Current Politics and Policies in the U.S. April 2012


Written April 6

As republicans choose among their field of challengers all still seem to think they have a change to represent the right of this country, so where do we stand?

   Both challengers profess a faith in God as a focal point in their conservative campaign and state America is headed in the wrong direction. Do you fear God Romney and Santorum as you use His name? Heed this, you two or any other candidate will not lead America down the path paved by others gathering the resources of the common man to distribute among the few. In any faith, it is about the truth and high morals that represents the best future for our country. This applies to both sides. So we have had enough of the lies, is their one of you who will base their campaign on the truth? Can one of you stand on real accomplishments where the elite and the worker both won?

   Romney this is no game where the people of this country are your pawns to be discarded. You seem to have it backwards as it is the people who fund you are important and those that cast vote must make the sacrifices for the mistakes of those in your party you are trying to follow. You will find the same cuts of the Ryan plan impacts the lives of real people, do you really care or is still another line affecting the corporate ledger. You can not apply your vultures tactics of the people of the United States as you did when you fired thousands cut benefits, brings back the great old memories doesn't it. Note as president, but in your case if, there are repercussions to your actions, but you did not learn much of anything on your short stint as a mediocre governor of a democratic state. We are all familiar with checkered past from Bain, this is old news.

   As president of the United States you cannot reduce your risk by alienation, base decisions on guarantees for the few. You cannot flip positions to erase the mistake of the day as millions of lives may be at risk. A leader's spine is not jelly, molding to the most recent polls. It is about believing in a position instead  and holding it more than a day instead of lying. In your quest for president your scope is narrow and have overlooked the obvious. For in your efforts to win at any cost, your positions have changed to what is popular with the voters and party. You don't lead this nation of people, a nation of a few people lead you and your decisions. All leaders overseas have watched you lie and know your word means nothing. So if you become the world's leader, few will trust you, especially those you do not see eye to eye with America.

   Just how would you handle China? With arrogance and pride as 2 trillion dollars of bonds slap you in the face, great job paper tiger. So knowledgeable about missile defense systems in Europe when Russian subs launching cruise missiles can and will circumvent increased shield. Did we miss something, like you were part of NATO defense briefings. What about North Korea is it saber rattling or a real threat? How about the the Taliban in Afghanistan, I am sure your stint at Bain and governor will let you hit the ground running. Like a child, only imagining what goes on behind closed doors as if you can do it better.

    Ask your self Romney, why are the big egos sitting on the sideline like Boehner and Mitch and many others? Trump is talking Hillary in 2016 since a Romney reelection does not seem like a good investment of personal time and commitment. Didn't he endorse you in February.  I can see they really have your back.

    So what is your plan to get America back to work? Pay Corporations by reversing the flow of expenses achieved with lowering their taxes. Just how are you going to do that with companies paying nothing and in some cases getting a refund. Who makes up the lost revenue? Cut services, the middle class pays. Government job cuts, the middle class pays twice. Less benefits, all of us pay. For what, the promise of jobs with no guarantees? Only a small percentage of the rich will create jobs. The rest will hide their money overseas, just like you. How is that working for us? Tax the rich at Clinton rates and return all the revenues to the ninety nine percent and you will see job creation as they will spend it. You would rather have the elite take the shares for managing until the flow of money is only a trickle, down. Skip the middle men and give to the people and then let the elite offer a service to acquire the funds by doing a service instead of being given money. This how you get America back to work. You assume the elite are fair, they share, they offer fair wages for a service. Yes for those critical to their needs, no for the average worker. This is why is for the ruthless, it is easy to become the capitalists, the barons of business. America knows better, only you believe if you lower taxes the will use the money to get America working. No they will keep it, increasing their wealth as they play you for the fool with a parade of token jobs to string America along.

   You ran away from your own health plan, not because it was a bad idea. You were told to do it. Weak because you listened, even weaker when you have to return favors for the money pushing your campaign if you win. Government out of our lives, so just what are you doing for America? Schools, infrastructure, immigration, white collar crime what are you planning? Better yet, do you even have a plan? You have no problem backing Israeli attack on Iran risking a world war.

