As Dark Days Descend upon Earth

The Book of Truth




Written  June 27

Updated June 29


   Few, on earth have a clue as what is to befall this world. Laws changed as a foundation are in place to clear resistance, all to take away your rights you took for granted, but the dark side of this is that your perception of freedom will change as you trade safety for basic rights by design. The beauty of this plan, which is disgusting, is that so many of you have been fooled, the deep division which encompasses this nation, few will see past the deceit.

  You have been told your rights will be controlled, this is in place. You have been told sins in the eyes of the Almighty would no longer be seen as such. Same sex marriage has passed and is the highest law of your land, Christians and you can not change this. This is the first step. Abortion will be approved in many nations starting Europe and they will be punished. But when you see your faith changed to the New World Religion eliminating the celebration of the Eucharist, the final blow to your world will be taken and it here that you will the wrath of the Almighty for it has been written.

   So how will the dark one turn this world and His church against Himself, Our Lord and Savior Jesus? A plan carefully crafted over centuries will appeal to those who are gullible, but most important forge a belief based on what is supported in the media and the Church. The Vatican now infiltrated will introduce a new interpretation of the scriptures stating that Jesus was a sinner and this is why He was crucified. They may try to exploit Mary Madeline or our Saviorís association with sinners as one of them. Letís clarify one thing, you as children of God incarnated into human form carried the stamp of your earthly parents, Original Sin, in which Adam and Eve the first children of were seduced by another. To this day you still pay a price, but in your modern life, few believe it is true. Jesus is part of the Trinity of that which composes God. He, our Savior bares no responsibility to the Original Sin of Godís children. Thus, He is free of sin, just like His mother, Mary as their souls are from Heaven. You have read the scriptures where satan had no mental influence on Christ so he had to appear within a worldly body. He presented the temptations, the king of all evil failed in the desert and now you may allow doubts to change your perception? Do not believe the lies which are coming.

   The current plan of the antichrist is present doubt that Jesus was a sinner in your minds, if so, as a sinner than who is He to state how you can live your lives as it is about supporting each other, thus humanism prevails as even the false prophet backs it to the dismay of the sacred servants.

   This is the trap as what is known to be sin is being changed in the name of humanism, the right to love who you choose even though love is the essence of God and the rights of women. It is subtle, but seems to ring as the right thing to do. The dark one is not even acknowledge by most of you as you seem to think he does not exist, just like God.

   The point presented if Jesus sinned, then how can He be sacred or even God. They will use this as one option to remove the Eucharist and the Crucifix from all Catholic Churches. A new world religion shall be introduced removing our Savior in the name of accepting all religions or forms of faith as one, but it will be the dark one you will pay homage to.

   You are being given these warnings to make it clear, that you have been told and it is with your free will that you choose to ignore or understand what is said here and therefore you are being held responsible for your actions. Do you understand? You always have time to change if conservative until just before the Second Coming, but there will be a price paid. Make no mistake as this world is being purified, the goal is to save all in the name of our Savior, Jesus. There will come a point where those on the dark side will be separated from the light. So letís fill in a few gaps in knowledge as a gift from the Almighty for it is His mercy that you are being told this as I am just the messenger.

   You have been told all will have to make choice up and until the Second Coming and then all of the chosen; those written in the Book of Life, which is Holy will be taken. The Rapture a mystical event beyond my understanding states, that the vulnerable and others firm in their faith will be taken before, how and when, is in the hands of the Almighty and is not privy to the minds of man. Those still left on earth with allegiance to the dark one will all be destroyed by fire in more chastisements especially during the 3 days of darkness, there will be no survivors. With the dark one chained for a thousand years evil will not affected the chosen after the Second Coming. Those that still are confused on earth; your future is unclear as the Almighty has not made a decision on your fate. Most likely, but donít count on it may be given the change to forge a decision after the pole shift among the few of you left on earth.

   Know this; the Sun will die within a generation and all life on this present form of earth will the end. You will grovel like animals with little food, most of which man does not eat today. There will be little medicine and life will be harsh. If you are given a chance, the dark one will still influence only your kind as to provide a balanced spiritual environment until death of the old earth in less than a century. All of you will be in tears when you see the world our Father prepared for you and it was only your stubbornness that prevented you from sharing this gift sooner.

   The lesson on this earth is spiritual and you have been told this many times, but the rule of non interference does not allow the Truth to be told unless it is from an innate source that is transferring the Word of God. It is up to you to seek the Truth, for it is your destiny and inheritance, a world greater than another in the many universes created by Father, the Almighty. Remember in our Fatherís House there are many rooms, this is written and now you understand. The seed is planted, now what are you going to do?


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