Current Events in Syria Feb. 2012


Written Feb. 9 2012

Update Feb. 15 2012

   As the Middle East heats up what is the present plan of NWO and what foundations were laid? Most dictators are under the hidden influence of the NWO order as all were provided assets to be cashed in. As dictators or leaders with what seems an iron clad hold on the country, like those in Tunisia, Gaddafi and Mubarak ruled their nations with an strong hand. Ripe to produce a uprising with the population as NWO have and are playing both sides with a plan. The key here if the dictators caused a war on their on populations, the world would seek reprisal and upon regime elimination, life would go on as normal. But a more sinister plan is at play.

   With elimination of three repressive Middle Eastern regimes in the countries by the people under the theme of the Arab Spring, the West saw hope. The media, primarily Fox as the spokesman for the elite (NWO), had an inside track. This is why they took the position don't trust them, information given on a direction or as most see an order, but outside of insight, a need to know. In earnest, the revolution was genuine due the many violations of civil rights of the citizens, but all that inspired revolt was infiltrated. The rapes were a clue. The goal is, that when freedom was given a chance atrocities were committed. The spin to the West does not differentiate those that cause dissention from those who want true change. In America some see welfare as loafers, those who do not want to work, Blacks and Latinos. This is true in some cases, but the majority just want a job that gives them a decent wage as most on government assistance are children. So Republicans just how will the children survive?  All of this is based hate, still left over from the slave days. America have you changed? Yes for the many, but many with power, money and the just harden see things different. Innocents like volunteers are held, all to infuriate the West, all planned. Iran who may produce a crude weapon, but cannot deliver it, is exploited in the media to create fear. This is not a real threat to the world, but an excuse to escalate. It does not make sense to try and deliver a soft blow that may not make it to a target at the expense of leveling your country for 10,000 years? In diplomacy it is about analyzing the threat and then offering an ultimatum. In this game the world plays, Iran has little power, it is you the people of earth that are being played.

   As the the Arab Spring turns to chaos, violence in Syria increases with the regime getting covert backing with its weapons, training, advisors and funding, the goal to crush almost all public opposition. Its leader, Assad has been promised a slow response from the West, influence carefully place in certain areas of governments by the elite bankers will dictate caution to be used in the UN with security council vetoes from Russia and China, added, this now the election year in the United States. Timing is everything and so is calling in a favor or the threat of blackmail of filmed sexual encounters with underage children. What the Syrian leader Assad does not know, he is an expendable pawn in the global plan for the Middle East. He is being told to maximize losses indiscrimately and when the tipping point is reach, a planned offer of a solution will be brokered to the UN and his people to preserve power. Where operations of the government affecting social issues is given up, but the financials are keep under the same control. This was the same peace that was brokered in South Africa.

   Those pushing for the Arab spring in their country, as it is now their turn, has been infiltrated for a purpose in the near future. An elite group of paid assassins is already in place to remove the Syrian leader in such a way, that the blame will shift from the rebels to the West, backed by the US and Mossad. They will play no part, although, the Mossad will envy the group that pulled the trigger. As the order to cease will never come to the Syrian leader, as he is being undermined by the same group backing him, he is suppose to fore fill the prophecy of another leader in the Middle East removed.

   What the Syrian leader and the people need to know, is that the dissidents interfering with the cause and the support for the leader, is getting its support from the many tentacles of NWO. They are playing both sides to point the finger of blame at Israel and the West for destabilizing the region with an alleged planned assassination. This event, if it occurs will build an aggressive rise in sentiment favoring the old regimes from the cold war just waiting for an opportunity, getting orders from the same source. This is the key for laying the foundation for a third world war to spark. Presently, the NWO is timing the elimination of the head of Syria. Will this take place, it is unknown. As this is in the hands of mankind now that you have been warned.

   So how do they lead the West to willingly pull the trigger? With the leader gone, the world will watch the rise of another Arab spring, which is infiltrated. So what was a country that has been liberated and democracy introduced, will turn violent and dark. All eyes will point to Iran with its leader boasting of control nuclear energy like a child with a new toy, which yields no power. To the West, never let another country that has little power move you to make a useless preemptive strike. They cannot deliver a nuclear threat. But a strike would be seen as reason to escalate tensions towards global war as this is the plan. It is not worth it, as no one wins. Yes you prevented Iran from developing a usable weapon and the world is toast, but you let North Korea go. Are they ready to destroy the world and they make Iran look like a bunch of den mothers? There many threats delivered in this world over time, many are paper  bag threats, some are to invoke change as requests that fall upon deaf ears and some if delivered are best to be responded to instead changing tactics, which are predicted to prevent an outcome. In Egypt a source of unrest undermines democracy and after a short stint, is replaced by inserted hard liners seeking the old ways as the ways of the West fail to bring peace. Like dominoes, other countries follow suit as planned. The world will be led down a path where they feel they need to take out a potential problem, not knowing the problem was planned and the response predicted.

