The Faithful




Written Apr. 4 11:15pm EST


   The faithful will be faced with pressing issues as they see their world change shortly. As children through no fault of their own, cult religions prey on the weak. They were never offered a choice. This is a fact. Some were exploited with sexual favors as to not speak about it as they are elders and cannot be challenge. The women are told to be extremely chaste, while the men screw the available women who are vulnerable in the hall or church. Again this is a fact. Check it.

   I will repeat there will be no rapture that favors any religion or promise by man. God chooses only after the warning those who are without sin. Are you? Shun another for any reason, it is a sin. Judge as you cannot associate, is a sin. Pride, thinking you along can take a seat at the Lordís Table, foolish. This is the way of your world. I ask, you were told (promised) you would be taken before the quakes, which you thought were figurative. Now what?

   This is your sign, which tells you that you have been lied to. Only realizing after you see the earth changes become rampant as so hardened in your beliefs few of you listen to reason. So be it. To save your souls, all that you value according to your sins will be destroyed. Pity the innocent as they will see all that they thought was good fall by the wayside. Most just women will have no man in the end times. Satan controls this time, and only true love will prevail. This is your future, as few are listening.

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