Current Events April 8, 2011


Written April 8

   Current events are morphing as we speak, the elite are reformulating their plans as a tip the balance of influence back in their favor due to continuing Earth Changes and must have voice to counter word of mouth. That voice is Fox news. The change on most shows presently has been subtle, as a real debate is now being allow more to transpire between host and guests as the shows end. This is a change from the united front of total support for the Republican and tea party to one that considers some aspects the issue that would be good for the people, but allow an edge for the rich, a positive change from just backing the rich.

   What about Beck and his recent "firing", or reassignment? With events now becoming more extreme, Beck is now seen as baggage. Yes he did mention prepare for uncertain events, but the message is seen as crazy and ineffective. Is the world coming to an end? For some, yes, others it will change for the better. The middlemen at Fox know the wind of change for the Republican party is projected to falter in the near future by events and disclosures outside of their hands. So a slow back peddling is an astute decision buy the executives in charge. Beck was told what to say about the end of the world as a test and like a pawn hooked to greed and fame, he followed by his choice. The end of the world is rumored to be the reason, but it was the support for the tea party and extremes of the Republican party, that sealed his fate.

   As for Trump, a very smart man is playing on the emotions of hate. The secret service investigated Obama long before he was a viable candidate and the Supreme Court secretly examined all aspects of the case, which was presented by Bush for McCain. The conclusion, he is legitimate, and let it go was meet with distain. Those still incensed at the closed door decision, covertly promoted the "birther" agenda. It is about, planting the idea in the public's mind that a different person from you, is in the White House and he is not one of us. This is plan of the those who at all costs want him out, so they can control your government and the direction it takes during the disasters. Know this, you are not part of their plan. Trump in this case has poor advisors and it not his staff, always on the winning side may fall due to this decision, but Trump is resourceful, lets see his next move.

   The bankers and middlemen are in panic, if further disasters occur the population will reference events leading up to these changes and point the finger at them. They have calculated the Democrats will also be seen as suppressing the truth as they did, so what is the wildcard?

   The Democrats that considered revealing the truth have been silenced, like Obama under national security, the others, (most long standing members of Congress) planned to share the wealth from the spoils of the Middle East, oil and gas. A promise the previous administration will not be able to keep. The middle men were left with the housing bubble and exploiting the short positions that ravaged pension funds and 401 K plans. All of this is a fact as we live with the repercussions of those choices in our day to day life. All have seen what will happen when keeping quiet in Japan, most have consider this as acceptable casualties in a greater cause, but the losses will grow as other countries experience the same and worse.

   Is there one person out there as a politician that will hold the tax cut given to the rich to the creation of jobs. Where are the jobs with the financial corporate welfare you have been given? There is no uncertainty, you have the money and you are sitting on massive corporate profits. Risk, the public gave you the money to risk, it is not yours or will this show the public your true intent. Where you invest in the emerging markets and overseas first, hoard and then spend some of the profits to expand business here. Republicans gave your tax receipts away for a hope. I hope they invest the tax dollars my representatives gave them to help America. There is hope and then there is greed, America will be shown, although most already know.

   As predicted, the Republicans would push forward a willing group of new leaders (scapegoats) and this has happened with Paul, Bachmann and the governors of several states taking charge. They win, they ascend the political structure, they lose, well.

   Changes that need to be made. We all are in this together, it is not us against them, that occurs in war. If you give a tax cut to spur jobs, then make sure they are delivered. If not, give the same money back to the taxpayers, they will spend it and growth for the well positioned will occur. Get over the moral agenda, some Republicans and a few Democrats use people and religious groups and their beliefs to get elected, but few have and practice the same morals as a devout Christian. Just look at the long line of affairs in Washington over the years, do you really want to know, trust me you don't. Let address the total picture affecting America and stop focusing on special interests to direct the course of the ship. It time to move away from the person that can raise money, deliver a promise with a well written script, but when faced with a challenge seeks an advisor with their own agenda. A true leader sinks or swims on his or her decision alone, in these times the cream will rise to the top as long as the goal supports the general population of mankind. 

   A warning for the Republican Party you were voted in mostly on change and the residual hate left in some Americans due to a black president being elected. Remember your intentions and those of the population backing the tea party are known, like an open book, lets not go there. Be careful on how you project your ideas and agenda as the will of the voter. The voter wants less spending, but a wise allocation of assets delivered back to the public to get America working again. Government is reduced to cut red tape and spur growth for all, but not allow the well positioned to defraud or out right steal due to lax regulations. Above all, many are watching the flip flop of lies in order to counter any decision of Obama that might work. Trust me, few of you will want to stay in the primary elections due events outside of your control. For the people will see some of you as weak and the loser that you are. So in this game that you want to play where the people are losing lets roll the dice again. Elections for some Republicans and elder Democrats will be the least of their problems when faced with the anger of those Americans who you sold out with Bush, but then again most will be hiding in their bunkers cowering.

   By the way fix the budget, you all know what is coming. For just once do the right thing Boehner, show me that there is hope for you.

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