The Delicate Balance of the Chastisements or Prayers

The Book of Truth




Written Oct 30


   Many of you in the know are confused at the present pace of earth changes. Yes you have a point to prove that you were telling the truth, but know this truth, comes a vast loss of life on this planet. Your ego can and will be bruised for all is not what it seems. At no time should you wish for the chastisements to become reality until the hand of God deems it so. Some you say higher beings have told us this will occur. What ever you may think the COW answers to God, the creator of all life in this universe and all parallel planes. Only a fool would believe different.

   You have been told prayers would mitigate the storms and earthquakes and this is the Truth as many lands that should have been destroyed are still here. But at the same time when these same prayers are answered by the penance and atonement of the faithful to save your world, you say nothing is going to happen. Remember, I am just a messenger and the time line of disasters change according to the will of God. Man has no say so, not even the prophets here on earth, which when told a time chooses to tell the world knowing events may change. This is their choice not Godís.

   This is the delicate balance where a disaster that forces a decision due to certain death versus coming to a spiritual conclusion that dictates your life after earth, which is your everlasting soul. It is here where the balance is in place to yield a harvest of the greatest numbers leaning towards God. What makes this heart wrenching is that few will act on the signs or these words. The goal is a true decision based on the heart not a turn of events. What you do not realize as there will always be an excuse to counter what you see. Your decision will be based on the Truth, not a plan to come out in front of others.

   As the Chastisements are held temporally, stopping the lost of millions of lives to give this world a chance to rise, this will change shortly. The new world order is in place and now will fool the world, even with these warnings. The wrath of God will be unleashed when His church removes all that is Him our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ beware, and nothing on this earth will hold back the power of God. Ask Francis to stop it and he will fail, as he and the antichrist still hidden on this day is the cause.

   You will face the greatest challenge as that which is evil shall be camouflage as good. With the power of suggestion by that which is evil over the entire world will taint the thoughts of weak souls seeking or has power, money and fame will fall over time as if you expect something different?

   This world is on the cusp of change. You will see all adore a new format and this will be your clue. All will be asked to give to those who need as time is not on the side of earth. The new church will evolve shedding old traditions to pull mankind together to benefit the poor, all religions, but the theme will leave out Jesus. Why?

   When the banks now supporting the poor, this again is a lie, you know your world has been totally infested by the dark side. Look beyond what is presented as if the greedy and those who create war and kill millions through low wages while increasing the cost of living through manipulation of oil and interest rates now care about the poor. All that follow will be destroyed as God protects all who follow the Truth. The dark side eliminates all who will turn from what they see to inform the world of danger. You are a traitor to the NWO and will be made an example for all to see when you go against the power of 666 the triangle of power. You say I repented and believe in God, but you are the spawn of satan and he has dominion over your life. Jesus can not protect you until you pass over, so know this, hide and make atonement. Let you not be part of this, if so faced with death and you have time ask forgiveness from Jesus your judge while on earth. Do it. Once you pass over the veil your fate is sealed by your actions on earth. 

   The date for the Second Coming has been set by the Almighty and not even His Son, Jesus or any man knows the date. The reign of Jesus against satan prophesized in the Bible, called for the seven in total or 3.5 years as the Great Chastisements began in late Dec 2012. Is it here where no man knows the date or the time frame, just an approximation that all of you need to prepare as the End Times as they are upon you as this generation is the last.

   The goal of the Chastisements is to awaken mankind to the Truth. There has been great progress within the media and with some within government and this has saved this nation of the United States of America from much death and destruction. Look at your hurricane season as almost all storms fizzled, but in other parts of world including Mexico, India, Pakistan and South East Asia were devastated. Count your blessings.

   This nation needs to rise above polarization, partisan politics designed to divide all of you by those in true control this nation hidden from your eyes. Everyday there is no new disaster; know that was one less day where lives and souls could be lost. The quicker you in control of this nation come together for the people, the less earth changes will hit this nation. Follow these instructions and this will be the safe haven for the world. Be foolish and follow the EU who will be lead by the antichrist as we speak in secret and eventually the destruction not seen since the time of Noah will befall this earth. This is your conscious choice.

   You ask quietly, how can we support all who would come to this land for safety? What you donít realize, is that there will be few survivors or means to transport in time to save them after the disasters when you will be pressed for a decision. Starvation, crimes of opportunity, the winter weather and lack of medical help will kill millions. Millions to billions will perish as souls make a firm decision when face with death. This is the key, make the choice ahead time and spare you and your family. Leave the details of food and protection to our Lord. This is the Word of God.


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