Current Events April 18 2011


Written April 13 - 18 2011

Revised May 31 2011


Now a Comment: 

  There comes a time, where as a nation must define the essence of its people. Beyond the call of duty, beyond the faith in God, where we change as a nation to gel as one. For so long, as great as this nation is, our of progress has been blocked by a veil. It has allowed us to believe that some of those we have elected, support what seems to be in our best interest as their words get twisted. You can preach abortion and same sex rights, and this politician platform will not be supported for any reason, but some of these same politicians have affairs and sometimes bearing children when their side action gets pregnant. Their choice is a quiet abortion usually outside of the US as to not cause a scandal. Have they not been caught soliciting gay sex in public bathrooms?

   It is time for America to wake up out of their slumber and judge those you chose lead by their actions instead of their shallow words. Were you not warned that the wolf will be in sheep's clothing during the End Times? This is a direct message to the Bible belt. Just because a candidate states the views of a Christian, it does not mean they are the best choice. Many Republicans and some Democrats have mistresses and other partners hidden from view. Your Bible states help the poor, but they help the rich. Your Bible states a moral and a truthful character, yet they lied about the war only to gain the monetary values of the Middle East oil in the name of freedom and it continues in Libya today. How much money was wasted. How many lives lost. What about the over a million Iraqis that died as collateral damage, but hidden from the public under national security, can your faith bring them back? Do you really expect the truth when the goal is to steal oil?

   It is time to move from denial, that a politician would lie to get ahead, but for you to take a hard look their actions towards our nation. You have been told to cut taxes, a sure source of revenue for job creation. Now the wise decision is to take the sure revenue as oppose to a promise of jobs. In business the goal is to lower your costs and they have done that by writing off the American worker to the cheaper labor resources overseas. This is what is behind union busting.  You need to realize China did not build those American plants overseas, US Corporations did. They only provided the cheap labor, which affected the bottom line and the eventual stock price. Giving out stock options as a part of executive compensation fuels these decisions. The ruthless in business make promises to gain favors or a better position and only keep them when there is a profit to be realized. Did you really expect a level playing field for the American worker? The rich are using your tax dollars to speculate in the commodities markets and getting in the ground floor of promising emerging companies with venture capital. This is what drives the prices at the pump and grocery store and this needs to change.

  Why would you invest in a structure of unionized workers, their pensions, their healthcare when competing in the global market place. It is about the dollar or some other currency. It is about accumulation of wealth by transferring the funds of the workers through the manipulation of the stock and housing markets. It is about a new world order, as borders of countries for the elite are transparent, but maintained only to fool the workers in each country as to take advantage of the lowest cost.

   To change this country, we need to change our attitude, by observing the actions of those that are suppose to serve you, in the form of government instead of the media spin. Look beyond the mere words, carefully scripted to promote the agenda of a candidate. The first step you must take, is admit you have been fooled. But then take a look at politics and its spin from a different, but more true angle. It not about a quick change, but a steady one. Look beyond the surface to the many layers below to see why?

   I watched all that were inflamed by the union stripping. All saw the injustices as another segment of America that was under siege. But your true feelings was expressed by your votes. All of you think it will not happen to you, but that is why the Mississippi Valley will be America's main disaster. All of you that put yourselves above all others, shall be looking for help. Will help come when all in your region are affected? For most, the source of help will be unconventional and many will pass. Let's make this clear, because of their choice, due to who the rescuers are, beneath them, many will pass.

   Are we going to rise as a nation above our petty differences or continue to fall prey to the illusion that divides us all by the few at the top. In America, the elite have made a choice for you. Where only best from the middle class and poor get the best educational resources, but old wealth assures, that the inept pass through the best schools and most of these same people are your present leaders. God Help us. No really, we need God to help us and He will. All of you who have watched from the sidelines looking to make a difference our time is now. I need you to stand up for America, your neighbor, but more important yourself. Start the change within yourself, vote for a person that will help humanity. Block out the media. Use word of mouth and with this, change shall come.


   As the battle behind the scenes intensifies, what can you expect from the elite. Many countries are now increasing their diplomatic corps with the privileged in order to by-pass the strict immigration laws that will be in place during the disasters in the U.S., which are now escalating. Politicians are still in denial as if they will be able to explain their actions to this nation when all is known. As this is the strategy of Huckabee  and the Republican elite. They know in confusion the front runner will be sacrificed, although those just underneath will be sought as leaders, because they are seasoned and provide what seem stability and a continuity of leadership towards the future. The problem, the current field will be seen as weak and pathetic and only concerned with self and their families as they crumble to fear babbling incoherently with meaningless words of action.

