The Book of Truth


Written Sept 27



   Everyone at one point in their life has dream about being anything but themselves. Ask yourself; did not many of those that made it, were at one time in most cases the same as you? So what opportunities have changed in their lives?

   For some it was hard work achieved by their own God given talents and the perseverance to succeed. For many it was being in the right place and time, an unspeakable deed, the connection with someone in the business and the few called in a favor. Others see an opportunity to imitate as they see themselves in the place of those they emulate at any cost. You dress like them; act like them and in the case of imitating some stars leads to violence and drugs as your mind is clouded with wealth and fame. This is envy at its worst as you wind up not only destroying yourself, but those that may care about you. This is a suggestion provided by the dark one. Although, when presented it is you that will take the bait. With all the perceived glamour presented as false, many of you who follow that path will fall.

   Envy creates wants. All of which, that may lead to greed and lust and when presented with an opportunity that you know is wrong, when tempted many sell their souls. How, because they will give anything, to achieve which they see, as their own. Almost all think they will not be called on it. This is the trap of envy and the dark one who entices everyone even the savvy. When called, many ends in suicides or murder and this, is by design.

   Envy on the simple level manifests itself in a family. The favorite child who builds resentment among other siblings or in fewer cases of mother/daughter relationships, this ends up being taken advantage of by the lustful husband/father. Ultimately, destroys the family when he should have never touched that child of his, who now feels betrayed as attention is not to be confused with sex. This is disgusting in the eyes of the Lord. 

    At the job, all is on the line to be on top as you destroy many through lies, all in envy of their position. You envy the spouse of another go after it and they may fall as you are an escape from that which is at home. When caught and they show up as a permanent fixture in your life, now what?

   Before you envy anotherís life or possessions consider the responsibilities that come with it. Did you play by the rules or skirt them leaving a path of destroyed lives. This is some of what you will be judge on when committing the sin of envy. This is the Word of God.


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