Current Events in Syria June 2012



Written May 31


   As the world looks on, the move to push the world into a global conflict has never been stronger. The United States, has taken a temporary position of no boots on the ground or arming of the opposition. This has proven to be a wise choice.

   So now those control by the anti Christ, Assad, needs to complete his mission. The deception of peace is a façade or stalling. Terrorist have an agenda against colonialism western powers, not against there own women and children and certainly not Assad, one of their own. Only a fool would believe that or consider it as a thought.

   I told you Syria holds the key, and there is no compromise here. The State Department was correct in seeking Russia and China approval, as the events here are to be used by the hardliners to attack the West in the future.

   Covertly taking out Assad would infuriate the East as they know Assad’s plans against his own people. Leave this to the hand of the Almighty. This is a ploy to start war as babies are blown away. It is here the leaders of the world polarized for the good of mankind need to look past the atrocities, as this is bait for war that will drag in millions. Do you pay attention to the rapes and killing in Africa that are in the millions? So why pull the trigger here?

   How will this play out in the US elections with Romney wanting to take action? Know this America; are you willing to engage in a potential nuclear war where everyone loses as this is the plan, on the words of a fool? Everyone knows there is an agenda, protocols, risks and intel, yet Romney is willing to bet your future knowing nothing about the inside situation for political points. This is just the type of ass that will get America in trouble, then bow out just like Bush, be careful. For the media, the Almighty is proud that many of you are now telling the truth. It will be through your actions that millions will be saved, just by the truth. No one can be fired for telling the truth and if so lawsuit and you will win if the intent was good.

   There is going to be an escalation of crimes against the population that will disgust the world, but know its source. This source is backed by the true powers in Russia, China and the antichrist. It is a trap for war. Let the Syrian population stand up for their freedom, thousands may die at once, but Assad will topple. Standing by and seeing a hundred here and there adds up to the same loss with no change. Syria if you believe in the Almighty and your cause then rise up for yourselves. The world cannot free your country; only you can, backed by the Almighty. I ask you, to cross faiths and say the Rosary for your mission, only then will the powers of the Almighty stand with you. You have asked the West and your neighbors, just ask the Almighty. Do it. Do it now for the justice of your people, for the activists that have died for your nation’s cause, for woman and the children that died for the cause. You are still alive, but the children gave their lives for your nation, are you men or do you let the children fight your battles? Change the history of your nation or fall under the oppression of Assad.


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