   It is their policy that allowed American Corporations and their investments to build plants in China with the incentive of cheap labor by choice. China did not take our jobs, they were handed to them with profit in mind by Americans who control corporations. They did not care about our country as they shipped your job over seas and you want them to have tax breaks.  Are we that much of a fool to believe that if you give almost a trillion of your tax dollars, this will translate to where American corporations have to hire the American worker with no guarantees? This is what Republicans promise America.

   The current push is covertly towards the New World Order, which has no borders. The start up capital was the tax cuts you gave them. Where is your return on investment? As a businessman if you can outsource labor and benefits to a fraction of the cost of the American worker, it is market share that counts. Once achieved, any control or regulation can be bought. Offer the promise, but never deliver. This is goal. So who is listening?

   Deep water oil drilling permits are being given out knowing the Gulf of Mexico as a geological plate that comprises the seafloor is unstable, but their spin, it might not be so bad. If so the American people will pay to clean it up again. When the finger of blame points, they allocate funds and the spotlight shows corporate responsibility. A positive media blitz to make it all go away, but you the tax payer in the end, pay as they write off every dime spent.

   America needs to wake up, most men in business are ruthless and it is all about the money. It is about minimizing risk of the elite's monetary investment  and they are using the Republican party and their tax cuts to insure this with a token promise of jobs. If there is a market, competition would create new players, but through collusion by those at the top, connected established businesses would crush the entry level competitors. It only takes a call to the person in control of bank financing of a competitor to end the challenge. It about a unified front and the diversion that they are needed to create jobs, so they wait until a profit is guaranteed.

   While everyone is watching the budget, the American public is getting its pocket picked by the oil speculators. The average price of gasoline has moved from 3.10 on 2/6 to 3.80 4/6 in 2011 reaching over 4 dollars per gallon in mid May. Did the predicted pullbacks of 50 to 25 cents occur? No, greed with the wholesalers allowed only a modest pullback.Yet Libya does not supply the US and it contributes approximately 2 % of the world's supply. Are the rigs shut down completely, no. Did not the Saudis agree to make up the loss, yes. So the Republican preach fiscal responsibility, but let their oil friends in the US take huge profits on oil as the price per barrel for them is fixed by multi year contracts. It is primarily the spot market that is affected by speculation and it is this that prices at the pump are based on and not supply.

   America needs to know a plan was in place decades ago knowing the disasters that are now here were known, yet their science could not pin point the exact timing. A false flag event was needed to gel America and beat the war drums, any opposed seen as unpatriotic when the time was right. Remember those that died at the hands of the enemy. All know the US has the best air defense and sees all traffic. All know the Bush Administration issued a stand down order in the Northeast air corridors, which was ignored by patriots and Flight 93. Photos of the beams at 911 show triangular cuts in on iron support beams still standing at the base of the World Trade wreckage. World Trade  tower 7 fell for no reason, so how? It was not hit or had fire damage, plus was behind the direction of impact. Check the normal attendance of employees the bond and brokerage firms in the World Trade that day. You will fined a disproportionate number of a certain group is missing in the numbers of dead, when they were dominant within the firm. Trace the borrowing of airline stocks to short sales days before the event. Then you will realize all is not what it seems and this is the party you want to lead America!

  You as an American trust what you hear, why? Removal of government oversight allowed the bankers to steal almost half of your pensions and retirement stock accounts as they had the greatest transfer of wealth in the last market down turn and this is a fact. They were in charge of the Mortgage markets and little oversight with self governing protected the bankers as almost none went to jail. How could they, when the policed themselves. Your response, vote more in that allowed this to happen and give them a free ride on taxes.

   Lately those controlling the Federal Reserve are seeing events get out of hand. We cannot have the US default on the debt owed to the Fed. This is what is crushing the economy. You can thank Wilson for selling out America by allowing a private bank (the Fed) to print our currency and then charge our government interest and pay for it through his passage of federal income tax. The middleman (billionaires and some millionaires) are scrambling to increase their shares at any cost. All know what is coming and are trying to maximize profits and position. So the puppet master has stepped in, first by sending Greenspan to float the idea of repealing the Bush tax cuts and then the warning from Standard and Poors. Too little, too late as this is a jester to delay instead of change. So when are you as a consumer going to wake up?

