The Demise of the Jehovah Witnesses




Written July 31 11:59pm EST

Update Aug 7 11pm EST


   As the End Times becomes a reality as it will happen quickly, most of the religious will see with their eyes that many have perish and then what, for the faithful. Persecution and abuse will become a reality and the weak in faith will run. You will say I thought he was a strong person in the church, but cowards put up a great façade. For those not allowed to question promises of the Rapture many shall continue as they die in disasters, but how would you know, as many discount the media? Sooner or later a brave group will challenge the elders who will have no answers.

   What the Almighty has instructed me to do is to save all the innocent, but I will start with those belong to the Jehovah Witness sect. Currently their elders have convinced the innocent faithful, they are chosen and not subject to judgment by Jesus as men can now promise salvation if you do the works of the sect, which is a lie. All are judged by their sins and none of you, the elders can account for this. Your Baptism did erased original sin, but what about the current sins hidden from view of lust, anger, envy, pride and greed? What about the lack of charity towards those who do not agree with you as Jesus told you to gather the sinners? You say only the 144,000 will see Heaven, yet Jesus promised Heaven to the who died with Him at Calvary if they believed in Him and you think He would not offer it to all who believe? The Bible does not lie only men twist the Word of God.

   You have led the innocent astray for over a century as I know and for this you will be the first example of His Wrath. As I requested it and it was granted. It was written in the Bible many shall preach in His name, but Jesus will not know you, and you are caste aside. Your Bible tells you there is a lake of fire in which all souls are thrown into and it is written, but again it is figurative as you explain it, yet your clueless elders cannot interpret this. Hell is real and only one wants this not known. So who's agenda do you promote?

   You where given gifts, but chose to bury them as you do nothing to change the world, but preach door to door. You have isolated yourselves from others as if your way is the only way, but Jesus told you there are many paths, not one, but the road is narrow. All Christians are followers of Jesus, but you label then as answering to satan. So if I have this straight you are calling the Roman Catholic Church, which Jesus founded as your salvation a house of satan. It is time for your followers to use common sense and ask for insight as they read their Bible alone without indoctrination from others. If you do not agree they exclude you; no matter how kind and loving the soul is. Yes Jesus stated that being a politician corrupts most and to stay away, but nothing was said about voting and protecting the rights of the innocent from evil. Is this how you work, on the backs of others? How is that working for you?

   A sect allows no free thought or challenge as if the Word, which is true it would stand on its own. A sect subjugates its women as submissive, where they have no voice. A sect bans all contact of the group from those dismissed to protect its control, but the faithful do not see this level of deceit from the elders. The Almighty will allow dysfunction within your own to destroy what was built, as it does not know Jesus or respect the Church He built as Peter as his rock. This is written and this is why your sect will be one of the first to be destroyed to release trapped souls to embrace Jesus freely. This is a promise and watch as it unfolds.

   No man changes the Word of God or the religion that His Son set up for humanity to seek salvation. No man changes that Jesus died on a cross and interprets to be a stake; did you research Roman History of how chess compression comes from extended arms away from the body not above to suffocate?  No man tells you that your Lord and Savior, the Son of God, Jesus is an angel incarnated in Mary. A man gave you this interpretation and started a new religion that was not sanctioned by God.

   The Covenant between the Roman Catholic faith and God is sacred and replaced the Covenant with the Jews. This is written in the Bible and the Word of God does not change for any man or woman. No man is authorized to interpret the Bible as you speak of a figurative meaning. You will live in fear as your world around you is destroyed, then what? Your elders sing and praise the Rapture, but you are still by design going to remain on earth. The Rapture takes those souls who are cleaner that the brightest star, just how will you erase your sin when only Roman Catholic priests were given this sacrament of forgiveness? By your works that preach about Jehovah when you have to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, who died for your sins and you think in a disconnect He is an angel? Jehovah told you you must come through His to get to Him, I guess you missed the memo.

