Current Events May 5 2011


   Again events have unfolded that history has been changed, so where do the players sit? Boehner, first how can you as leader in the Republican party not commend the Seals? I remember when your party questioned the patriotism of a citizen or politician if they did not support the war in Iraq. Now with Bin Laden's death you are quiet, or have you been muzzled as damage control for 2012? If you expect Americans to follow your doctrine, then you need to have the spine to drop politics for the good of the nation. Last Sunday was for the good of the nation, but I guess you see things different. I told you that your decisions will be seen for intent and they have. Please tell America why you have not repealed tax breaks for oil companies with record profits and 4.00 gasoline. This is just the beginning. Make a choice Boehner or let some one else lead.

   Cantor, you knew to back off Medicare and made that decision and it was wise, so who pulled the strings to reverse your statement replacing it with a starting point? When the needs of American citizens are pushed aside for a financial gain, be careful on who the final scapegoat will be.

   Look there does not need to be a division, all you need to do is help those who voted for you. It is as simple as that, can you make that choice? You know where to start, commodities and reduce the spin. Do it now as the clock is ticking with the Earth changes or it will be done for you without a profit.

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