   Enough of the lecture, now I will tell you what will not happen on my watch. You will not subject Americans to the same fate that occurred in Japan. Events that will impact the people in South East Asia, Australia and Indonesia are now within days to weeks. Just when the Republican leadership considers reason on the budget compromise, they quickly go astray as they conference with special interests. How quickly fear replaces false hope.

   So you want the play the game of tax cuts again, where the rich investing in America is done through speculation. You as an American have been conditioned, that the wise investor is in for the long haul and by investing during advances and declines, the average cost of acquisition is more prudent than timing the market. Thus, this investment approach builds a portfolio with a solid foundation. Yet the rich chip away by slicing profits by short term trading and short sales on subtle trends identified by their sophisticated trading programs. Is this investment strategy of the hedge funds and wealthy adding to the overall wealth of America? No it the same as a leech. Feeds itself, but offers no real value to others.

   New rules, increase the auditing dept of the IRS ten fold, this will be best investment and tax cheats, both rich and poor will add tens to hundreds of billions of dollars in tax receipts. Play that theme to the media, you can't lose. Watch the fear in the other party as they will not be able to spin this one. Increase the fraud dept. by 250% to start in Medicare, promote the best, fire the losers. This is about saving taxpayer receipts, not a cozy job to retire with. End commodity speculation by heavy taxes on gains and losses only to be transferred to the same contract. Here we will allow corporation and farmers to protection themselves from swings, but muzzle those looking to profit on the first disaster. Windfall tax on oil and gas companies that invoke wavering price swings on consumers due to current events when their price per barrel is fixed over decades. Stop rewarding investment for new oil and gas fields when the corporation caps the find until the right market price is hit. Then suddenly supply meets the need at the right price. Finally, America and the UK need to stop in Libya, the agenda behind the scenes, a year from now their will be nothing but losses in that resource market. This would be a good short term start.

   Now nuclear spent fuel ponds, I know help is needed as most fuel rods are too dangerous to transport to a safe burial site. Here you will get help outside of the public eye, a few sites at first to make sure you have a true agenda to clean up. You will find that some ponds suddenly reached a radiation threshold where safe transport can be achieved. When it happens make that move. As each site pond is completed more opportunities will occur. This is up to you to act and help or withdrawal will be gauged by your actions. Warning, do not take credit as if you have a handle on the technology and it your ingenuity has everything under control only to again take advantage when decisions are needed to help all when profit is on the line. If you do, the problem will return worse and you will personally be affected as those you were sworn to protect.

   Precursor quakes will always give a warning and watch the pets. When in doubt lower the control rods to a point if an emergency happens shut down is assured or face what Japan is going through. Monetary losses may bankrupt the utility that takes chances, is that what you want instead of a small cut back in profits? This is about responsibility to the people of America and a government through oversight that is suppose to keep them safe. The public will know regulators were aware of the eventual rip and timeline along the New Madrid Fault line.

   This request is not optional, the US Government will put into place an Atlantic Tsunami warning system to be completed in 1 year as of you reading this. I don't care how you spin in the media (you have an island of concern in the Atlantic, use it) or where the money comes from, in fact take from the black projects, they need to give back. All communities over 100,000 and major metropolitan areas will have warning systems to all within 10 miles of the Eastern coastline. Other areas will depend on the emergency broadcast system. As you get confirmation with the South Atlantic tsunamis, run selected drills to eliminate bottlenecks. Gut FEMA and replace them with those who deliver, NYC Fire Dept Chiefs, here lies your best hope. Get them ready now and they are to be independent answering only to the President's cabinet.

   Remember the Earth Changes are here to correct an imbalance and expose those of deceit that mankind has freely embraced and allowed burdens to be placed upon the weak. Since mankind cannot correct this due to greed, influence and just being plain cowards others backed by the Almighty will as in the days of Noah and Moses. As those in control resist, it is you and your loved ones that will be hurt or worse when help does not come from that big government. In the end, you only have yourself and your vote to blame. All have been told prayers can lessen an event. Now many prayers have been offered, so who is going to answer the call. I have, will you?

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