Written Feb. 4



   In any war, the most difficult is the one where the enemy is not only invisible, but those of you who are trying to saved, believe there is no threat. How many times we have seen this scenario? This is what you face. You have faith, but this can wane by your inititial success of prayer, which has mitigated the chastisements. Your devotion to our Lord has stopped much of the earth changes to this point, but how do you stress to others subtly, that change is here? You cannot, this is why you were told ignore all that you see by Jesus, trust in Him only and proceed with His Plan.

    You were told the date of the Second Coming now has been set and only the Father, God Almighty knows the date as many events and at least some years have to transpire. This is the Truth. These events must happen as they are written in the Word, your Bible, but the worse parts of the chastisement shall be shorten or mitigated if mankind continues to be converted at an accelerated rate. For the faithful, count each day as another blessing where misery and gross injustices when they happen will set a new low for humanity. Earth changes will be greater than any recorded set of events in modern history, but the span of time, shorten.

   With the rise in Atheism promoted secretly by those aligned with the dark one, political regimes will lessen the place of the Church and God in the lives of many in the poor Christian countries and to the surprise of the world, laws against blasphemy in the name of tolerance of others will be introduced in the Moslem world.

    In the Christian nations it will be the introduction of laws to remove public displays of the Crucifixion, denying access to the rural and some urban churches at first for sacraments as few are watching or care. Tolerance of other religions will be made to back the removal of public displays, but the root objective is to implant a whisper of doubt among the faithful Jesus was just a myth. The goal is to let believe in God and His place in your life grow as a myth while the earth changes in some result in fear. You must rise above this Christians as this is your faith and you were taught these times would come and they are here, the End Times. Let’s review again what you have learned through the years. The science in the Grant Chronicles here is not in your text books and almost all of you suspect it is true, and it is. Then the truth about your political systems was revealed and this is the Truth. What is most important is that I Grant believe fully in the Almighty and Jesus as our Savior. Make no mistake, it is great to know the secrets of the universe and give them to mankind, but first I respect my source of all that I know, and all that I believe comes from one source, that which is God. I thank Him everyday for the gift through prayer. Now you will realize that the words here are from God as the Trinity. Again, this is the Truth.

   America you still execute prisoners in America within your penal systems when you were told not to judge and on the tables of doctors with abortions? Life on earth provides lessons and execution does not give some to feel remorse and seek forgiveness a chance to grow spiritually as life does not end. This is not your decision to make. Now the uproar, oh you’re pregnant and now it’s an inconvenience, terminate it. He would never be a good father, but you dropped your …... It was not an inconvenience when you were having unprotected sex. With choice comes responsibility.

   Few state, I was raped and that was disgusting, but you do not kill another as a reaction to fertility from a crime. Allow someone who would care to have the gift of life through adoption no matter what the circumstances surrounding birth are. My life depends on it; I don’t remember any doctor that can guarantee life, this is the Almighty’s role period! But your decision can destroy life, which is a final choice. You have a doctor, what chance does the unborn have with you as their, “protector”?

   For the many around the world who believes in Allah, those in power in the middle east and Asia shortly will cite extremism in your nations as the reason for change. But, truly it will be to eliminate the importance of God (Allah) in the lives of citizens, because of that which has been caused by man. They will betray you.  It is strictly forbidden to kill another no matter how you justify it in your mind, because all life is sacred in the eyes of the Almighty or as you revere as Allah. What you will soon find out is that Allah the God of Muhammad, the Almighty who is the God of Abraham also is the Father of Jesus, the leader of the Christian faith, the Savior of this world are one. Now you can continue you wander as the dark one continues confuse mankind or consider this is the Truth.

   You have been told many times in the sacred texts; all sins no matter how grievous against mankind, that every one will be forgiven by asking Jesus, you’re judged according to true remorse. But in your ignorance, tradition and the shame you feel from others, many may choose to discount the existence of God.

   Almost all of you don’t have a clue about this universe works or its various realms unknown to your eyes and technical instruments, and so you place suspect trust of your future with the whims of men? Many of you, yes you, especially those who are educated seem to think he knows more than God and for this you shall pay unless you heed the words. This is no Bible thumping pound on my chest, this is the Truth. You read so many books and believe them as a result. Words etched in stone until the next discovery renders your claim to fame as a farce.  Nations have fallen on the beliefs of men, but the Bible is the Truth.  

   For the Moslems, honor killings have no place in this society. Exactly whose honor was hurt, not Allah as he forgives, although it seems you can’t. If the problem is so great, send then away and never talk to them again. I am sure few that go against the “family” if they knew you were going to kill them, not one would ever knock on your door. Your neighbors and friends will not count, out of sight out of mind. Ask yourselves and do not lie; all of you would rather find love than have it arranged. Lets see how willing you would be if age and beauty are factored out even if she is rich? Cheating of course would be death. No disrespect in this extreme example as this can apply to both sexes. I can just hear you now. Oh I just love the prune like texture of your skin, the soft touch upon those crusty hard deep crevasses just tingle the tips of my fingers or I just love the way your skin flutters in the gentle breeze, it turns me on. Get real, if you can not do it yourselves; than do not expect the woman too. You are all equal.

   In all seriousness, if the fundamental laws in your religions are changed, know this was done by man without the approval of the Almighty who send his Son, Jesus and the prophet Muhammad. What has stood for centuries, should be suspect if changed for the tolerance of others. Rules are in place for a reason, as to guide mankind. When mankind changes that which is in the Bible or other sacred scripts them to suit the needs of others, then it is mankind, that is trying to replace that which is God, beware. Hold firm in your beliefs, which hold true the laws of God and true justice for all.

   Sacred servants do not fear the unknown as you do not want to betray Jesus again like the Pharisees during the Second Coming. Removal of the sacraments, prayer of the Rosary, the crucifix and receiving of the Eucharist, this was all foretold and yet for some of you, few believe it is happening now, but the signs are all around for the astute. Prepare for Jesus who is depending on you to be the source of the Sacraments needed to sustain faith. Stand up for Jesus and for once in your lives and deliver His flock.


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