The Economic Plan of the Dark

Financial Collapse of the US and the World


Written Jan. 3 2012

Update Jan. 5 2012

   In America with time short as the Earth changes awaken mankind out of their slumber, we need to go over the plan that destroyed the financial systems of the US and World. A plan created in Europe executed by a man hidden in darkness, but known by the inner circle of the Illuminati and those backing the NWO. The minions, Bush and company, first relaxed the oversight in the mortgage markets allowing the unqualified to fuel speculation and artificially create the foundation for a housing bubble to occur. Lets go over this well planned global agenda.

The Goals of the Plan (in black)

comments (in red)

Allow banking and mortgage regulations in America to go lax on credit worthiness for first home buyers

This was enacted under the Bush Administration as pro-business and less government

Push real estate flipping as the next get rich scheme through media shows

Speculation fueled the markets in NV, Fl, Ca especially where investment properties was a significant portion of buying and selling, the HG channel

Allow greed of the population of the US to expand the bubble as a free choice

Americans see this as a way to financial freedom with property values skyrocketing, this is the new investment vehicle

With overall stagnant wages over the last decade, allow banks increase credit lines on the inflated values of the home, the new ATM

Insurance companies were pushed to increase the covered value of the homes for 2nd mortgages America's new ATM as equity rose

Fuel spending with technological advancements based on the needs of the children and the increased disposable income pushed through Reality shows

Numerous shows not needing a mention, showed communication devices to clothing all needed to be popular in the eyes of others, excess consumption

Package all loans into Collateralized Mortgage Obligations as investment grade AAA

With any toxic loan, the goal is hide what is suppose to be the few among the good, the key is here is to keep to ratio low, but greed dictated another path

Get all ratings agencies on board by any means necessary

All credit rating agencies were ordered to look the other way by giving a strong rating to all CMOs, with this stability would be maintained in the mortgage markets

Sell them to retired or near retirement investors as safe in the US, those who cannot afford to lose late in life

Offer large commissions to brokerage firms to put CMOs into house inventories, then push the investment like a safe bond to the elderly, they will trust you

As funds in US just start to dry up, borrow CMOs from customer accounts then sell short all US holdings to overseas banks, governments and pension funds

This was the key, knowing the banks and pension funds can only hold AAA by their charters, once a down grade takes place, the investment vehicle as a position can be closed out for pennies on the dollar as only those who are short would be a willing buyer. This sets up the destabilization of European Banks and financially fragile governments.

Sell heavily short into the rising world stock market especially US markets as the public feel they cannot lose

When creating any market top, the key is to sell into the frenzied buying of the public you may not get the top, but the average overall you will set the top

Allow the housing bubble to burst by tightening all credit as a response to self created lax financial regulation

Expose the abuses of the financial mortgage although self created as reason to tighten credit, thus shutting down the inflow of money needed to support the market

Allow world markets to crash

With all short positions prey on the theme of hold enforced into the public mind by averaging down, you set the bottom based on your greed on when you need to cover

Expose CMOs as not credit worthy, forcing European banks and pension funds to sell as they cannot hold junk status investments

European Banks and Brokerage firms over leverage are now caught as all were told they could not lose and now need to dispose of all CMOs according to Charters

Allow Bush to bail us out (TARP FUND) and use the money to buy back the borrowed short CMOs sold to Europe closing out the position  and return the CMOs to the accounts in America with losses

Bush signed into law 10/3/2008 over 700 billion dollars of your taxes to stabilized financial investments created before 3/14/2008.  Bailing out financial institutions with the promise to pay it back. All insiders knew, this was the money to close out the short positions overseas and return the CMOs to the American consumer accounts, passing all losses to them. Profits insured more than coverage for any fines if caught. With the correct spin, few took any losses or jail time.

Hide most the immense revenues off shore

With your new found wealth, continue to cry broke and let your assets open other investment opportunities. Let the weak fold, reduce staff, maximize profits, create dependence.

