The Debate MSNBC 2011


Written: September 6 2011

   The Debates presented in its present form to the American voter are long on fluff and short on real answers. When a candidate in front of a TV audience is asked a tough question, which could swing votes by a mistake. The prepared statement is given with research promised later. They have learned a lot since Nixon broke sweat. These candidates are planning to be the next leader of our country and they have not formulated a real plan if asked, except an attempt by Romney presently?

   MSNBC is presenting a debate, but mainstream Brian Williams is at the helm, why? Maybe to present questions that really have no bite, where they have a multitude of acceptable answers packaged with a smile and facade of importance. Or just maybe the Republicans would not accept an invitation if the primetime hosts of this same network were allowed to formulate without leaks and asked the questions in front of national audience. America cannot handle the truth.

   The media has the duty to inform the people of the United States the truth when it comes to our leaders, nothing is sacred. Partisan politics has polarized the country and this is by design. Everyone who chooses to know the good or evil will see the true intent of all politicians without the spin. So for those in who want change where all will improve, it is time for front runners Perry and Romney to deliver or just fade away.

So what would I ask Perry as a start?

   Perry as the "Jobs State", we can see your state of Texas was great in creating minimum wage jobs. Do you think with both the mother and the father of a family working 40 hours each at or less than 7.25 per hour, children in daycare or usually left alone, that they will facilitate the American dream? Perry do you dream, could your parents sign off as cosigners for Texas A&M student loan on that salary or pay out of pocket for most without credit? Just what did you learn at that college besides cheerleading like baby Bush. Don't say grants as we need less government and just where is the revenue going to come from, not the rich. Yes, I know you attended classes, walked the stage, but what did you do to help mankind? I know you and your staff read charts, did the one below miss your desk?

Chart 2. Percentage of employed wage and salary workers paid hourly rates with earnings at or below
the prevailing Federal minimum wage in Texas, by sex, annual averages, 1997-2010

Chart 2. Percentage of employed wage and salary workers paid hourly rates with earnings at or below
the prevailing Federal minimum wage in Texas, by sex, annual averages, 1997-2010

Chart courtesy of the US Labor Statistics

   Perry, just what laws or policies did you draft or push that allowed your state of Texas to create jobs and for you take credit in leadership of governor? Your tax rate on corporations in general are 1%, but if you use the EZ form you lower it to .575% for the gross under 10 million. You have no personal income tax, so just how do you balance your budget. I hope not on the backs of the middle class and the government you say is out of control. So lets look (link)

   Perry please explain why the Federal government was responsible for over 36.8 billion and sales tax on the people of Texas was 19.6 billion of your total 86 billion gathered for state coffers? Oil with their record profits paid about a billion, I am sure you think this is fair. Don't even state the rich pay heavy sales tax when they are either comp at no cost for promotion or buy out of state to skirt your tax.

   Your job creation was almost all created by the population explosion in Texas a million just between 2008 to 2010. When this is factored in, jobs created does not keep pace with the increase of the available work force. Lets go to the chart is below.

Reprint from Think Progress

   Perry as a job creator, how do you explain the unemployment rate going from 4.9 in 2008 to 8.2 in 2010? Lets look at the chart. The facts speak for themselves.

   Perry is one those Republicans who projects a Christian background that believes in Jesus. I heard the words, when you to prayed to God for all to here, rain and with sadness Texas burns. You were taught no man was to here your words of prayer to the Almighty, but you did it to be revered in man's eyes and that is your reward. You were taught it is the poor who needs help, but you look to the rich to help you. Your Message from the Almighty, "I see your heart and wants, do not use My Name to further your cause for you have no true relationship with me, but the door is open. You stand on 2 chairs, make a choice or fall between them." 

  Overall I see you as one that will twist the truth to get elected. This spin is nothing more than a compounded lie and you want America to trust you? Forget it, unless you change, for they will see your intent for what you truly are.

Now lets cover Romney

   Romney, you made your money destroying companies and eliminating costs (labor and benefits) for a profit. It was businessmen like you that sent jobs overseas for the bottom line. What do you plan on giving American corporations if the average Fortune 500 company making money already pays a rate near 17%. Most pay nothing or get a refund. You propose to lower the corporate rate from 35 to 25 in hindsight. Feeling a little behind the curve?

   You proposed healthcare, but ran from it when you were called into that backroom meeting from the party bosses. Again you want America to trust you, when your actions show us where your priorities are? Just what regulations do you propose to eliminate? Fraud, because the greedy do not play by the rules, they steal like the mortgage bubble.  Reducing laws that allow pollution that protect the public again the greedy have a choice pay to dispose of material properly or dump for free, cancer. Build nuclear plants and drilling off shore all to bait the public into using domestic resources you know will never be developed due to the dangers of the upcoming Earth changes, death. Are you blind to what happen in Japan or just a slow learner?

  Now you want to control the float against the Chinese currency by stirring the racial hate into a cause as if they built the American plants there by themselves. Who are you trying to fool? Do you know what the Chinese were saying about your statements after it hit the world news? He forgets that America built the plants in China and we provided the cheap labor. He forgets we own trillions in US Government treasuries that affect world markets if liquidated. He speaks without knowing the connections that run deep since Nixon. So much for the man who is just a paper tiger and then they laughed.

   Romney your family's choice of faith base on the Mormon belief, which has promoted polygamy behind closed doors and this nation has seen this used against children. Were you not a Mormon missionary in France? Your father presided over the Detroit Stake, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Jeffs is the self-named prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, a polygamist breakaway Mormon sect.  If you do one thing in the national spotlight, end the abuse of women young and old in the Mormon Church. Or you can continue to take the safe path of apathy as if it doesn't exist and political points are more important than the misery of a women who's forced choice by pedophile men leaders destroys a soul. God does not want 11 year girls to please nasty 50 year men who entertain only the inexperienced as they have no comparison in life, pathetic. Mormons and latter day saints some are are your leaders, but you turn a blind eye. You and others of your faith need to make a choice. If you expect to lead this country, character is earned by walking the walk not just the empty words of your talk and you didn't even write them.

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