The End Times has Begun


Written Feb. 23 5pm EST

   Seven years has past since the Son God, Jesus opened the First Seal on February 22, 2012. Few of you, more important the faithful still do not believe. The floods are here, but have increased at a rate it seems normal. You were told almost two decades ago, rain would be measured in feet, snow now buries homes under a dozen feet, polarization in the population now in the US as the EU is rioting. You laughed and explain it away in denial as global warming, so be it. Schism in the church is rampant as the Vatican has a conference to address the sex abuses of past times, yet the Bishops are asking a handbook for advice to take home. Is this a joke? The only advice they need is keep their zippers up and protect the weak instead of sexually exploiting them in your constant state of weakness.

   Satan now rules the Vatican as you were warned in Third message from Fatima, but you did not believe. Francis has introduced the acceptance of other religions as a choice. There is only one religion that, which Jesus established under Peter. All others are false. This is the lesson the world will soon learn.

   The Almighty speaks, “ I as your Father seek to save as many of you for the world I have carefully prepared you. My one and only Son, Jesus who died for your sins to create a balance in the universe is now complete. Read the Bible for guidance no matter how you think it is out dated, but mankind can not lead you. I will be in your minds and through My Words given to you by my prophets.

   I will not let one of be taken by the dark one. All you have to do is call out My Son’s name Jesus and ask for forgiveness. What you will face in the short future is far worse than the times of Noah, heed this warning. Few of you believe in Me your Father and even fewer see My Son Jesus as the King of the new earth.

   My church crumbles under the deceit of satan as all men are subject to sin. What you need to understand is the Word is perfect as it comes from Me, God the Father Almighty. It is my servants that are weak and succumb to sin influenced by the dark one. What you will soon face, is to bring you home to Me. This world was temporary and the time for it to end in its present is now.”

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