Written Jun 4


   Many in the Christian community have looked upon the Duggars as allegedly judging others while professing their lives are just. The example is that all Christian families who are close to God should emulate their family. The Almighty allows the Truth to be told and even then humility should have presented that dark truth to the world so that all would heal. Was this recent interview a carefully orchestrated event where actually events told may be a stretch or a partial truth? Millions of dollars are on the line for the show. Many parties involved that do not care about the past injustices, as that is a private family matter and this is true. The problem is that the Duggars are not private. They are a public family with millions being influenced by the preaching that their lives represent that which is a fine example of living in the light of God and that all should follow. This is why the Almighty let the world see your ugly truth. This why your family did the interview and told a version of the truth that no one but the affected knows, but if millions are on the line well.

   Look at the words used, they say he touched their clothing and this is lie. He touched their underwear which is shear for little girls or if pajamas which are open with 2 snaps. In the passion of the moment do you not think after multiple attempts that his finger would not push the fabric aside or worse? All were asleep, sure. The world will never know unless a family member speaks out. There was shame and sin here and your first choice as a Christian parent was to hide this event. The parents have an agenda and like when their children were molested by one of their own, what to do, cover up was the choice made. The video shot with all heads bowed praying is a lie, a media shot, for their only concern was to preserve wealth. This is not the way of God. Incest occurs in more than 20 percent of US families and this is a conservative estimate. It is about change and to protect your daughters. Can you do this?

  Multiple people suffered due your solution and pressure to bury it, left scars for the girl children no matter how you spin. Jesus hears their pain as they cry out in fear of the adults. No one knows the tears that flow in silence, but Jesus knows. Jesus speaks, "Let no man hide a sin that the world should learn from, as I forgive all. But if you hide it for pride or money, you are not of Me." This can not be hidden anymore, for not one more soul will lost in the pursuit of money by those who profess to speak in the name of the Lord. How would others perceive this is the danger as other families would hide incest as they can handle it like you? You have been told never allow a sin against the children, for you will be destroyed. Some people sell their souls in order to get back what was lost; only when given the glitter is gone. This is the lesson. Heed these words.


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