   What America faces after this election takes a man with the conviction to raise all as one. What will you do when the old Bush crowd pushes for false flag attacks if you get in to repeal or tighten the rights of people by their choice in response?  Hope America blames it on the terrorist again and turns a blind eye, or like Obama, shut it down quietly. Those behind the Federal Reserve will never let you balance the budget as they will create another war to erase any surplus, but you know that already and will just play the role for America, just like papa and baby Bush did.

   You have a choice, follow the crowd aligned with the bankers and sell your soul to become president with all of its traps or for once stand and protect America and live by rules God placed on this earth. Every president comes in to make a change, but national security, hidden agendas by the thousands of individuals and corporations, infiltration of assistances to make sure you don't stray from the established long term agenda changes a man. It was there before you came and it will be there when you leave, unchanged in almost all cases. Obama thought the recommended staff member was put in his administration to bridge the gap to Congress. Only after the end of your 1st term do you realize your original ideas were watered down as a compromise, that was prearranged. Those that have a deceitful plan do not compromise, they take advantage of fair play. They do not deliver on promises, but rescind and you take the heat. Once in you can't change that which matters with out rocking the entire boat. At some point, the courageous make changes that you are allowed to and with luck force a change where you know it will count, but the public sees little. Think that this is false, if a republican or some democrats will talk, ask how many had that knock on the door and then a meeting that focused on, you are not doing that.

   You speak as if you were on the inside, I can bring America forward, at what risk? Who will you step on, as you walk this false path of glory. With power, there is responsibility for the children of God and you don't have a clue of what truly faces this world. I will tell you this, every time you lie, your stuttering will increase and all will know how shallow your words are to get ahead. Is this what you learned in business school? You are not playing with your money. In government administrators waste, contracts favor cronyism take care of some and when you leave you are rewarded with the perks of life. This is not some third world country, but walk through some areas and it is. Yes you can protect the interests of the rich when they benefit this country, but not at the expense of the workers and poor of this nation. As president you make it work for everyone or not at all. The line is drawn in the sand, you can step across or work for this nation if you make it.

   Santorum, I am surprised that you have survived this far as you have not given in to the loud whispers telling you to quit for the welfare of the party. Lately the whispers have turned into roars. It is about the good of the country, not the party that has its agenda which has been compromised, but you don't see this yet as you are still green behind the ears. You have asked, why are you handed a script from party leaders and then hear your opponents say the same words. When your question is answered, you are told this is the common theme. Yes, now you get it, winning is about being told what to do for the good of the party. When are you going to use your God given right of free will to do what is best for this nation?

   In the end times, its a choice are with the Almighty or the dark side, make that choice Santorum.  We do not want you to fall between the cracks. You cannot serve both, remember those words said by Jesus. Either you stand for America where the impoverish and rich means the same to you. Where those that abuse the system from the top to the bottom are removed for the good of all.  Where your choices made with free will, God judges and you know, you control your destiny. So far you have placed your trust in men, hoping when in you can bring change. No, you made a choice recently to deceive. You  talk about your faith, but you can lie about your brother as we are all children of God. Oh, yes behind closed doors when pressed, your faith takes a back seat, how disappointed we are. There have been times when you lose it. You need to think why?

   Those that picked you to run and finance you, choose you through proxies as one that can be controlled. As a novice you would think the decision you made with careful thought was one firmly from your free will, but a series of seemly unrelated obstacles narrowed your choice. So predictable. You have no clue of what you are up against. You have read the Bible and your sources tell you we are in the end times. Prophecies repeated as legends from your childhood. You cannot fight the antichrist and the turmoil to come, so why expose your family with your tepid commitment. This is the final battle and already you have turned your back on the Almighty, by your actions. You lie to gain voters. What happen to truth and the American way. We trust in God. Are you that weak, so afraid to stand on the your own accomplishments, like Romney?  Where is your spine? Oh, does that last election leaves a bad taste. Because Obama is black and the republicans impede any progress, you assume he is weak? When you speak of the president and lie, do you think you will be protected from the evils of the antichrist? Check the latest intel on the financial status of key countries of the West, which will form the basis of the ten countries of the beast. Start with Greece, then Italy and joined by Portugal and Spain as the dark cloud spreads across Europe. That which will emerge from the Rothschild's empire will provide all the funding needed to support the governments that were collapsed by plan. One leader, one currency, one new world order, this is the future planned. Is this the fight you want to fight? If not, step away from the presidency. Cowards, who will not stand up to the elite, need not apply.

