The Cradle of Human Civilization




Written Jan 02


 So you have many questions on the Garden of Eden, but few are true answers you seek as the media forces their spin as documentaries answer some and divert you from the Truth with most. Their conclusions have no proof, but speculate upon that which is related to the Word of God. Only through His prophets shall you know the Truth. The prophets put to paper the Word of God as the Almighty told them word for word to save and guide you. This is the Bible. There is no interpretation by the minds of men and as in the past the Word of God again guides mankind through a select group of seven prophets that He chooses in present today during the end times. What was written as a guide educates all to the dangers of the end times, but is updated with real time clarification that does not go against the Word of God. If not, many more billions of souls will be snatched from the grip of God by the dark side. With this, you have read His Words, a prophet will not be respected or listened too in their homeland as social media expands what was the town now applies to the world. This will change after the warning. 

   What mankind does not realize is that the Garden of Eden never existed on Earth. How could it, as they were children of God. But when the original children of God were expelled the physical area of exile coincided with Mesopotamia for a very brief period of time as the two planes of existence intersected by the hand of God. Eden was an actual physical area where the vibrational frequency of matter on the atomic level far exceeds that which you see on earth, but less than that of the heavenly plane of existence of the Almighty, His Son Jesus, The Holy Spirit and His angels and saints as flesh existed instead of a spiritual essence of vapor unknown to mankindís knowledge.

   Do you not make reference to what you call advance beings coming from a plane of existence that is invisible to your eyes? Do not think that the Creator, God the Father Almighty would exist in the highest realm? You are given so many clues as ghosts the incarnate version of a human spirit is allowed influence your physical existence. They have no power unless you let them. This is your mistake. Small minds trying to understand the greater plan of the universe as you base it on a feeble understanding, mankindís knowledge. The greatest flaw is the refusal to believe the there is a great entity responsible for all evil. If you refuse to believe, you are prey. This is why your world suffers. Shortly this will accelerate to where what6 has been censored by your media and scientists will crush this nation. You chose to believe the lies in hope that you will be saved. Your family will know your betrayal to mankind as you bragged of safety that will not come, Karma.

   Now your scientists doubt these words as you say how can this be? Your Black Project scientists are well aware of a multidimensional universe and how matter changes at some point into a pure spiritual essence as the vibrational rate of the nucleus of matter accelerates. Where thought as an individual (the soul) no longer needs a body and travel transverses the universe without the factor of time or your perceived conception of distance. This is how you as a lowly physical entity ascend. As you on this sorry planet try, only because mankindís greed destroyed it; and elevate yourselves as if your intellect can understand the creation of life and this universe. What is so sad is that you the elite worship the dark one in weird ceremonies who you can not see, yet you think God is a joke. Power reigns, and you see love as an instrument of the weak. This is your world. Yet each of you like to be held with warmth, compassion, devoted attention to boost your ego. Both worlds with soon separate and you will lose love and light, good luck.

   The Almighty created the universe by mere thought, as he wanted more than self existence. As the source of all life and love he spread life throughout the universe with all of its balances and complex biospheres each adapted to its solar star or self contained planet. Outside of the creation of life and the universe, He wanted children as does any married couple wants on earth, a family of their own. As the only source of creation, the Almighty does not need or have a mate to answer your questions in advance. He is the alpha and the omega nothing is needed to create. Only his creations need a mate and many self replicate by design.

   Do you have rules and regulations for the good of your children to protect them, but outsiders undermine your authority? This is what happened in the Garden of Eden as the Almighty gave His children free will. When the dark one seduced the children of God, they became impure and could not exist where the spirit of God was present in its entirety. This was Holy Land that only allowed the spirit of God and that of Satan to exist in harmony, but the children of Eden had a choice of free will, eat from the tree of life, that of satan and embrace the tree of knowledge, which they did.

    When the children of God fell, this upset the balance in their universal plane and expulsion followed as a cleansing. It is like what is now happening on earth as it must be cleaned before Jesus returns. The Almighty reduced the vibrational rate of the molecular of matter of Eden until it matched that of the earth plane. Many glimpse this great area as time to merge remained for almost a month, earth time and those who were here on earth wrote about the arrival of the children of God. Once here blessed with the gift of immortality they mated with the indigenous population already on earth.  The children of Adam and Eve mated with the ingenious population extending life of thee children, thus the myth of immortality as their life cycles decreased to the indigenous population.

   Just what did the natives see? In the mist that formed as the two planes met your legend Adam and Eve walked forward and once clear of the perimeter, Eden increased its vibrational rate and disappeared until its appointed return a thousand years after the Second Coming. This is the Truth.

   The earth did merge at a certain point that corresponds to a definitive point on the surface of earth along with a shared point in time that links both parallel planes of existence. The Bible gives clues to where Adam and Eve first walked this earth. This is what your scientist now searches for. A realm that existed for the children of God touched the earth as a point of exile and was removed. This is what you need to understand.

   Earth has been in existence for billions of years, yet the Bible tell us the children of God have been in place for a several thousand years. The Bible does not mention the dinosaurs, why? As they did not exist when they arrived, but the giants did mentioned in the texts of the Sumerians did.

   Mankind was planted here (exiled) not created by others as some are shoving this concept down your throats. No advanced life form in this universe has the power to create life, only God. Anything that alludes to this is a lie and comes from the darkside. Your

Governments are hiding the age of the pyramids and with certain shows letting you know giants once roamed and ruled earth. Youíre history is not what you were taught, but all will unravel shortly. Prepare as you will hear the Word of God.


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