The World’s Dirty Little Secret

Exploitation on a Mass Scale of Children

The Book of Truth



Written Dec 16


   We have focused on world problems, war, financial manipulation; power and suppression of the rights of people, but few of consider God’s most vulnerable, His children below or at the age of 12. You as adults have choices of whom you put in power, but are swayed by media, trends and prejudices. You as adults have a choice to follow the bankers in greed to attain in a material world. You as adult will now have a choice to follow the false prophets where your religion will not be the Word of our Lord. Many of the children of this world have no choice.

   I ask you to look at your child and then imagine life through their eyes. Dependant upon where you live, the economic profile of your parents or your birth sex all are factors that affects your future. So often in the West we choose to ignore for we do not want to see or choose to ignore the misery of the third world, but God cannot. For these are His children and as people of faith, He asks why do you look away? Gaze at your children, do you not feel love, do you not think on a universal scale the love of God does not fall on those who have less? You have been told all of mankind, are all His children, which you will soon be enlightened too during the warning. Consider the concept now, as you are ahead of the curve.

   Focus on the earth changes and you will see a pattern developing. You were told the storms and changes would show the countries and lands that displease the Almighty, the most. Look as South East Asia and soon India and Pakistan will join them with the same intensity. It is not because of the Moslem faith as they in there own way respect God, the Allah. The Hindu and Buddhist faiths point to a Supreme Deity, but lead many astray with the various depictions of God. Self enlightenment was a human idea leading to the wrong path, but let’s address the Truth.

   The children in these countries are sold into sexual slavery, both girls and boys at ages less than six in some cases. For money you would sell your child? The streaming of information through movies, communication devices link the world as one, but you do not see this yet as individuals from all walks of life want to part take. It is this want push by western media that pressures parents to sell their children especially girls as they are seen as a marital burden to the family. Many think their lives will change as greed taints morals and love. How would you feel as a child to be sold into prostitution? If you live past your usefulness, many will find the money made no change as it was loss due to poor management. This is the trap. When it is gone in months, you have no child. You know what their fate is, yet you thank your parents they did not sell you. They worked. They did what ever it took to support you. Now you bail on your own flesh and blood for money?

   You in the Western world say this is “their problem”, why should we care. The parents sold them and were compensated. Yes is true, but you failed to consider the source of funds. Now ask yourselves and tell the Truth. Do you really think those who frequent the child prostitutes are of the population of the host country?

   The Almighty speaks, “You, My children have forgotten My Laws delivered to by Moses. You think because it was not written, that you should not respect and honor the children given to you. That a male is above a female? If I took away your female life would cease on earth within a generation. You do no choose what child is important as all are equal in My eyes. You have flaws. This allows you disrespect that which I have given you to care for? What disturbs Me the most, is that you who call yourselves civilized with a wife and children come to the Far East to have sex with children. How perverted, as your money in the passion of lust destroys a nation. Look in the mirror and say to yourself, I just f..ked a child like I have at home. Are you proud? Is this what you need to wipe away your sexual shortfalls?

   Know this, during the warning your wife and children will know what you have done to God’s children. Know that you will not only face My Son, but face your family. Your tears will flow in shame. Every desire of lust for a child will be for all to know. Now stand before My Son and plead mercy for your sins. He, Jesus will forgive with repentance, but your family may not as you in their eyes are disgusting as it could have been them.”


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