   Both of you state that you are men of faith, but so far, there has been little that you have done is in God's name. Yes you have stood up for your belief in the republican party, when will you stand up for His name? What is presented to America is not the truth about you two, why did you run? As both of you know the mortgage crisis allowed by you party caused this great recession. Both of you know 911 was an inside job and the war wasted trillions. Both of you know speculation is raising the price of gas before the election to boost your presidential chances as they were lowered just before the elections to help McCain, Both of You.

   Corporations and the rich are about no risk, control and maximizing profits for shareholders and executives with their stock options. Government is suppose to serve the common good of the people, just how do you think you will balance this? When you cut a service the poor and the middle class absorb this cost directly as a larger proportion of their disposable income. Health costs are skyrocketing due to the many options open to extend the life of the elderly when you cut it, they go home to their children. This is just another burden placed on the backs of American families. Why do scream socialism as if it is communism when it is all about a fair price for medical care. No spin, just a fair shake, less law suits, less of saving a life no matter what the cost.

   Have you forgot. It is God that calls your name, when it is time to go and no medicine or procedure will stop this. If you want every effort, then you will pay for it, not the rest of America when most just want basic affordable care. Wake up America, it is not minorities that are in the assisted living facilities in vast numbers, so just know, that you are the target of republican cuts. Now just how will they pay for care at market value, sickly and old in their eighties as hospital visits can approach 10,000 dollars for a week stay. What company will take that risk, not Bain? Now both can change this by presenting what can do to bring real solutions, not campaign promises or what they truly are, lies. If you attack the president and he is a fair target, make sure it is the truth and the same will apply to him.

   As this campaign brings one candidate through what is the natural process of one party and the incumbent in the other, who is going to stand for America. This is a nation of people based on freedom for all. That was won by the sacrifice of lives in wars to give us a way of life where freedom rings, truth, justice for all. We will not stand for our rights to be compromised by a set of events. The control our freedom not an event. We have fought the red Bear and you accept the word of the republicans of fear a band of people in a desert? Is this America where the republicans would have you believe in the fear of a small tribe?

    America is the beacon of light for the world. In God we trust. These were not words just written, but words in America we live by. God has shined his light on this country, until those of the dark side have changed the focus to the few. This is what, we need to change. Where God comes first, then country. Corporations are America's strength, but we need to work as one where both share the bounty. This has changed and needs to be brought back to the center. You have a choice.

   A true leader fears no evil, looks to take the dangerous path despite the odds, for the rewards are great, the courage to ignore the opinions of men all to further the good for mankind. Fights like the lion for truth and justice, but has the spirit of the lamb. But most of all, trusts God to bring you through when the path ahead through your human eyes, looks like sure death. Do any of you republicans and some democrats as you read this, have those qualifications for the times ahead? Just as I thought, in your minds, doubt clouds your motives, fear of the unknown paralyzes change as you all want a guarantee. God offered you a guarantee, but not one of you followed the His Word. You say, how can We question my faith? We don't, it is your actions towards others that is questioned and it is on tape.

   At one time, both of you have volunteered to advance the Word of God, and both did their personal best to make sure the world knows, what happened? Now you can change and join the effort or follow your current path. Santorum you have faith, dig deeper. Romney you was a missionary all for the wrong reasons, does the your Mormon faith mean anything more than a label? It is time that both of you to prove it by your actions in the race ahead and not by rhetoric with shallow words to attract votes. If you want to be president tell us what you can do, based upon facts. Anyone can lie or find true fault in an opponent. It is not about them, it is about the change you will bring without stepping upon another. Prevent the cause, and a solution is not needed. Can you do this for yourselves? If not, do it for America.

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