Enlightenment for the Chosen People:

 The Jewish Race

The Book of Truth



Written May 21


   Over the past many months prayers by Christians have been offered in the name of the Jewish race as they were the chosen race. That time has ended and these same prayers are now being offered to save the Christians from the raft of the antichrist and his agents on earth. For, it was the Gentiles that accepted the Messiah for who He was. Now let’s offer the Jewish race, the Almighty’s chosen some enlightenment as He is the source.

   Almighty speaks, “It has been over 2000 years since you have heard My voice ring in your minds to guide My people. Your ancestors remember how My spirit burned in their souls. I sent you Abraham whose seed would multiply like the grains of sand on the beach. I sent you Moses to free you from bondage, but most important I sent you My Son to free you from sin; for it was written in the prophecies of the Torah. It was written My chosen people would reject the Son of God so that He could save all of humanity. Now centuries have passed and your hearts have hardened on the whole. I ask as God Almighty as the power of My voice surges through your body, ask Me in prayer if Jesus was the Messiah. Ask Me in prayer to give the wisdom of discernment as to choose what is right in the eyes of your God, who has never abandoned you, but was waiting for your free will to call out and accept My gifts. My chosen people seek My voice and you shall have an answer. It is not about your friends, family, it is about your God and all will fall into place. You were given free will so you must call out to Me to seek the answers that has left an emptiness in your soul. Seek Me first than as will build a new relationship I will tell you about My loving Son as He pines for His chosen people.

   Now a warning, there are some in your government of Israel that is furthering war as protecting the nation, but have been fooled. Be aware as war has only one source no matter how you spin it as protecting God’s chosen.  I gave you a home but you seek more as My children suffer. Did you offer fair compensation or take under the guise of a barrier with false flag encounters coupled with real terrorism to solidify the direction of a nation? Just how far is this barrier going to extend in the name of peace as you settle instead of a buffer zone? The cooperation in this world is shallow. The promised peace after war is false as your land will be handed over to the antichrist as a favor for peace and stability in the Middle East. The goal will be worse than what Hitler had done to your race in Germany, total elimination. The worse part, are some in government have sold your country out. This will not happen again or will be lessen if you seek the Truth. Do not be fooled into the western nations protecting you as most will be under control of the beast.

   Watch as all falls apart around you, but if you are astute call out to the Almighty before you are prey. It is about the conversion of Israel and the Jewish race as I your God, the Almighty will caste aside all who do not believe in My Son. Heed My Words as your Father and know I love you and wish to hold you as My chosen once again. Listen to My pleas, ask and then with knowledge you may welcome your Messiah. This your second and last chance to accept He who has come in My name, My Son. Do not let your pride and arrogance stop your inheritance, for when He comes from the clouds, it will be too late and you will know you have been lied to. Let's not repeat a mistake twice. Once you know, seek My Seal of Protection and say it everyday so that you and your family will not be part of what seems like a second Holocaust that will engulf Israel.”


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