Current Politics and Policies in the U.S. Jan. 2012


Written Jan. 9 2012

Update Jan. 19

Update Jan. 26

   With the political Rhetoric heating up just before New Hampshire primary, one Republican finally has stood up for what is right. On Meet the Press, Huntsman said, finally it is people like you, Romney that is the problem in America, as country must come  first before a party. We all thank you for telling it like it is with conviction and emotion, but most of all, standing up for what needs to be right in America. You were so right with understanding China, Romney on the other hand, boasts about what he hopes to do currency, paper tiger, but lacking knowledge on how the world of diplomacy works, words of a fool.

   What is it Romney, the distortions of truth never seem to end. Forty seventh in job creation among the states when governor, but yet he created more jobs than Obama? Using coal for energy, but lies he is concern with air pollution and its byproduct acid rain. Natural gas exploration using fracking, yet in Ohio due to seismic activity has shut drilling operations down as unsafe. You are so aware of the earth changes, but your policies take chances with other people lives. Oil that takes almost 2 presidential terms for oil to go from opening up exploration to your gas tank and this is a plan to turn America around now. Why don't you tell America that big oil exports gasoline out of American based refineries. Just how are you going to backup those jobs, if many corporations already paying no taxes are still laying off. Tell us! Speculation in the energy markets what is your plan, more of the same? No taxes on derivatives trading, which all about making money from other people's money with no product to show for it. Consumer spending fuels most of our GDP, but your party wants to destroy unions and cut labor at the state and federal levels with flat wages. Just where do you expect your rise in GDP coming from?

   Does the 8th Commandment mean anything you, man of faith? Oh, it is all about saying the words and hope no one holds you to your actions. New Hampshire you need to consider integrity, the truth of actions few know the behind the scenes of dirt emanating from the politics of Washington DC. We have seen nothing but obstruction, fake recess meetings to prevent appoints. Many presidents have made the same decision in the past, now it is different? Is this what you expect from leaders. Look beyond the facade and vote with your hearts, when confused ask the Almighty for guidance.

   You and other nominees have been told that America would have a fair elections, but this seems to have gone over your head or you just don't care. If you don' state the truth, it will be leaked far worse than if you come clean, the choice is yours. Dirty politics will not be allowed in the National Elections from either side if you get the nomination.

Update Jan. 11

      As events heat up in South Carolina, it is interesting that no candidate wants to drop out. Behind the scenes all are waiting for the next scandal to drop, thus shuffling the positions in the Republican field. Fox reversing its position from bashing Romney when the neo-con backed Gingrich was the rage, but he just can't play it safe. Now Romney is a capitalist, but they forgot the adjective, "greedy". A pictures of him and the crew holding money in a boastful manner, insiders allegedly stating, he loved to fire. Where corporations were promise another chance with labor concessions, only to renege and sell out for a immense profit. This the true goal of a corporate raider, to make money by eliminating costs primarily labor, then sell the assets, business 101. Is this the capitalism, that is legal, you have planned for America, that you and Fox can get behind? When all the media players sing the same song, many know those hiding in the shadows are using their wealth to pull the strings of those who you think are independent thinkers.

   Christians, because someone uses the word God or faith, is this all you look for, blind! You were told many false representations of the faith would exploit the people during the end times and so you have it. Do they lie. Do they covet wealth at the expense of workers making a fair living. Do they represent themselves as something they are not. Look at their actions before you listen to their hollow words. Advertising, written speeches, cameos are for the weak of mind. America don't get fooled twice.

   As a man of faith, has he come out against child marriages and polygamy in his Mormon faith? Just how would an old respected elder and his five eleven to fifteen year old brides work to further religious faith? It doesn't. Republicans came out against Rev. Jeremiah Wright whose words did cause concern out of his frustration of inaction of America towards those in need when Obama was elected, although his heart only wanted a change of America towards God. But, few has confronted Romney as sectors of his faith abuse the sacrament of marriage and abuse children, pedophiles. You can't spin this. These are children as oppose to ideas, it seems there are 2 systems of judgment. As a man of faith, did he put profit (greed) in front of real lives some of whom, were destroyed by his decision of capitalism? As a man of faith, does he belittle others for the same actions he has carried out when it was popular? Christians, beware of the Chameleon. This is why the Republican field is still hovering like vultures, because at any moment, the campaign may have a set back in their eyes.

   Is this a realistic view, yes and no. I will not fill in the blanks as to give Romney an advantage in the the minds of America. What I have done for America, is to ask the Almighty to lift the veil without causing anxiety and with this, the truth shall be revealed. What does this mean for Republican party, some Democrats and the Bush/CIA/NSA abuses?  Fear. As you are now thinking about, how far does the downside go. You can count on this Romney, I will not see America fall at the hands of your narrow vision and this will be back by the power of the Almighty. You say you believe in God, then change your ways and join us where you are always welcome.

