Events in the Boston Tragedy

The Marathon takes on a New Meaning, Hope 2013



Written April 15, 2013

Updated April 16


   On this day, Christ sends out His mercy to try and heal all if accepted, as He understands your pain on this sad day. The Boston Marathon is the pride of New England and the state of Massachusetts, where freedom rose against tyranny, the British Empire and now this sporting event on Patriot’s Day is tainted by the acts of the vile. Is it organized or just a random group seeking attention, rumors of someone caught, now no longer a focus, now is this another conspiracy as one of their own is removed?  All point to a covert organization with resources as secret cameras were avoided as knapsacks left, but no one noticed. All were photographed, but none registered as dropping in several locations leaving empty handed. This was not an amateur event, but made to seem so although affects seemed to be muted for shock and awe.

   Why is your focus on Boston, Jesus when thousands are dying everywhere on earth? Jesus speaks, “I have always been with you through every tragedy. Do you think I have not heard your prayers? When I answer, it is about faith and your requests that is part of the will of our Father. I grant these requests for the benefit of all. In Boston many cried out in My name and I saved hundreds. Satan influences all on earth and this is a part of life. Do you in America call out to Me in massive numbers to save a African child? No, you think, they have too many children they cannot support in an economic system your world creates. All life comes from the Father. All life is precious. This is what you need to know. All of you are equal in the eyes of the Father including the prophets.”

   When events are prophesied they seem to taking advantage of events that has already happened. It is here, that a disconnect happens in the public eye, as events yet to happen are so distressful, they are anything but that which was predicted. This is what the world faces today, denial. So what did happen behind the veil of deceit and what did they hope to accomplish?

   What they did not accomplish was massive death causing extreme level of fright where immediate changes in US security are needed. It did bring people together and inspire candlelight vigils. The devices planted by those working for the New World Order hoped take away your right to enjoy a holiday in peace. It was no mistake that the flags of the world were displayed in front of the explosion only to be strewn about the street in a flash of panic, take heed. This plan was delayed by minutes to minimize results where 1st explosion was to be massive. The blast was reduced in destructive force an act of God as the flash and shock was allowed to happen as those examining the trace patterns left are baffled, but you the public will never hear of this, national security. As a day goes by hints of gunpowder were likely used to explain the low yield. The lone wolf is put forth and a connection made with Pakistan as to the design of the bomb.

   So how did 2 bombs get planted as no one would where 2 backpacks or stash it in a bomb sweep area? The crowds are funneled past covert strategic points, which all have bomb detection sniffers. This is the homeland security of today, make no mistake. Now before you say conspiracy know you have dead. They penetrated your defenses and cameras without a trace until a scapegoat is found. Traces that lead to a shaped charge, but it was an amateur, that built a bomb from a pressure cooker with shrapnel. They learned it on the internet as to lead the public away from a global organization, a new need to restrict access to certain sites, but a restricted internet is the plan as to control all information to the public. They point remove bomb making sites while knowing the terrorist has his material handed to him, the true goal is to restrict access to sites stating the Truth slowing global conquest. Stories planted in the news that this is not a domestic conspiracy as the innuendo of the public needs to be answered. What is printed here comes from one source the Almighty has he sees all that is evil and their plans.

   The unexploded devices were deliberate as this is evidence that will cause division as it is when introduced in any court of law or common person, it will seem any person with resources and information attained from the "internet" has power against the public. All of a sudden the media is presented with no device may have been not found, confusion or evidence compromised? Trained law enforcement now does not know what a bomb is when recovered? A reporter ran with a statement from what was a reliable source and this changed. Where is the Truth? Look to where this is leading. We have or had the device, not one, but two so how can you say there was something different out there. This is the setup as to cause doubt within the intelligence agencies as time is precious. This is the key to manipulate the minds of the public. The greatest danger is to write off an event like this that has all the trappings as arranged, but to think of it as an isolated independent event.

    The goal here is for you by free choice give up more rights, searches, delays, all for your safety, but it was they that attacked you. As the tentacles of the global elite reach far and has infected many major corporations, governments on all levels and the church. The hope is that you continue to believe events are the work of a few linked to a terror organization. In denial many know this was the work of the global elite made to seem like terrorism where you can point a finger of blame.

   Had the plan worked, the explosion would have maimed and killed the main pack following elite runners and the crowd as they cheered. They would have reversed out of fright and headed back towards the next explosion, which was originally time at 2 minutes instead of seconds. This was intervention. I guess the Masonic elite are not to happy presently as this statement seems to over the head of most in this the world, expect more. Oh and those of you that planned this, expect a visit when you least expect in front of your families. You will have a fear ten times of that you those you hurt. This is a promise and the Word of God.

   Know that those taken will be waiting alive when all cross over. The tears you shed are nothing to the tears they shed for you as they know the Truth and you are still on earth. Know this, all in America are ashamed of this crime and recognize your lost in sorrow. No one needs to lose a loved one in any circumstance; our prayers and sympathy go out to all families involved as in this great tragedy.

   Jesus speaks, “I have sent my prophets to warn of this future that you are living in today. I have lost my true pope Benedict as he does not seat on the seat of Peter, but the false prophet. I have lost dear souls to violence today. I weep for what you are going through, but this all must come to past as all that occurs on earth are by the sins of men. Not one will fear anything in the future if you stand with Me. I died for you by choice, those lost today died because of another. I came to you to protect you from the dark one, but sin has taken many precious souls. In this war of the End Times, I am here to save you. Let no spin, media comment or changes that may come from My Church take what you away from what you know is the Truth. Your Jesus, I love you until we meet.”

   America many of you believe that this nation will do what is right for its people. Many of your leaders have been compromised, just watch all will reveal itself shortly. The Almighty saw all those acts of kindness, bravery to step up and to help others in what seemed a battle zone. He is proud that all you in harm's way for your brothers and sisters acted like true children of God. For the media you have followed this site over time and most know I reveal the Truth as I am only the messenger. Do not put your careers on the line, preach to your families as you are now enlighten. Show them by your actions, with less anger and hate when you know you can step back for the good of the family. The warning comes from Jesus, as He does not want you to fall as prey to what is presented in "a pretty package", but be wise and observe. It is about people or agents of God in place when all is clear. This is the final war, do not let words of others cut against what you believe. It is your soul that is at stake and your responsibility to save others. Many of us were manipulate by those who had it all until we woke up after being used.  I was one. Let us not repeat the lessons we have learned as we escaped the veil of deceit.


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