   What you were taught as I have told one of your faithful is 98% correct. The dark one changes a few things that it seems to come from God, but His Word never changes. This is the Truth.

   The Jews were the original chosen, but they broke their Covenant with God, the Father Almighty when they rejected His Son, the Messiah Jesus, because He was humble and poor. Now there is a New Covenant. This Covenant proclaimed by Jesus made Peter the head of His Church. The Almighty does not make mistakes, yet your elders have you believing otherwise.  How many of you need to be made victim souls? How many of your Kingdom Halls destroyed? How many displaced from homes with little hope, because you are so hardened? So what is the point were many will walk away as events unfold or embrace Jesus?

   You have been told of the end times are since 1914 over and over again. Here you lost some. Yes again, now within the next linear year this will occur in massive numbers. You have your members singing and praise God and this is good, but you do not allow your followers to question. I as authorized by Almighty have picked you first as you have corrupted the innocent and they are harden. This will not continue under my watch.   

  Some of your elders have raped and fornicated willingly with the women and young boys in and outside of the Kingdom Hall as you refuse to believe the rumors. They are men with sin and they lead you. Not one can question what you know is wrong for fear of removal. Women have no voice as they are submissive and you think this is what the Almighty wants? Some of get chastised by others within your group causing extreme stress and you were told to judge those by their action, yet these same rules do not apply among your own and you pay the price.  Your elders will tell you that believe as many die around you as a lesson. You are martyrs to save the many, you will realize what they preach and promise is not a reflection in your eyes of the world.

   As debate hits the Kingdom Halls by design, it is about saving souls. The faithful will scatter as all seek out an alternate, but many will fall to the one religion prophesized in Revelation led by the anti-christ. Confess your sins and ask for forgiveness from your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and happiness is yours. 

   You were told that the lost of life and events in Revelation was figurative. So as all is destroyed around you and the faithful will pray for the Rapture, but are still here, elders, they will know you lied. With this why your religion will be the first to be destroyed, to save your faithful who are innocent as they believe. I have witness your men look for other women, violate the youth as they sin and they are not above any other and your devoted are not allow consider any alternative or question. They are leading you to the pits of hell, as when the truth hits many will go insane, as they wasted their lives around what they see as a false doctrine and commit sin as the world is ending. This is the problem, lost souls running from a false religion. This is the Truth.

   All of you were promised removal from this world to the new earth paradise by the Rapture, but this was a false promise by your elders as only God the Father Almighty chooses to save those written in His Book of Life not a man pretending as his version of their Bible counts. The Word of God does not change, this was the lie your elders presented to you. So as you see Kingdom Halls flooded, crushed in earthquakes, your faithful die, are you going to believe your eyes or the empty words of your coward preachers who have no answers? The Almighty has chosen a few of you among your sect to change the views of your innocent. Who will stand up? It is with a heavy heart I had to do this as one of your faithful does not deserve this and will be saved with their family as a gift from God. They can choose to help save humanity or tap out with the Rapture, the choice is theirs.


Reprint: The Evil Sect of the Jehovah’s Witnesses


    Jesus speaks in June 18, 1985, “My Children, this may be a riddle to you, but I have warned you all: I have asked you all to retire from a world that has been given to satan for a short time. You must bar your doors to all but your immediate family and closest associates, for the souls of whom come knock upon your doors are most likely evil.  And you can not say, in pride, that you have the grace to immediate convert them. Many times My child, My children, We have seen others who only had a weak grace sustain them, fall into the clutches of the unknown monster roaming about the earth, taking away My Catholic children.

   I say the true Church upon earth—My Church, My children—which has been defamed, even by some of My clergy. They have been taken away by crude – and zealots – people who go about posing as witnesses to God. You understand, My children, I am talking to you now about the Jehovah Witnesses. They must be cast aside, for they are false prophets in these end days. But many – how many tears My Mother has shed upon the earth, as She sees how many have been … capitulated to the evil sect.”




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