Current Politics and Policies in the U.S. March 2012


Written March 1 2012

Update March 7 2012

   So how are politics of the US presidency moving along in the Republican Party? All continue to distort the truth in this, the political process that chooses the best for America. The dirty ads, the lies, when caught, the story changes. The stumbling when an uncomfortable question is asked as they stutter. This will continue and only worsen as those seeking to get elected sink lower to achieve this. Lets look at Romney, as the others are quietly hoping for a VP spot using delegates like poker chips to stay in the game, but are irrelevant.

   Romney, you implied, if people have a problem with you being successful, then vote for the other guy. They will in November. Success is not evaluated by wealth when you step on others, destroyed lives while promoting the few companies you gave paid advice to succeed based on their own efforts. Where the service you provided was making money off of money. Did you create a product, better mankind, oh you sure could  fired people as an elimination of a cost at the bottom line. There was a reason the adjective vulture is the term associated to your firm. Romney, when you sent jobs overseas and more important your money, even if it was one job, you became part of the problem. Did you forget the fundamentals of your faith?

   Jobs by reducing taxes to the rich. First of all the rich don't invest their money, they use other people's money, just ask Trump. This has never worked in the past, look at both Bushes and their history of job creation, which is a fact. Jobs are created by consumer demand, are you putting the carriage before the horse? Corporations then hire to expand their bottom line by growth. But, you want to give away our tax dollars to your wealthy friends as a way to get this economy going. I have heard this before, one for the worker, one two for me. Oh yes, business 101 in the elite schools, find reason for government subsidize a need then exploit it for huge profits at the cost of taxpayers. I bet you were not asleep for that class. Small business is how America grows, not always by established corporations. Reward the innovative, not those set in their ways, slow to change. This is the future for America, because she cannot afford to wait. But, as I see it, this is not your plan, is it?

   How will you make up the loss in revenue? It is one thing to say you are going to cut services and it is another to take them away from the needy as president of all the people. It is the elderly that Medicare will go broke on. Remember, Republicans have grandmothers also, are you going to kick them to the curve also? Given this economic environment just how many of the rich will open up jobs here, when their best option will be to keep their money and hide earnings or invest overseas, just like you did. Reduction of taxes to corporations is corporate welfare, no matter how you spin as funds that are suppose to go to the government, remains in accounts or assets of the corporations hoping they create jobs. You have a lot of faith in corporate greed giving back to the workers.

   If you revoke Obama care, what are you going to do? Replace it with Romney care at the state level. Just what is your plan for America, besides a side stepping statement on the campaign trail.

   How about the military, will you be affective following Obama? All of are aware you used a Mormon mission to defer the draft, even though it was legal, many will speculate your intent. If your present days actions are a reflection of the service to the world, you didn't learn much.

   How would you control  oil and gas speculation in the financial markets without regulation since the price of gas and government intrusion is an issue? Drilling does not relieve the present situation at the pump and does not guarantee a price reduction in the future and supply and demand of markets are unknown? Can you address this to the nation in more than a political one liner?

   Just what percentage of this blanket tax break, you are giving to the rich, will be the ones creating these jobs, that seems to be only in your mind? And don't say it is their investments. As they are diversified and most is invested in tax shelters here or overseas. Yes some will risk venture capital but, where the risk is low, cheap labor, no health insurance and in a market where trade perks are built in either by old agreements or currency exchange rates. Is this what you are promising the rich?

   How are you going to handle Israel if they forge ahead with a first strike in Iran on the potential to create a bomb, that may or may not be used and has no delivery system? Iran is not as crazy as North Korea and you wouldn't bomb them? What if Russia and China retaliates risking to toast 3/4 of the world? America wants to know where you stand on real issues.

   Running America is not like being the figure head at the Olympics or running a small state. Budgets in the trillions covering thousands of agencies, not the of a puppy of a firm you ran. Foreign policy decisions and we do not mean meeting your bankers in the Caymans. As president you must look out for the welfare of all of America. A president who is firm on positions, not one like yourself who changes positions faster that Paris Hilton changes clothes. What is so sad, its on tape.

   What faces America, like you said, we don't need on the job training. This is you. You spout the Democrats had the majority, yes over 50%, but it takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass laws now, like if you don't know this. You do, your hope is that many Americans take you for your word without checking. You propose the pipeline should be built knowing it will fracture in the quakes, anything for vote. What will you do when disaster strikes, cower in your already built private bunker and send your advisors out to face the public or stand firm and take the heat? We need a leader, not someone who takes a poll to set policy after the fact. So this illusion shall end.

   In this critical time, where the future of the people of this country and the earth is at stake, that which is false will not allowed to be presented to the citizens of the country. These are God's children and they will not be lead down a blind path by either party. You were told, when you face Obama, there will be a heavy price pay if the lying continues, as America will see through this at an accelerated pace through a process outside of your control. Do what is best for all of America, clean it up now, because when America chooses a leader, it will be by a fair race. You can start with speaking the truth of failed policies as if your false wisdom could comprehend.

   A failed policy is allowing the most profitable companies on earth drill with tax breaks, cap many of the wells, only to open them when the price oil is right. Oh yes, members of the media investigate, if you are allowed. A failed policy is allowing this same industry not to build additional refining capacity and slap the face of US consumers with rising prices, as they export gasoline. A failed policy was allowing corporation like yours, whose only purpose is to make money by fracturing or dissolving companies and to hide some its profits overseas away from paying your fare share of taxes. Your money was not used to invest in America, but you have no problem investing overseas.  A failed policy was chasing a man around the desert for almost a decade, spending 100 billion dollars only to have a small team and a strong commander get the job done in months with little cost. A failed policy was no oversight on the mortgage market and everyone lost. Tell us Romney we did not need more government here, because it would have slowed down the rate of theft. Finally, a failed policy is the Republicans presenting us a the same type candidates election cycle after election cycle, where you and your opponents are presented as the best choice to lead America. And this why we need God to help us. 


For those who don't this Presidency is not about race. Lets reverse the roles. Harvard grad, senator from the great state of Lincoln, finally passed health care for all, put America back to work after what seems like a depression started by Bush, he is white and the new hope for America. The opponent black, a cheating womanizer, married three times, ethics charges served while in the House, came from a faith that still has sects, hidden banks accounts overseas to avoid taxes and made his money by firing the workers as a line item in a balance sheet. Which one would you vote for?

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