans will go as projected. For him the tick, tick, tick of his time is getting louder and more important passing. Assad, why don't you just cut your losses, loot the country of its wealth like all tyrants do, and run & hide in exile in a friendly country with whose influence you can buy.

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