A small fractional portion of the money use to stabilize all positions in the Bank, but allow the public perception on too big to fail through the media

Use some of the profits to stabilize markets to a marginal degree to maintain sympathy in Congress an a weak public perception. Use media outlets like Fox to promote to big to fail, then a year later, reverse positions pointing the blame to the Democratic President. Allow the vision of weak as you increase the flow of wealth from from the governments to you.

Use the gains from the short positions in Europe to close out all short position on US and other world markets

Allow the gains you made in Europe cover most of your naked shorts in the US, it is here you will destroy the purchasing power of US citizen as all pension, 401, brokerage accounts and house equity are cut in half and setting up a political destabilization incase Democrat wins in 2008. (Plan in place prior to 2003)

Again in the US market, allow some weak banks to fail, lay low and celebrate the greatest transfer of wealth freely given

This is now history

Lay the platform for one currency as a safe haven as European countries are bankrupt with America close behind

Currently going on in Europe to save the many failing governments

Tighten World Control

Their hope, as you the American people continue to fail to see what has been done to you, as denial is their bliss


   Currently in the United States, many think Obama inactions is the cause of their problems, but this could not be further from the truth. Many have overspent using the equity in their homes. All thought they were entitled to this profit, forgetting now it was a falsely inflated due to fraud allowed by a Republican Administration after the fact. It is the loss of disposable income that is capping job creation in America with wages basically flat over the last decade. Covered by inflation introduced to American markets by smaller packages, less quality, and reduced services. Until this changes, it will be government that changes the future, with business changing as disposable income for the American worker increases thus causing hiring in the private sector.

   As union and government jobs are loss, the death economic spiral continues. With any Corporation mistakes are made by their leaders. Huge bonuses to bring them over, but no accountability. If they fail, do they give back their golden parachutes full of perks? No, but the workers get fired, just ask Bain Inc or some governors crushing unions. So the workers are held accountable for the mistakes of the rich? This is not America and how we do things here. You screw up, your fired, no perks, just the pink slip, just like all others. It is time to get back to basics.

   If McCain was president, conditions contrary to your beliefs, would be worse. As no policies to change your plight would be enacted.  Now, unions do have some problems, but for the most part, they have built this nation. Provided fair wages and health benefits that would not be possible without them. But with any system there are those who take advantage of the system on the backs the their fellow workers, leaches. This needs to be changed for the preservation of unions, business and America.

   In the Presidential race you, the Republicans have escalated many to doubt our political system by lack of knowledge and even more so by hate. You have counted on a population that you considered dumb down and easily manipulated. Now you fault me for dropping a dime, hoping they would not take me seriously. It is time for you, the Republicans to cut the puppet strings and think for yourself when it comes to improving America. This is what politics is about. Serving the people, but allowing those ideas and ingenuity to conquer markets. There are no guarantees of tax breaks and lax regulations, as that stacks the deck on one side. Are the rich out of ways to steal ideas and now have to really work?

Update Jan. 5:

   My answer is yes by the current example of Pepsico. They have had 8 back to back quarters of profits in what seems to be a depression in America. Earnings have risen 37% from 2008 to 2011 (look it up on the web). Now their goal is to cut jobs, wages and benefits of the workers to boost shareholder return on Wall Street. And you are proud of what corporate America is about? What is sad, is that many in America are buying this. Look, the front runner in the Republican party was a corporate raider with a history of destroying companies for a profit. You would rather elect a liar, called by another candidate seeking the same job and there is the video tape of other flip flops, than elect Obama. Are you that blinded by hate and the veil of deceit? It is time to examine each of your consciences for the truth before we as a people destroy this great nation. Romney you call yourself a man of faith, yet you spew lies to get elected. How is that spin working for you in the eyes of God?

   The key with any plan is convince all who want the position of the elite to look in the wrong direction while picking their pockets. As the best fool is the want to be, blinded by what they think is ambition. Many of you, who are rich took a bath in investments and total wealth during the last down turn. What is funny is that you don't even realize, you are the prime target. It is not the middle class. Definitely is not the poor. They have no real wealth, but you do or should I say for some, soon to be the many, had. (Update End)

   They have stolen enough in the short markets and you the Republicans think we should just give it all away in the hope they give us a job when the elite enacted this plan? Think again, for I will protect the rights of America first, then the world.

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