   The plan is to embroil the Middle East in War to where it is a threat to the survival of the world. Leaders that may be sympathetic to the those behind pushing for one world government are hinting at an Israeli strike. The goal is to desensitize the people of the United States and present a case of need, no matter what the cost. The NWO is also behind those in the voice in the Kremlin and Beijing, their advice, retaliate for the injustices of the West even though intelligence states, there is another player outside of the West. It is out of despair, war, suffering and the collapse of financial systems, a plan already in motion, that a solution of peace will be presented to the world by the same group that created the problem. The people on earth are none the wiser.

   I am asking you in the media to question all moves made by governments that do not make sense. It is you that has a trained eye for what just does not seem right. It is you by the nature of your jobs to look out for the common man and justice. This is why you became a journalist. You are so brave to go into war for that story or picture. You are so brave to write a story if there is a Pulitzer prize for the effort. But will you stand up to protect the people of earth when most don't or want see to the danger? All of you know the goal of the elite is to remove most of the general population of earth, which they consider as useless eaters.

   To the West, as a responsible world leaders, you do not take out a limited potential threat with no delivery system only to turn the world into radioactive toast with billions dead as a response for an action that was not thought through. There is no reason that will back a decision to sacrifice all for the few, when it is about pride. Do you follow this same policy in your past wars? Now Israel does contain God's chosen and the United States is committed to protecting her. Israel, your nation was built by your human father, Abraham, what would he say about his descendants who are suppose to multiply like the stars and the path of your country? Sometimes we need to step back and see the big picture. The Almighty has said you are the chosen, but all on earth are His children and He wants all. Think.

   Moses freed your race from what you thought was impossible odds, the raft of the Egyptians. He also gave you set of Commandments inspired and written by the Almighty, God the Father. Do you remember thou shall not kill. All on earth was told not to judge, heed the warning. The Great Tribulation is almost upon us and you as God's chosen needs to step up the plate and put peace first, just a suggestion as all of you have free will.

   As all know the prophecies and if a peace cannot be brokered after the arrival of that, which is against Christ on 12/21 2012, the world may place all trust into his solution. What they do not know is that the solution engineered the cause. Again I stress, create the problem, then offer a solution to the gullible. Now I am asking the Almighty to open the eyes of all on earth to get pass the veil of wealth, power, pride of the individual. I am also warning the elite, my patience is thin on how you treat God's children. Yes, if you change with true remorse as to not repeat past mistakes, you are welcome. But, if not, the hand of the Almighty will strike your homes selectively outside of the public eye, and your families will know, you are the cause. It will not be about destruction of life for now, as the Almighty use all means to bring the lost back rather than have the dark one will claim you. It will be about you being put in a position where you see your errors in life against that which is God and with each new enlightenment with indifference, increased suffering, I hope you choose another path. This is effective immediately and the offer will expire when your soul solidifies a firm choice.


   The West and those in media seem confused as to a solution regarding Assad and the regime's war on its people. As no one wants to suggest another military action like Libya, which resulted in Gaddafi's death. You have seen the elimination of a general and others associated with the country's leadership, but no one within the inner military circles. This tactic has been used in the past as the finger of blame points to the rebels, but it was the regime that had the most to gain by the killings. Primarily, a reason to intensify the military response against all sympathetic to the rebels. The astute know, it is money, trade and arms deals that determines the ties with Russia and China. It is not the welfare of its people, that is important. As they are not aligned with the West or Israel. Although the West is seen on the surface as supporting those who suffer injustices, but for now are silent in action.

   The Almighty, God the Father has heard the cries of this nation, as all including those of Moslem faith are His children like the Christians and the Jews. God has watched the indifference in the world, the hate perpetrated against each other, as all men and woman  on earth are equal in His eyes. The Almighty will act shortly against those behind Assad and the NWO, since the warning has been ignored. It has been decided those that have harden in their allegiance to the dark one, some of you will be hit with a string events that will strip you and your families of wealth and shake the foundation of your beliefs to where you will know there is a God. Insurance may cover you in a disaster, but the lost of your wealth and then status, all will find you expendable. Remember there is still time to change as now you are being asked to make a choice with your free will and stand by it.

So I am calling on the Faithful once again to answer the call of Mary, Mother of Salvation with this prayer and for the dedicated, recite the Rosary.

O My Jesus I beg for mercy
For those afflicted by terrible wars
I plead for peace to be instilled in those tortured nations
Who are blind to the truth of your existence
Please cover these nations with the power of the Holy Spirit so that they
Will stop their pursuit of power over innocent souls
Have mercy on all your countries who are powerless against the evil atrocities which cover the whole world

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