Easter Thoughts


Written:: Easter Week 2005 

   I am sorry, the new theories on magnetic flow and fields are taking so long, but I shall have something very soon. Anyway, I have a new passage to inspire the few on the spiritual side, remember, this is now my primary directive. 

   During Holy Week, as Good Friday and Easter approaches for the Roman Catholic faith, we need to reflect on the true meaning of these days. It is for all to realize that Jesus Christ is the true human incarnation of God the Father among us. He chose to humble His spirit among all creation for everyone to learn His ways. Many will scoff at these words, but there are those who will believe, so lets plant a seed. How many of you, the appointed kings due to tradition and worldly wealth, yes you, would dare trade places youíre your laborers? Where policies and taxation put in place over time holds them in bondage, but then they must rise above lifeís turmoil to believe they were put here for a purpose and inspire all? How many CEOís of a mining global conglomerate would trade places with their third world workers and endure poor wages, constant threat of death due to cave ins from corporate cost cutting measures in tunneling and construction techniques to support a stock price? Has the moral fabric of life been replaced by a cost? How many women would go from Miss Universe to a missionary who works with the lepers to relieve the suffering while exposing themselves to the disease? All heads should bow and pay homage to the Almighty. He has humbled himself and became the common one among us. Suffering the pains of life thru His Sonís crucifixion only to show us a better way, the salvation of the soul. Can any of you can walk in His shoes choosing to give up ALL life gains to become the simple peasant who cares for all. No one loves you more than God the Father, for He sacrificed His Son for you. Truly itís time to put your life into perspective and reflect on the past and ponder the future at this Holy Easter, think about what He has done for you through His Son!

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