Update Jan. 19  

   Boehner, we had a quiet recess while you were gone. Did some soul searching, didn't you? When a spark of hope lit up in you during the Holidays as you wondered that you didn't sign up for this S...! Your family, what you stand for as a man, as a senator in this country and a man who fears God and He sees all. You keep thinking, how did you get here and is it worth it. You have made the first step, but a few days in Washington and you are back playing in the mud. Are you that easy to influence?

   Your foolish move was to back the pipeline when you should have passed. Shortly, Earth movements will render any idea of a pipeline as a folly. But the fact is that you know these changes are real and you promoted this in the media as the White House crushing jobs. But it was Obama looking out for the safety of Mid Western Americans and that is Republican territory. He is willing risk a political setback for what is right for the environment and all of America's people, but you sided with the oil business knowing a spill would occur. No blame to industry and investors as fault lines are not known to have moved in modern history and an earthquake is an act of God, no liability. Best of all insurance pays off. The only question is how large and how many breaks. Has the picture of the voter been replaced with the picture of a dollar determining the path of government that is suppose to be for the people. Oh, I forgot Romney calls corporations people, your excused. Not.

   If you cannot stand up for America and its safety, then retire. As when ground movement becomes public in the Mississippi valley and its tributaries, the finger of blame will point to you, as you knew the risks up front. You sold us out Boehner, now what are you going to do to change this? You can hide behind the rhetoric, which all will see through shortly or dig deep for that same courage that made you run for the Senate. Can you remember that? With change, there is 1 step forward, and then 2 backwards. I hope your next step is forward where you can join us.

Update Jan. 26

   Just to reinforce what has been presented in the media. The key point Republicans have made to America is keep the taxes on the rich low in order to spur jobs. Yet the candidate who speaks these same words at political stop after political stop does not abide by his own words. His fortune is making money declared and hidden overseas in tax shelters. It is about the return on investment, just like it was at Bain not jobs. He is rich and has the connections to find that right American investment, but chose to invest overseas like most corporations and rich elite. It is time for America to know rich are taking their taxes, which could help America. Letting the rich keep more and the only thing they are investing in is themselves, is not wise. America it is time to stop being the fools for the elite on the hope they will change the job market, only to have them take the money and invest overseas without paying taxes on the return. A tax dollar collected from all of the elite is worth much more than the few out of the group who promise jobs.


   Ahmadinejad, you a very smart man, so why do you let others lead you down the wrong path? A leader provides the best for his or her nation with a vision that helps all, that includes women despite the clerics. Think of your mother, and what she may have endured to raise you with love. You have to make some changes now, open the centrifuges to UN inspection. Eliminate the excuse to bomb particular sites as a threat. Defiance of the west may win points among your harden religious colleagues, but is it worth the destruction of needed energy sources and the remnant radiation that disables your people for what seems like decades. Those truly in power, hidden from world view, see you as a predictable pawn and you are following the script. Is that your legacy, a tool to further the NWO as a scapegoat?

   Show the world we have to come together as one without a focus on the past. You will need the oil money to build facilities supporting hydroponics and desalination plants ASAP. Now with a chance you also must know, there will no uranium enrichment to weapons grade allowed to be produced in your country be anyone with or without your knowledge. You will find that some may try, but somehow the desired results will not be achieved as impurities will appear from nowhere as intervention. You believe that with God, all is possible and so it shall be in this case. If weapons technology is pursued, tectonic plate movement will render the facilities unusable and the technicians as well. Heed the Almighty's warning, all of you are His children lets start acting like a family.

   By the way release the prisoner, no need to punish those following orders. This will only incite those in the West and Israel  giving more excuses, you are better than that. If this was an operation to entrap your country, let the Almighty chastise those responsible. It is not your right to judge another, especially if you take their life.

North Korea

   Welcome Kim Jong-un to the world stage, no comment on your motives as I am not here to judge. Your actions will speak for themselves, although now bringing you up to speed. You are well aware the earth changes are here. So what are you going to do as a young leader looking for respect in this world. First, the hard line will not work, but cooperation does. Sometimes it is the youth that sees a new way. Is that you? Look to forge an agreement with China for power plants and food production swiftly. It is not about impressing those who followed your father, for everyone with ambition will befriend you. The goal, those lusting your power, constantly think of how to replace you by any means and this includes the West.

   Look around at your people. Poverty is your enemy. Weapons spending is your enemy. Lack of infrastructure is your enemy. Only the fool spends his money on a gun with few options to win, than food to feed home. With any leader, it is about lifting your people, not shouting idle threats resulting in a nuclear exchange that will only level your country and destroy your people. They, the hidden elite see you as one to pull the trigger doing their bidding, just giving them an excuse. What you don't know is maybe one or two may get through. You will not change the West. China is cooperating with the world now, where were they 40 years ago? All feared Red China would incite war. Look at them now and their progress, owning US debt in cooperation. This could have been your country's future. All have change except your country and Cuba. It is time to join the world as one, but start with those you know like China and your neighbor to the south.

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